Wednesday, September 21, 2016



September feels like it's flying by already. The other night we were sitting out at my son's soccer game and I was worried we were going to get rained on. It had rained a little early in the day - but the evening turned out beautiful, and I just needed a light sweatshirt. The clouds sure put on quite a display. They have stone benches built into the hill for watching and behind us was the most beautiful sunset too. We're not seeing a lot of color in my area yet, but seeing lots of moments of it... and I think by later next week it's going to get quite colorful around here! And I shared this vintage farm looking photo on my instagram last night (I had found it on pinterest and loved it). So just wanted to share it here with you too my dear Friends. Aaahhh - lovely September.  xo


  1. Love the sky picture! You know I love the fall one too as I did see it on Instagram ;-) September always seems to be going full force with activities doesn't it? Flies by too! Have a wonderful evening!


  2. Same here Carrie. Not much color, and I'm thinking the leaves are so dry they won't last too long. :(.

  3. The pink and purple sky is beautiful. Glad the soccer game didn't get rained on. Soccer is such an intensive sport. I'm sure your son got lots of good exercise. We used to play some soccer just for fun at our house with friends, and wow...we would get the blood circulating--and get very tired out!