Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday


Hello there and Happy Monday! Hope my fellow Mom's in the States had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!! 

Sorry I've been absent for a few days. It was a busy weekend away to a hockey tourney for my Annie. She's on an all girls team this year and they did great! It was busy but a lot of fun. We got back later yesterday in time to get my son to his soccer practice and then go to a local greenhouse and pick up a few flowers, veggies and herbs. I have a ways to go yet to get all the flowers I'd like yet - but it was a nice start! And then we had my favorite Chinese food for dinner. A lovely Mother's Day end to a busy weekend and I felt nice and spoiled by my Crew. ;) 


Sunny and clear skies, but cool wind. Only going to make it in the lower 50's today. It unfortunately looks like a cooler week ahead too. Boo!! Rain and only 40's and 50's in the forecast for the week ahead.


A breakfast bar and 1/2 cup of coffee with coconut milk hazelnut creamer


Beautiful sunny and blue skies but the trees are being rustled a bit by that cool wind. This AM I saw a beautiful, and HUGE, hawk fly over our yard and land on one of our trees! He was amazing and I swear his wingspan had to be 3 to 4 feet! Such a lovely way to start the morning as I sipped my coffee.


In my office. Feeling scattered as I feel I have a lot ahead this week. Listening to the praise and worship station on pandora and trying to center myself and focus. I like to break down my week into something for each day and just take things one day at a time. It's so easy for me to become overwhelmed when I feel I focus too much on what's ahead. It causes me to feel scattered and frustrated. So one day at a time is what works for me! 


Still pretty tidy. My Mom stays here with Ruby when we're gone and she's my right hand woman! Don't know what I'd do without her.  I gave both Mom's some candy and a card before we left for the weekend. I don't think my MIL understand what it was all about. But I then later in the month (when it's warmer to STAY) hanging flower baskets. I'm also treating my Mom to a pedi soon so we get an afternoon together for fun.  


Finish laundry from the trip and other laundry catch up. Just a little bit of tidying up. Lots of paperwork for carnival events coming up at my daughter's school next month. I head the committee and organize all of the events and the volunteers for it. I have a meeting coming up for it this week also. 

I need to figure out my menu for the week and a grocery shopping day. I'd also like to go to the little nursery by my house and get dirt and start planting what I picked up yesterday before the rain hits this week. 

Continue to work on the MIL stuff and have been in contact with the MD about it. We're going to activate Power of Attorney papers and are still looking at facilities to decide the next step and where she's going to go. I thank  you so much for all of your wonderful words of support and kind thoughts and prayers! They mean everything to me!! 

And we, of course, have several events for the week with both kiddos' soccer and hockey schedules. As well as Annie's birthday this week!! My sweet Girl is going to be in the double digits and makes me want to weep! I can't believe how fast it's flying. We'll do a family dinner on her b-day but are working on the plans for her party with friends in a few weeks.


Still finishing up a few more Susan Branch books. 


I watched The Good Wife finale last night! It was SO good and I'm in mourning that it's actually over. For those that saw it I'm curious what you thought as it was kind of an unusual ending? But I read online something from the creators of the show and they explained why they had the ending that way & I thought it made sense and was pretty cool. However, I also believe she was going on to her happy ending ultimately. 

I need to catch up on Call the Midwife,  Game of Thrones, Amazing Race and some cooking shows. For those that watch Grantchester that had it's finale episode last week - do you know if there's a new season planned for next year? Or was the forever finale? I hate that so many of my favorite shows have ended for good  - like Good Wife and Downton Abbey.



MONDAY: clean out fridge night - I see what's in there and make something out of it one way or another.  Any leftovers and eat up veggies (salad) - maybe sandwiches

TUESDAY: colder day - maybe homemade chicken & herb dumplings

WEDNESDAY: Annie's pick for her birthday! - not sure yet

THURSDAY:PW's BBQ meatballs, cheesy hashbrown side dish, veggies

FRIDAY:baked pasta and salad


I need to finish up the gift scrapbook album I'm working on - I've been ignoring it lately and I don't want to leave it to the last it's moved up in priority.


