Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday Happenings

Hello Friends! 

I hope you had a lovely past weekend. I feel all messed up with my week already, as we had a nice long 3 day weekend with Memorial Day.  So today feels like a Monday, not a Tuesday.  Memorial weekend is always a wonderful time to stop and reflect on the wonderful men and women of the military that have served our country. Past and present. I continue to be so proud of my baby brother Steven. He has been in the military his whole adult life and is a medic in the green beret special forces. God bless all of our military people and their families for the sacrifices they make!!  xo  

I thought since yesterday was basically a day off for reflection and fun time too - I would do a mini version of Happy Homemaker Monday today - since it feels like Monday to me. Lol 

First of all I was late getting to this post as we went and toured a facility that could potentially be where we would have my MIL move in the near future. It was a really good visit and very lovely place. I think my FIL was impressed too -which is a wonderful. It was a beautiful place, as well as it seemed they had wonderful staff! Fingers crossed we will all find peace in a plan that will be healthy for everybody... and find it soon.  

Next I thought I'd give a mini version of a weekly update - like HHM: 

*THE WEATHER TODAY:   unfortunately windy and rainy. At least it was nice for most of yesterday for Memorial Day. I see puddles in my driveway as I look out my office window. I'm sipping my water and listening to some praise and worship on pandora.  


Monday - BBQ leftovers 

Tuesday - hasbrown and ham & cheese breakfast pizza and mini pancakes, fruit 

Wednesday - sandwich roll-ups, french fries, salad, fruit 

Thursday - get groceries -maybe tacos? 

Friday - leftover tacos or out for dinner

SHOWS: I was able to catch up on Outlander and Game of Thrones. I still have some cooking shows taped. I see America's Got Talent will be starting back this week. That's always a fun one we watch as a family.

READING: I'm not sure what I want to read next. I have several books written down my friend Carrie from Anniehow has recommended. However, I kind of want to read You Before Me as well. I've had that on my list and I see they've now made a movie out of it.


 Planted more fairy gardens this past weekend. We had beautiful weather among a few raindrops.  I like adding little solar lights to some of my pots. The darker photo above is one that changes colors!

I'm loving all of my baskets and blooms this year!

We had some nice - just chillin' time too.  ;) 

I made a very tasty triple berry cobbler & ice cream for dessert for yesteradays BBQ. I'll share the recipe soon!

There were some badminton games on the hill.

And we were able to get our pontoon ride in before the rain!

We need to get Ruby a captain's hat, as she is queen of the pontoon when we go! She loves it so much - it's just pretty darn adorable. 

We spotted a bald eagle on our trip.

And some Mommy & Daddy geese with their babies. 


Wishing you a wonderful and blessed week ahead! xoxo


  1. What do you mean today is Tuesday??? I thought it was Sunday, but I'm all discombobulated and STILL battling jet lag. I'm getting too old for this! lol

    Our weather this weekend was unseasonably warm...close to 90, and today is similar. Glad you snuck in some boat time. I know Ruby's glad too:)

    It's nice that you're taking steps to determine where your mil will go before she HAS to. Looking under pressure isn't good. I'm sure you'll be relieved when all that is behind you.


  2. Thank your brother for his service!!! Tough MOS!!! My son is in the signal corps. Right now he is in the reserves, because he decided to go to college. Active 6, Reserves 6+ and he may end up in the active reserves after the next promotion. His civilian job is working with the border patrol remotely from FL.
    I can't believe Ruby likes to ride up front like that. I have friends whose dogs freak out and hide in the cabin on our boat! LOL
    Glad to hear about the facility too.

  3. Being a career military family we truly appreciate your brother's dedication and service - Please thank him for us.

    I LOVE ALL the pictures this week, but have to say I'm especially fond of Ruby driving the boat. You'll have to scrap book in a captain's hat. Those Fairy gardens are too cute also.

    I'm having problems today also thinking it's the beginning of the week, but LOL I did actually do HHM yesterday. Have a great week my friend.

  4. Thanks to your brother for his service!
    You flowers, yard and the lake are looking beautiful.
    I didn't know 'Me before You' was a book first. It looks really good.

  5. Your flowers are just lovely! I love your menu plan for the week. I need to plan a breakfast for dinner meal. :) Also, that cobbler looks yummy!! Happy Wednesday!