Friday, May 26, 2017

Flower Season

Hello Friends! 

Thank goodness for Fridays, right? Especially when they fall on a nice extra long Memorial Day weekend here in the states.  Life has still felt kind of crazy, so I'm looking forward to a lovely weekend with not so much on the agenda. 

We've had quite a bit of rain....but seem to be slowly heading back to warmer temps again. It's making me have nothing but flowers on the brain and wanting to get planting and playing in the dirt. I've picked up a couple of palettes, but I'm hoping to pick up some more this weekend and some dirt so I can get started! Thought I'd share what I have so far for my five on Friday today... and to share the flower love with you Friends! Happy TGIF!!


Bleeding hearts have begun to bloom! I just love how dainty and adorable they are in their pretty little row.


Some miniature shrubs and other cute fairy plants for the fairy pots this year.


The hangers on our deck now hold pretty burgundy petunias.  Around the deck the lilies leaves are starting to get taller and there are dandelions all over yard.  ;) 


I picked up several packs of beautiful pansies!! Love their sweet little faces. 


And one of my favorites - begonias. They are so elegant. And yet pretty fragile and like their shade too. They'll go in the front of our house where it's more sheltered. 

I hope you get to have fun digging in the dirt - and have a wonderful weekend. I'm sharing this with Tricky of the FAST blog for Five on Friday.


  1. Enjoyed seeing all your different flowers, makes me want to go back to working on my little garden area. Love the petunias! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  2. So pretty! This time of year, even the dandelions make me happy!

  3. We had the same idea for flowers on Friday! :) I had petunias for a while and they did so well until some construction dust from the room blanketed them. They never perked back up and had to be pulled. Those bleeding hearts are pretty amazing. Enjoy the long weekend.

  4. Bleeding hearts are so exquisite and yours looks especially beautiful.
    I love that you have a fairy garden!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of warm sunshine! :)

  5. Bleeding hearts remind me of my grandmother. She had a flower bed full of them when I was growing up :)

    I hope you can stop by:


  6. I bought pansies today too! Twins :) Your bleeding hearts are really pretty, something I have not seen for years. It must be fun in Springtime when you had snow for many months. Have a great week Carrie.

  7. beautiful flowers. I love bleeding hearts and petunias, but both did not grow in my garden.

  8. So pretty!! Bleeding hearts are one of my ALL time favorites!
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  9. Beautiful!! Our flowers are finally starting to bloom. I love pansies! I didn't plant any this year, though. Maybe I will put some in the backyard. :)