Thursday, July 6, 2017

Slow Cooker BBQ Pineapple Meatballs

Hello Friends! 

I hope you've been having a wonderful week! We've had a few storms, but otherwise have been blessed with some warm very summery weather. Of course warm summer weather means less traditional cooking like I do the other times of the year. I depend on my outdoor grill a lot more, as well as my trusty slow cooker. Even though we have a/c I don't like using the oven much if I don't need to these months. So I decided to try this easy recipe that I had pinned on my pinterest board called slow cooker which you can find here.  They were easy but also really tasty with summer flavors perfect for this time of year. 

Here's the recipe:

  • ½ bag of frozen meatballs
  • 1 bottle of BBQ sauce
  • 1 20 oz pineapple chunks with juice
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  1. Place your meatballs into the slower cooker. There's no problem with putting frozen, thawed, or uncooked homemade meatballs. It's basically up to you.
  2. Pour the BBQ sauce, pineapple chunks in juice, and brown sugar in the slow cooker. If you want to mix the two first before putting them into the slower cooker, that is fine, too.
  3. Cook it in the slower cooker on high for 1 hours, then, turn down the slower cooker to low and cook for another 2-3 hours or until the meatballs are fully cooked.

I followed the recipe as stated above but I used a full bag of meatballs and there was still plenty of sauce. If you try it hope you enjoy! 



  1. Yum! That one is a winner. So easy and Bob loves bbq sauce.

  2. These look and sound delish. I am planning to bookmark this and try them. I came from Billie Jo's blog.

  3. Delicious! Just the sort of thing that I really like!