Friday, September 2, 2016

5 Reasons to do a Back-to-School Tea

Hello my Dear Friends! 

I'm finally truly joining back into the blogging world after a bit of a break. I've enjoyed focusing more on my kiddos these past couple of weeks before school started, as well as just catching up on some of my life around here in general. 

I've missed doing regular posts and visiting with everyone though! I'm slowly catching up now. Although, I had read and appreciated all of your comments from my HHM check-ins when you sent them.  I hope you all know how much I love when you share a comment with me! I typically respond to all of them - but since I'm still catching up - I may only respond to the past couple of posts, or if you asked me a specific question.  

Okay, now on to today's fun!  5 Reasons to do a Back-to-School Tea!


It's an excuse to set a fun and pretty table! My daughter and I came up with the idea to have a fun back-to-school tea about a month ago. She invited one of her BFF's and we also invited Nana (my Mom) and Auntie Susie (my Aunt and Annie's great Aunt). One of the fun parts was thinking about how we wanted to set and decorate the table. We decided we liked the idea of stacks of books, pretty flowers (picked from our pots outside), candles and of course some apples! I even found an old apple Yankee Candle lamp that I had & it fit our theme perfectly. 


It's all about the fun food! We decided on a menu that included a variety of finger sandwiches (the biggest hits were white bread with whipped berry spread and strawberry slices, white bread with veggie spread and cucumber slices, and cheese bread with peanut butter - just like the crackers you buy in the store). We had salad on a stick with a variety of dressings. We also had fruit sushi that we ate with fun chopsticks! Just roll bananas in peanut butter and strawberries in hazelnut spread then roll in rice krispies and cut into bite size slices. We also had watermelon and kettle chips.  We washed it down with peach iced tea that we kept cold with frozen peaches in it for the ice cubes. ;) 


Of course one of the main reasons to do a tea like this is to gather! To laugh, tell stories, share, and dream on the school year ahead. The Girls were so excited to talk about what this new school year was going to bring for them! We had so much fun gabbing away and laughed a lot!!


And what would a lovely tea be without DESSERT!?? We had French macaroon pastries that were fabulous (chocolate, vanilla, raspberry and pistachio flavors). It was so fun to use my Fall leaf serving dishes too. We also had semi-homemade s'mores ice cream. We softened some vanilla bean ice cream on the counter and added some marshmallows we had roasted in the oven & cut up - as well as bits of hershey bar chopped up, a swirl of hershey syrup, and broken up pieces of graham cracker. I mixed this all up in a bowl and then poured it into a 9x5 bread pan and put it in the freezer to re-freeze. It was SO GOOD and probably one of the biggest hits of the tea (along with the sushi and trying out chopsticks). You could taste those bits of roasted marshmallow in there. Just excellent and I recommend giving it a go sometime! 


A final reason to have a tea like this is to continue to enjoy the glow beyond the tea time. I still have this as my dining room centerpiece at this moment and we continue to enjoy the pretty at sunset each night.  A beautiful reminder of such a fun day.

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  1. All good reasons! Everything looks so nice - and yummy too!

  2. Kudos, Carrie. Beautiful idea, beautiful table, beautiful food, beautiful people.

    I am so copying your salad skewers. I've never thought of bits of lettuce. Fun for kids and fun for grown-ups who still act like kids (my gang).

    I hope this will be an annual event. Everyone will cherish the memories forever.

  3. What a fun way to start the new school term! I can see you had a wonderful time around the tea table with delicious food imaginatively made up and served. Good company and lots of laughter. Wishing your family a good September.

  4. What a charming idea for a tea, Carrie, and your recipes are all so interesting and original. I love your fall leaf dishes too :)

  5. This is such a sweet idea Carrie! I can see everyone really enjoyed themselves ... look at those smiles ;) You and Annie did a great job of decorating the table! I love how you and Annie came up with this idea. My daughter would have given me a weird look if I had ever suggested this at that age, haha! Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

  6. What a wonderful idea! Your table setting is amazing! Just loved it. Loved the list (and photos) of the goodies. And your five reasons are perfect! I gave a tea ONCE...I worked as an historic interpreter (tour guide) at two historic houses in Norfolk, Va. for several years. We were living in a tiny dependency house on a historic property at the time, right on the bend of a river on land covered with dogwoods and azaleas. I had an outdoor tea for my co-workers using the few precious teapots I owned at the time (the collection has grown a little) and several teas. I don't remember what I served except some rolls and currant jelly but I know there were several other things to eat. It was wonderful fun, especially outdoors at such a site! Looks like yours was a complete success as well!

  7. This is such a fun and calming idea! The nerves and fears can get worse the closer the returning date approaches, so to have a fun tea is such a good way of getting friends together to get back into the swing of things. I love your dining table with the candles flickering. The nights are drawing in and candle light will be so welcome now. Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  8. Such great reasons for a back-to-school tea! Those salad skewers caught my eye, and the ice cream additions. Love the candles and stacked books in your centerpiece.

  9. What a really lovely idea!!! The table is beautiful and I am sure the enjoyment of the food and friendship was even better! A great start to the school year and a lovely post to return to blogging after the summer too! Thank you for joining in, have a great weekend! xx

  10. I am IN LOVE with this, Carrie!
    Such perfect touches!
    Oh....our season is here, my friend!

  11. The stunning table is only outshone by all you pretty ladies :). What a sweet idea, and something your daughter and your family will long remenber.


  12. The stunning table is only outshone by all you pretty ladies :). What a sweet idea, and something your daughter and your family will long remenber.


  13. You came up with a winning idea, Carrie! I have little tea parties with my young granddaughters from time to time, and now would be a perfect time to have a Back to School tea party with them. This Saturday a woman from our church is having some of the women from our knitting/crocheting service group over for tea...just fancy enough to be relaxed and celebrate. xx

  14. Wow! It does look like you had a lot of fun! You did a great job with the table decorations. The food is both attractive and delicious-looking. I love the smiles around the table...and wish I could try some of that ice cream!

  15. What a lovely idea, Carrie! Your table setting looks great and all that food looks delish :-) love your fall dishes too! Good luck to Annie at her new school, my Miss M starts a new school too this year..
    Your new layout is fab! xx

  16. What a fabulous idea and you managed to create such fun. Love it