Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thankful Sign (& Blogaversary)

Oh my dear sweet WONDERFUL FRIENDS! 

I've missed blogging as much this week, but I'm working on some things (as I mentioned in my prior post) and needing more time away. Plus, yesterday my wi-fi was in and out and I had a post all ready for 5 on Friday, but just couldn't work on it. Frustrating! So I'm extra happy to share with you today. Also, I just want you to know I'm still planning to blog as much as possible and visit you all whenever I'm able. I will share more about what is going on soon. Maybe even in my HHM post on Monday- so please stay tuned!  

But for today I wanted to share a couple of things one is this:

I was tired of the turmoil of last week's election weighing on me and took some time to mediate and pray (which helped a lot). And then I went to my happy place and decided I wanted to craft a little Thanksgiving decoration for the season. When I spent some time thinking about being thankful for my blessings, I felt so much better.  I believe we're in God's hands and I hope and pray that people will embrace things as they are in order for our country to remain united...yet we will all be keeping a close eye on the actions of this next president.  Keeping faith. Anyway, here are some details on how I made this sweet little sign.

First of all, I had this cute little clip kind of frame - that I thought would make a sweet little backdrop for something. I just wasn't sure what yet. 

So in my mind formed the idea that I wanted to make a cute little sign for Thanksgiving time. I found this "Give thanks to the Lord" sticker and I knew I wanted to make something around that. It was a clear sticker - so I gave it this pretty cranberry cardstock background and then cut it out. 
I found some grey cardstock to be a backdrop and cut it out with my scalloped scissors. I also liked it as it looked nice with this bit of ribbon and lace I picked out that is kind of a teal/grey color. Then I glued the ribbon to the cardstock. And I had this burlap square and liked the idea of it adding dimension. So I then glued that to the ribbon and cardstock base. To finish I glued the saying sticker to the burlap square and embellished with a little flower sticker. Thankful sign complete!

And just the right size to put in the clip frame and make a completed piece. ;) 

But then - where to display it?  I put it on my dining room table and I liked it there. I could imagine making several sweet little signs to fit all around the centerpiece, or by each place setting. But maybe another time.

And then I put it in one of my dining room cubbies in my built in hutch. And it was sweet there next to the flameless candle and pretty little pumpkin. But still it just wasn't where I wanted to keep it.

Somehow it seemed just right with this grouping on my mantle and there it stayed.

Well, at least for now. ;) 

**The other thing I wanted to share was that yesterday was my 2 year blogaversary!! Yay! I was all set to talk about it in my post yesterday - but again wi-fi had other plans. I've loved blogging these past 2 years and plan to do it for many more! The friendships I have made with all of you has filled my heart beyond words I could even articulate. Thank you all so much! And to thank you I'm planning a giveaway soon. So stay tuned for details on that next week too!

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  1. Are you giving away Ruby?? Cause if you are, sign me up ;).

    I'm sure making your pretty craft was therapeutic! It always makes me feel better to do things like that, especially when they come out as nice as yours did!

    Two years??? Holy moly! The years have better stop whizzing by 'cause I'm not gonna take it anymore. No way. No how.


  2. Happy Bloggoversary!
    Your little sign is just so cute! Nice work.

  3. Congratulations on your second bloggaversary Carrie. Your thankful sign is the perfect craft for this past week, and for Thanksgiving. I do love all your Thanksgiving decor, something we don't have here. Your mantel looks wonderful, and I really like that rope pumpkin!

  4. Love the sign. Happy Blogaversary! I really do enjoy reading your blog and hearing about the things you are doing as well as seeing all your lovely photos.

  5. Wow! Two years. I haven't even finished one yet, and somehow it almost feels as if I have a part-time job. Good for you, to work that in with a family (including a MIL and a dear doggie) to care for.

    Love all your pretty pumpkins. I've been enjoying the autumn so much.

    Reading between the lines, I feel you're not happy with the outcome of the election. On election night, I was sending blessings your way for giving Wisconsin to The Donald. Take heart, my dear. I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised. Be sure to read my post for 11-13 and you'll find a link to follow the progress in Washington and also to express your views. How's that for transparency and so far as I know, a first for any president-elect or president. I hope they'll keep the website up after the transition is complete. You can even put in your application to fill one of the 4000 job openings resulting from the change in administration. Not I. Too old and too lazy.

    Love and hugs, My Little Friend.