I think I may make an old recipe for my MIL's "toffee bars" that she used to make all the time - they were one of her faves. I have to dig through and find the recipe and will share it this week if I get them made.


Back to 1000lifehacks site for an idea this week. I think this is a tip we've all had experience with and would like to know how to correct! Lol ;) 


Some pics of the hockey from the weekend - Go Girls!! And bottom pic is looking at some of the Mother's Day "loot" I picked out yesterday.


I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for happy homemaker monday.


  1. Lovely as always, my friend...
    Happy Birthday to your girl.
    Double digits?
    She's still your baby. : )

    1. Thanks Doll! Yep, the big "10" - but you're right. She will always be my Baby. ;) xoxo

  2. I'm glad you had a nice Mothers Day. Happy Birthday to Annie!
    We've been seeing a huge hawk here too - so cool!
    Such big and hard decisions to make for you MIL. Just a reminder not to let guilt get you. You've been an amazing DIL and I know you will continue to be.

    1. Thanks so much Mari! I've got one excited Girl that can't wait for tomorrow. Lol

      Your words provide such comfort. I thank you so much. It's most difficult now to see my FIL and my hubby taking it so hard as they cope with where things have really gone. Such an emotional time.

      Blessings my Friend! xoxo

  3. oh yes that is what I always try to remember and shared with my children as well
    come see us at

  4. Glad you had a good weekend! Happy Birthday to your daughter!! I hope that all goes well with the matters related to your MIL. xx

  5. Nice to see your Mother's Day loot - I'm sure you had a great day. Thank goodness for Powers of Attorney to smooth the way. We had to invoke them for my MIL in 2008 and my father in 2012 in order to get them into care. They would never have cooperated and come willingly without us in the background getting it all organised. Their transitions into care went quite smoothly when the day came. All the best and I hope you find a suitable place, not too far from your own home!

    1. Thanks so much Trish!! It's such a difficult and emotional transition to go through. Things are looking good for a facility very nearby. Your kind words and sharing of your own experiences means to much - so thanks for that my Dear.

      Blessings xoxo

  6. So glad you had a wonderful weekend!! An all girls hockey team, love that!! #girlpower I would love to see a hawk, I bet it was beautiful!! I love watching the seagulls fly out here, especially when it’s a little bit windy, it’s like that just spread their wings and let the wind take them, little show offs, lol.

    I just watched the Good Wife…OMG!! Loved how they brought Will back, had me tearing up at times. I wanted to throw something at my screen when Peter asked her for yet One. More. Favor. For the love of God man…let her go already!! Lol. But I liked how she left him hanging at the end!! I want to think she’ll find her happiness; it’s just a matter of time. Love Alicia!! So sad that it is over, such a good show.

    My mom used to make something called toffee bars, if it’s the same ones, they are delish!! Now I want some :)

    Love the hockey action pics!! Their uniforms are totally cool, are those flames on their uniforms? We have so much yard work to do here, my mom and I did a little this past Friday. With both of us working, and the weather not cooperating, it’s hard to get it all done. I got my weed-wacker out and trimmed and edged the whole back yard. One of my favorite things to do, wacking some weeds…I feel like Edward Scissor-hands when I do, lol.

    Love the quote!! Have a wonderful week CareBear and the happiest of birthdays to Annie!! xxx

  7. Your Mother's Day sounds lovely! Flowers and Chinese food - perfect! And a pedi with your mom to still look forward to... :)
    I'm sure those toffee bars will be amazing.
    I love the answering machine tip lol!
    Hope you are having a great week!

  8. Catching up with your news and thinking of you as you care for MiL and work on meeting her needs whilst leading a busy family and community life. May you receive God's strength and know his love. Sending belated happy birthday wishes to your sweet daughter.

  9. I LOVE hawks! Every time I see one I thank God! Have a wonderful week,