Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Monday Friends! 

I'm sorry I'm getting to this post late, but I was tidying up the house a bit this morning and having fun with my daughter. My kiddos are on break this week and my daughter and I then went to lunch with one of her friends and her Mom (a friend of mine), and then they came back to our house to visit. A lovely way to spend a rainy day (which it's been doing here all day!).  

I do hope you had a nice weekend. This past weekend here was a very productive one as we started Spring cleaning. I was going through all of my kitchen cabinets and getting rid of old things, reorganizing, washing them out etc. My Hubby helped by getting our shampooer going and shampooing some of our carpets and big rugs. It was such lovely weather again  - we felt like tackling those jobs. Throw in getting my daughter to some volleyball practices and doing some Spring shopping (some Spring & Summer clothes) and it was a full weekend! Now on to this week ahead:


40's and rainy (as I mentioned). Tomorrow they're calling for 50's and sun! Crazy crazy weather for this time of year here! Looks like by the end of the week may get back down into the more normal 20's. But the snow we do have is sure dwindling fast. I think chances are good for an early Spring in the northwoods - here's hoping! ;) 


Toast and coffee.


Listening to a youtube video. I think I mentioned him before - but I love Johnnie Lawson's nature videos (usually taken of forests or by rivers in parts of Ireland). They're as beautiful to sit and gaze at as they are to listen to- I'm listening to a little stream run with tiny falls  and birds are chirping like crazy. Makes me feel like it's Spring even as it's rainy, muddy, puddly and melty snow ugly outside right now. 


Pouring rain right now. I see puddles in my driveway out the office window and it's getting dark already - even though it's only late afternoon/early evening.


Still clean and tidy from some Spring cleaning projects on the weekend and from this AM. The fireplace is going since it's feels cooler with the rain and I already have the  lamps on due to darker already. Feels very cozy and love my lamps stained glass glow. 

ON TODAY'S (& this week's) TO DO LIST:

My daughter has her friend sleeping over - and planning other fun things while my kiddos are on break. The teenager is off having a fun day with his girlfriend today. My kiddos both have several appointments this week as I figured good time to get them in while on break (ortho and other appts). I need to get groceries at some point and I'm playing wallyball this week. Will visit my MIL and my daughter has some volleyball practices. My son's winter hockey is done for this season - so a little break there.


Still magazines at the moment but ready to start my Harry Potter book soon!


I watched the new series The Good Fight - spinoff from The Good Wife with a lot of same characters and I think I"m going to just love it!! I loved TGW so much and miss it  - so I'm very excited they came up with this one. Billions came back for the season and my Hubby and I both really like that one (first season last year - really good show!). I have some cooking shows and hallmark shows to catch up with yet too.


MONDAY: No idea - see what leftovers I have in the fridge and get creative with some freezer things thrown in

TUESDAY: If I get to the grocery store I'm craving slow cooker pot roast & veggies over mashed potatoes. 

WEDNESDAY: busy night probably something easy (Subway or make breakfast for dinner)

THURSDAY: might be Annie cook night, maybe something fun like mac & cheese in the muffin tins with mix -ins

FRIDAY: Spring chicken (recipe under my recipe tab), baked potatoes, garden salad with roasted squash & parmesan cheese


Scrapbook catch up, watercolor coloring & mixed media cards, jewelry ideas.


Not sure yet - still working on menu and grocery list




I used to a keep a grateful journal - need to get back to that!


Ruby sunbathing this weekend when it was so beautiful out.

reorganizing in my kitchen ( I still need to do my pantry cabinets), but I added this coffee bar basket next to my keurig coffee maker.

The beautiful weather last weekend had me dreaming on Spring and flowers and looking back at my flowers from last year. 

I spy an ice fisherman on our bay in the beautiful weather. If it keeps up the ice won't be that thick for long!

I also spy green grass poking through the snow on our lawn! ;) 


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I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. I've never heard of that YouTube channel. I'll have to check it out! Happy Monday! :)

  2. Glad you're having some girl time fun with Annie on vacation this week.

    LOL I remember that mid winter pre-spring need to clean! You go girl.

