Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Beating the Heat and a Little Blog Break

Hello my dear sweet Friends!! 

I hope that wherever you are - you're not burning up like we've been doing here today.  It was overcast (& very muggy) earlier in the AM, and we did get a little bit of rain, but it's been full sun the rest of the day and close to 90*....and just humid feeling. Yuck! We northerners aren't used to these days and I think we suffer extra for them. Lol  We're known as being pretty tough folks  - but throw a hot humid day at us and we're a bunch of wimps! 

I had to take Ruby to the vet earlier and run a few more errands. We have a soccer game to go to tonight for Annie and I'm NOT looking forward to sitting out there! I want to stay in my air conditioning!! But enough of my whining...

 I've been beating the heat today by working on some things in my office.

I LOVE this new planner I picked up from Michael's. I was told how wonderful they were by my blog buddy Row at Coffee with Row.  She told me they were even doing classes about how to use them and decorate them up! It just fits in perfectly with my scrapbooking world here - so I was all over it! ;)  I have a bunch of fun washi tapes and different stickers to use. I also got a pack of stickers just related to health and working out goals. The calendar lays nice and flat and has a flat marker pen with it - plus the stickers to add in the months, days of the months, sayings, stars, hearts, arrows etc to mark special events. There is a holder in the front to hold the stickers or other things. Then the basic layout of the whole month, and then pages for each week with the day of the week and a column below it to write in what you want. I'm planning on using mine to keep track of birthdays, my blogging stuff and my exercise all in one spot. Plus, I'm having fun decorating it up too! Love it!!!  As you can see I've started planning ahead and was working on next month.

I also had fun picking out some new flowers as they were on sale 40% off and I couldn't pass that up. We're planning on changing a few things in Annie's room this Fall and we have plans for these pretty pale peachy-pink lacy roses. Plus I have plans of my own for the hydrangea and branches I grabbed too.

Whooooo's hot?? I AM!!!  

Love this owl that I picked up at a local specialty shop in our area. They make a lot of their own items (like this adorable owl) and reimagine uses of old things (like furniture, doors, windows, doorknobs etc) by reusing existing older items and making them new in some way again....just in a different way. I love browsing in there! I couldn't pass this sweetie up and love that she's in Fall colors - and is it bad that I can't wait that Autumn is finally right around the corner?? 

 We have relatives coming for a visit this weekend and I've been tidying some things up. Thus, that's also why I'm working in my office - only a little bit of play and a lot more organization and clean up. My house just needs a good deeper clean anyway, so that's my focus this whole week. I'm going to take a little break from posting and hope to be back for Happy Homemaker on Monday.  I still plan to catch up on my blog comments soon and come around and visit you Friends when I'm able to though. It will be a nice clean up time for my blog and my house. Until then - blessings to you! ;) 


  1. I've been doing planners like that for a few years now and LOVE it - being able to personalize it makes it so much more useful to me.

    Give me a blizzard ANY day! The heat just has to go!

    Have a wonderful time with your family and relax a bit.

  2. Hope you are cooling off, my friend!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. It's been so hot here too! I've said the same thing about us Northerners and heat. :)
    I like your planner!
    Enjoy your time with your guests.

  4. I've got the ac on too, which I don't normally do. It's muggy today! It rained a LOT which we desperately needed, but now it's super humid.

    When you said you were taking a break I figured it would be the rest of the month. Based on what you think is a break I guess I take breaks every week! lol


  5. Hello Hope you are enjoying your break, I wonder if Monday seems far away to you because you are on a "break"? lol
    THANK YOU so much for your sweet mention of me. I am so HAPPY for you. now that you have joined us HAPPY planners : ) your planner items look wonderful. If you ever need even more inspiration check out the Happy Planner Group on FB. That Owl is adorable, great find! See you Monday and thank you again.