Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Monday Blogland Neighbors! 

What's up in your world? Hope you had a lovely weekend. It was a great one over here in the northwoods! More beautiful weather. We got more jobs done around the house. Put away more of the Halloweeny kind of Fall things - and now even the deck is cleared of all the furniture and it's put in hibernation until Spring.  We had a wonderful night out for dinner with friends and then they came to our house for dessert and to play some cards (we've been into cribbage over here lately - boys vs girls). And then yesterday was a fun girlie day with my Mom & Annie & one of Annie's buddies. We went to a Christmas craft and artisan sale - with lots of wonderful booths! It's called The Festival of Trees and we had so much fun doing a bit of shopping for the holidays, sampling yummy goodies and then going to my Mom's after for a treat and to play with her puppy. Wonderful weekend - now the week ahead!


Chillier today and much more "November" around here. Only going to be in the 40's today...and most of the week. Might hit 50's on Wednesday. Today it's also very gray and cloudy and it's making it more difficult for me to wake up! They're saying temps will drop to the 30's this weekend and first chance of that "s"-word!! (s*n*o*w)


1/2 a bagel and some fruit. Coffee - glorious coffee.


So gray in the sky it almost looks white. Lots of pine needles all over our driveway from a shedding tree. Some very last shrubs that still have their leaves are outside my office window in glorious golden splendor. 


Listening to Christmas music! It's getting close enough now - and it goes SO FAST - that I need to get my fill as long as I'm able! I'm also looking at my schedule for the week and it's filled with busy stuff and fun stuff too. I'm also already making my Thanksgiving food list - as I'm going to be going to the grocery store later this week to get a few things I can prep this week and be ahead of the game. I toast up my bread for homemade stuffing - it's a lot (we go to my bro & sis-in-law's and it's a big group) - so I make up 2 pans. It's a lot of chopping! And I can then freeze them so they'll be all ready for me next week! I'm also going to make my homemade pie crust, as it also freezes well and will be ready for me next week too. I'll be making a pecan pie and a snickerdoodle apple pie. Yay pie!!!  I make many of the other dishes as well - so the more I can do ahead the better.  


I need to throw in next loads of laundry and some surface cleaning. I also need to change my kiddos' sheets as I didn't get to that on the weekend. Overall looks pretty tidy around here though.


Today is for things I'm working on at home. I need to go do my workout soon.  The rest of the week I have action going on each day. Between a couple of fun luncheons with a relative one day, and belated birthday celebration with some girlfriend's another. But also some kiddo's appointments, groceries, playing wallyball with my gal pals, and some personal endeavors as well. Plus, I'm going out of town to visit some relatives in the near future and I have some shopping and prepping to do for that too. Busy days! 

I had been referencing that I have some new things brewing around here. As I mentioned prior, I'm really trying to balance more time for fitness and health. And of course family time needs to come first always - and sometimes kiddo's sports and their activities just take over! Lol But I've been also working to fill some other holes in my soul that need filling. So first of all, my creative soul.  I'm really trying to focus on catching up on my family scrapbooks and heirloom things for my kiddos. It's a good time of my life to do these things now that I'm not caregiving like I was with my MIL and my kiddos in full time school.  So this and few other reasons are why I may be blogging a little less in the days ahead. I plan to still share a recipe each week if able and visit here on Mondays of course.

I've also been really thinking about opening an etsy store. I've been working on some things for that and you will just need to stay tuned as I have no time frame when I want that to happen yet. In relation to that - I have a friend in town that owns a local gift store that is just wonderful! It has a lot of seasonal decor and well as many homemade and repurposed things local artists have made. And it looks like I may be helping cover some hours in her store in the near a little bit of back to work for me in a purely fun way!! ;)  This may even turn into some of my homemade things being in her store as well. Again, nothing concrete yet but in the works. 

The final hole I need to fill is my spiritual one. Yes, I do devotionals, meditate, go to church etc. But I really miss the social work I used to do dealing with end of life issues with older adults and helping their families through that time. So I'm looking at training at a local hospice house in my area and volunteering there early next year. So there you have it. All the balls I'm working towards and juggling right now. Sorry this is lengthy but just wanted you to know and many more of you visit on Mondays - so I thought it was a good time to share. I plan to keep blogging and will have new and wonderful things to share as these endeavors progress. I may even start my own craft kind of link-up down the line in relation to my creations for Etsy!...which will all be paper crafting related in some way (even some jewelry!). Again, please stay tuned! ;) 



I've mainly been perusing holiday magazines and already ordering Christmas gifts!


A lot of the usuals - cooking shows, Hallmark movies, the regular series I watch or we watch as a family (Survivor, Dancing with stars, Timeless, This is Us, Gold Rush, Shark Tank....)


MONDAY: fondue night - as didn't get to it last week

TUESDAY:  sausage, onion, red pepper and cheese quiche, fruit

WEDNESDAY:  2 soups: creamy tomato and veggie beef  , grilled sandwiches

THURSDAY: slow cooker ham and scalloped potatoes and maple corn bread, veggie side dish

FRIDAY: not sure yet - maybe out for dinner

**I finally baked the cookies!!!!! I will share this week. ;) 


So many things - and lots in my head. I think my brain may be melting. :P


I'll share the chocolate chip potato chip cookies - finally!!!


