Thursday, November 3, 2016

Chicken Almondine

Hello wonderful Friends!  

It's been a couple of unexpectedly busy days, so I'm getting to this post late and don't have a lot of time...but still wanted to share. So I'll get right to it! ;) 

Today I'm sharing the recipe for chicken almondine. It's kind of a fancy name - for basically a good midwestern casserole kind of dish - but it's an old favorite around here. It tastes a bit like having chicken pot pie. It's actually out of an old local heart healthy cookbook I have. I worked in health care (hospitals and long term care) as a social worker for many years and I was around a lot of nurses and health caregivers. One of the nurses that I used to talk to a lot, because we would use her agency for in home health care for residents that would rehab and go home, gave it to me long ago.  Most things in it recommend using fat free ingredients. The things I tend to use are more "light" and not completely fat free. I think they work better in recipes and I think fat free usually just means higher sugar or other bad ingredients anyway. 

I use rotisserie chicken often when I make this and you basically shred it in a bowl and add cream of chicken soup, chicken broth, light mayo and light sour cream along with some veggies. Pour it into a 9x13 pan and top it with a roll of crescent rolls. You can roll them out first, but I just open them and spread them right over the pan. Then you brush on some melted butter (or margarine for heart healthier) and add some parmesan cheese and slivered almonds. 

Then bake in 375* oven for about 25 mins - until the crescent is golden and the filling is bubbling. Fast, easy and comforting. Yum! Here's the recipe:


  1. Thanks for the recipe!
    Oh no you didn't put fake roaches on the kids Halloween food!!!
    That is one big reason that I moved back home to WI. The South sounds great to us in Winter, but the rest of the year, forget about it.

    1. Hi Margot! Even though I'm cutting down on commenting - I will always try to answer back to you because you don't have a blog I get to come visit. ;)
      Smart Girl to come back home to WI. And oh yes I did bug up my Halloween table. So much fun! Lol

  2. You're so right about 'low fat' meaning high sugar. All in all, sugar is worse for us than most fats.

    I didn't know you worked in health care, but I'm not surprised. Which reminds's your mil?


    1. Aw - thanks Sweets!

      MIL overall is doing so much better now that she's in the facility. She's better hydrated. Eating better & socializing well. Much less stress on all. Thanks for asking. Xo

  3. Hi Carrie, it makes perfect sense that you were a social worker - so kind and caring. If it wasn't for the wonderful social workers helping us navigate when caring for my parents in their final years, we wouldn't have known what to do. I have such respect for those kind people! This recipe looks wonderful and I love that it is 'light' and healthy. I hope that you find a few moments to relax this weekend, my dear. Sending hugs xo Karen