    I need to check out that you tube too. Sounds perfect for the gray yucky weather we've been having.

    Have a great week!!

    1. So happy to hear you've been loving the channel Tamy! It's so relaxing isn't it? xo

  3. I remember having enjoying those breaks from school with my kids. I know you'll have fun with Annie.
    It hit 61 here today and the snow is melted, but more is expected in a few days.
    I enjoyed looking around at your recipes - so many good ones!

    1. Glad you enjoy looking at the recipes Mari. Sometimes I go back to remind myself too. Lol Thanks for all the yummy ones you share all of the time too! xoxo

  4. My Happy Little Homemaker - nesting, I see. Spring coming on does that to us, doesn't it? How I'd love to drop everything and just clean, clean, clean. However, I decided to concentrate on my book goals and until I get caught up on my schedule, it will be tables, teas, and theme dining. I'm working on a pink and yellow table. My neighbor, Martha, thinks I need to add another color, but we'll see.

    Happy you have your kiddos with you for awhile. I know how you enjoy them.

    Rain here today also, but 70's coming back until the weekend. I have a class at the library tomorrow to see if I can learn how to set up a search system for recipes on my blog. Keep your fingers crossed.

    Hugs to you and yours, P

    1. Oh your class sounds cool! I may need to hit you up for info if you figure out that one Patsy. ;) xo

    2. Cancelled my class. Too busy. But I'll get there. Once I get caught up on my schedule, I might even figure it out myself.

  5. Hello, dear friend!
    Yay for break!!!
    Enjoy your kiddos being home. : )
    And I love love love dark rainy afternoons!!!
    Your posts are always so cozy.
    My fave!!
    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Goodness me, Spring is in the air, and somebody is still driving and walking on the ice? That sounds so frightening to me. Only time we have driven on ice (across the Ottawa river) I was scared out of my wits!! Have a lovely week Carrie.

  7. I've got to check out that YouTube video. Sounds like something I'd like! It's extremely early morning as i write this (can't sleep) but that pot roast, veggies, and mashed potatoes sure sounds good!! Hasn't this weather been great! We drove through rain yesterday, and today we're expecting sun and 60. Such a gift, for February! Hope your week goes well. Sounds like you're keeping busy. xo

  8. Hope you're enjoying the break with your kids. Mine have today off as well but then, have to wait until the end of March to get an entire week. I have roast on my menu this week as well. It certainly looks like we're all going to get that early spring, doesn't it? Have a great week!

  9. I was curious about the nature video and now have it on my smart TV while writing this ... except after a large mug of tea, the sound of all that rushing water ...!! It looks like your rainy weather has arrived in my area this afternoon. It's very dark and coming down, melting the remaining snow here.

    Thanks for your inspiring comment on mine (I wish you weren't non-reply blogger). I love that we both are of the same mindset for tackling things this year! Happy coincidence! GOOOOOooooo CARRIE!! ha ha
    Have a great week ... my kids are off from college (reading week) and work (renovations there) this week too.

    1. I didn't know I was a non-reply blogger Wendy. Lol! I've been doing this for 2 years and I still have a lot to learn! ;) I think I can hit a reply button when I leave a comment on your blog so I'll try to remember to do that from now on just in case.
      Glad you like the channel - his are my fave for relaxing! xoxo

  10. Hard to believe you're spring cleaning already, but then again you're one of the most energetic people I know!

    I find it is always helpful to get Fisherman involved ;). Speaking of fishermen, it always makes me nervous when I see ice fishing. I have nightmares it's going to crack!

    I made pot roast the other day. One tip I learned from watching a video on Skillshare...don't add liquid. Give the meat a nice rub but that's it. It doesn't come out as 'wet' if you try that method, which is a common complaint from people who say they don't like slow cookers.

    Stay warm. I know I am :).


    1. I love how you picture me Doreen! I sure must make myself sound good and like some dynamo. Trust me - I'm not nearly as much that way as you'd think. Lol! I always feel like I wish I'd accomplished more each day. But nice to be making some head way with Spring cleaning with Hubby's help.

      Thanks for pot roast tip! And love the you're staying warm comment - little stinker! :P