It's a good time to start baking those holiday cookies early and freezing them! Many of them will hold up just great. I'm planning to do my Gram's recipe for cut-outs that she used to make every year, but are a lot of work. I don't think I've made them since Aaron was pretty young. I will make them (with my Annie & maybe my Mom too) in the next couple weeks and freeze them. Then I'll just thaw some when I need them, just frost (with her cream cheese frosting recipe) and decorate and savor the memories every bite brings.  


Such a glorious sunset the other night! Even Ruby sat to admire - and I loved this pic so much I put it on my new header. I think I'm going to order a canvas to hang in my home with it. 

Took Ruby for a walk yesterday and caught the super moon coming up. It was glorious! Most of the trees are bare now and someone has their wood stove going each night and it smells wonderful in the chilly air.  And I've been needing my warmer gear when taking her out walking now. Definitely feels like late Fall.

More moon gazing last night from my cozy kitchen with candles glowing. I just love cozy, don't you?

And my crazy Girl kept making me pose with her snapchat filters the other day. I do like how some of them make me look younger and add make up - not to mention GIGANTIC eyes!! Lol 

Image result for fresh start inspirational quotes

Image result for fresh start inspirational quotes

Image result for fresh start inspirational quotes

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  1. snickerdoodle apple pie?!? Oh My!!! sounds yummy. your day out with the girls sounds so fun. love the photos : ) can you believe I have not joined in the snap chat craze lol I know im old hee hee have a great week!

  2. You really do have a lot going on! The days are just packed, huh. I hope you'll enlarge that amazing photo of Ruby looking at the glorious skies and hang it on your wall. It is really a special photo! Hope you have a good week and get some down time. Or drink more of that glorious coffee. LOL (I do agree!) xo

  3. Just like you, I'm making up lists and lists for Thanksgiving and will also be going to the store this weekend to get what I need. I'm also making a ton of stuff, we're having 16 people all together, so I do a lot of cooking, though I do get help from others who bring a few dishes. But yes, prepping and cooking whatever I can ahead of time, is what I'm doing.

    Hope you have a fantastic week ahead :)

  4. I loved this post for so many different reasons Carrie. Firstly, that photo of Ruby for some reason nearly brought me to tears. How mushy am I?? You MUST cherish that photo, for sadly, someday that precious soul will be gone, and I think that pic shows her beautiful soul. I love her, and I've never met her! Gosh, I'm such a dork!

    I'm so happy about all your plans. Lots of growth and giving are in your future, and that's how it should be. It doesn't surprise me you want to volunteer for hospice. It takes a special person to do that kind of selfless work.

    Count me as another one who's never been near snapchat, and that's the way I'm going to keep it. I suppose if I had a young whipper snapper in the house I'd be cool too, but those days are long gone. Now it's Metamucil and Depends.

    (J/ don't go starting any rumors lol).


  5. Yours is the second blog I've visited today with a Goethe quote! He does have so many good ones!

    I think my favorite part of the Festival you went to would have been sampling the "yummy goodies." I'm not quite ready for the Christmas music yet, but I was practicing sight-reading on the piano today, and did play Silent I can't say I'm completely innocent.

    It's hard to believe it's almost already Thanksgiving!

    All the best in your Etsy planning.

    Love the shot with Ruby in it.

  6. I LOVE those pictures of Ruby with the sky! I sure miss the Northwoods this time of year!

    Great quotes too!

    You and I sound like we are in the SAME "seasons" of our life right now. Our "action" plans for our lives sound like they were cut from the same mold. Being realistic, my plans are a few months behind you with having to finish the house from hell first, but ...

    Have a GREAT week my friend.

  7. Such pretty photos! It was quite warm here today but they are mentioning the S word for this weekend. :(
    You have been so busy! I'll be watching to see what happens!

  8. That has to be the most glorious sunset ever. No wonder Ruby loved it.

    Your photo is beautiful - a glamour pose.

    My head is spinning just thinking of all you have on your plate. I, however, am still a kitty cushion for a few more collar adjustment days.

    Goethe is one my favorites - loved the quote.

  9. Oh, that glorious sunset, just spectacular. And it must be cold - look at your cute gloves, and boots as well. We so rarely wear gloves for warmth - maybe once a year! However we are both watching the same Super Moon, and taking pictures :) Great post Carrie.

  10. Hi! I've been out of the loop on my blog break, but so happy to get a chance to get caught up on my blog reading! Missed everyone :-) Looks like you are staying busy as well. Seems this time of year goes by so very quickly. I love Etsy!! Keep us posted on your plans. These pictures are great and snapchat filters always make me smile :-) Enjoy the rest of your day!


  11. Excited for you and all the new adventures appearing on your horizon. Can't wait to hear more about them on your blog as they unfold. Great photos as always. Hope you have a great week!