Thursday, June 1, 2017

Easy Ham & Turkey Sliders

Hello my Dear Friends!! 

I'm sorry I've been a bit absent again. The holiday weekend got busy and threw me off track and I'm just kind of getting back on. Lol I hope you've been having a great week! The weather has been lovely very recently and I've been trying to take some advantage of that too. Getting more flowers, planting, doing outside kinds of things. I helped my Mom get some of her flowers today and tonight I'll get to sit out for Annie's soccer game. Loving it! 

But today I thought I'd share a couple fun recipes I had pinned on my pinterest boards for some easy slider sandwiches. Both kinds turned out great!! They were easy and very yummy!! I'll start with the ham sliders:

They are so easy and yummy because you just take a pack of hawaiian rolls - and keeping them all joined you just slice them in half all at once with a good serrated knife. You place the lower halves in a 9x13 pan. Fill them with the ham, swiss cheese and condiments. Put the tops of the rolls back on top. And take melted butter with some onion powder, worcestershire, dijon mustard and poppy seeds all mixed together and pour over the top and bake. They get a little crispy and melty and gooey. So good! Here's the recipe:

Then of course there are the turkey sliders:

They are also so amazing! For these you do the similar method of preparation. Only now you fill the rolls with deli turkey, cheddar, condiments,  and some cranberry sauce (if you like - it really make its yummy!). You take the melted butter and add garlic powder, poultry seasoning and poppy seeds and pour it all over the top before baking. Like mini Thanksgiving in a slider. ;)  Here's the recipe:

Both kinds are so easy and equally delicious!! Could be great game day snacks or delish lunch or dinner just by adding some salad or fruit and chips! They go fast! Enjoy. xo


  1. I've had the first kind at Bunco a few months ago, they were very good although the ones I had seemed a bit rich (could have been all the other Bunco treats combined with the sandwiches though). I love the idea of the turkey ones especially WITH the cranberry sauce added.

  2. I've made the ham variety - so yummy! I need to try the turkey too. A friend made it with roast beef and chedder, and said that was good too.

  3. I had these at a friend's house for lunch one day. I told her, "Take our cloth napkins away and give us paper, as they are a little messy". She was happy to comply.

    Remember when we could only get Hawaiian Sweet Bread in Hawaii? The world is getting smaller.

    So happy to you back. Many hugs and kisses, P

  4. Heck, you can put raw chicken feet in Hawaiian sweet rolls and it would be yummy, but dang! Turkey and cranberry and cheese?? Oh my!

    You've been missed sweet lady :).

  5. Hi Carrie,
    I guess I am in the same boat as you health wise.
    I like the strawberry lemonade cupcakes! Not helping my diet. Lol
    The son is looking good! Time passes so quickly.
    Both my sons will be living back in WI by the end of June. One is here now, if I haven't told you. I saw signs for Superior on the way to visit my sister in MN. I thought of you!