Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween Recap and Recipes

Hello Friends! 

I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and share some of our Halloween festivities and some of the treats we had (to go along with the tricks of course)  It was a chilly low 30's temp that night so all the little ghouls and goblins had to bundle up well!  I kept a pot of spiced apple cider going (I also added a little bit of fresh squeezed orange, brown sugar, cinnamon sticks and cloves as it simmered) to hand out to parents in the neighborhood that would stop by as well. For those that wanted it I added a little butterscotch schnapps for caramel apple flavor and a kick. Lol  We had some friends of ours over and their kids and my BIL and SIL and their younger kiddos over for the evening too. We had some easy order pizzas and lots of fun goodies. The teenagers all hung out down in our media room. Another Halloween in the books! 

The motley crew of youngin's that went out trick-or-treating. Annie is the one dressed in the Average Joe's gym attire getting ready to throw a dodgeball. She loves the movie Dodgeball so that's what she wanted to be this year 

Me and my dodgeball player hamming it up. Daddy got home from work just in time to take her out trick or treating so I could hand out candy and cider - so he didn't make it in time to be in photos. I'm sure he was so disappointed...NOT ;)  

My poor freezing SIL warming by the fire after taking her kiddos around to get candy

And of course there is always the big "candy swap" when they get back to trade their favorites with each other. Lol

Annie and I carved jack-o-lanterns we put out on Halloween night. And I had fun with some instagram filters too. OOooohhhh spooky!! 

First treat to share is this Halloween almond bark recipe I found on pinterest.  It's very easy. You basically take 3 cups of semi sweet chocolate (I used chocolate chips) and melt them in the microwave on high for 40 seconds then stir and keep doing 15 second intervals and stirring until it's all melted and smooth. Pour it onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and spread until desired thickness. Press different Halloween related goodies into it and chill in the fridge for 45 minutes until solid. Break into pieces and store in airtight container. I added some candy bars, candy corn, m&m's, and google eyes I had on hand.

And then I made strawberry ghosts I also found on pinterest. Take strawberries and dip them into white chocolate chip you melt in the microwave with the same instructions as the halloween bark above. Once white chocolate is smooth and you've dipped strawberries place them on parchment lined cookie sheet and press mini chocolate chip eyes and mouth in them before they start to harden. Place them into fridge to keep chilled until time to serve. 

I also made a platter of caramel apple nachos. Simple cut up apples....and I toss mine in pineapple juice before placing on platter as then they will not brown... and once placed on platter drizzle caramel over the top and sprinkle on mini chocolate chips and toffee bits. The added "worms" are optional ;) 

Veggies and dip included some plastic bugs (at least I hope they were all plastic!) Lol

Just some fun goodies to go with the pizzas, cider, and other drinks ...and I had Halloween radio playing on our speaker for perfect ambiance as well - always such a fun night

I hope you had a fun and spooky Halloween too! And then November 1st came in this way:

Yep, more snow. Before you know it I'll be wishing you a Merry Christmas xoxo


  1. You know how to have fun! Everyone looks cute and the food looks yummy!
    We had snow here too, but just a light dusting...

  2. Darling Girl! You're a wonder. Such clever treats and your house looked very festive. Your kiddos are having the ideal childhoods, thanks to you and Poppa. They're so lucky to have you.

    What would we feed teenagers if no one had thought to make the first pizza? I could eat the entire plate of apples all by myself.

    Because of the escape-artist kitties, I had to skip Halloween this year. Really missed seeing the cute costumes, but we had cold weather also, so not many out. But such crazy weather here; two days later we had 82 high and 54 low.

    Your snow is beautiful, but I'm happy to wait a little longer for ours.

    Good job on your celebration, Little Momma. Love you, Patsy

    1. thanks dearest Patsy! Bummer you had to miss out on the fun - but you are the best kitty Mama around. ;) Love ya back!

  3. Love all the costumes and fun treats, Carrie! I might steal those treat ideas for next year and the apple nachos for this weekend! yummy-yum! Don't you make a cute mama-ghoul with those fun filters:) The snow is so pretty - we might get a flake or two this weekend. I need to get out and sweep all the leaves off my deck before it hits. Leaves and snow won't be pretty! haha! Hope you have a relaxing weekend, my friend. Hugs xo Karen

    1. Thanks Karen! Feel free to steal away. Lol ;) Stay cozy. xo

  4. Great pictures and all the snacks turned out great too! Looks delicious....except maybe the bugs, lol. Aren't those filters fun to play with? I do them with the girls and Jerry and we get to laughing so hard.... Oh and you can keep the snow and I'll just keep enjoying the beauty of it on your blog, lol ;-) I don't miss it can you tell?
    Have a wonderful weekend! We are off to another 5 k in the morning and both girls are running this time :-)


    1. Thanks Jill! Thinking about you and have still been sending loving prayerful thoughts. ;)
      I promise to keep the snow here and you enjoy as much as you like. Lol You're becoming a super fitness family! Love it! xoxo

  5. Looks and sounds like you had an amazingly fun Halloween - ALL of you - great pictures and decorations and your cider sounds absolutely delicious!