Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Romance Necklace

Happy Wednesday my Friends! 

I didn't get to pop in yesterday, but I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day. It was a nice one here filled with lovely cards and goodies from my Hubby and Kiddos. I made a little dinner and Hubby, Annie & I snuggled in for some tv time and cherry dessert that I had made. My Aaron took his girlfriend out for a treat - and bought her roses and a teddy bear. ::sigh:: My teenager is growing up too fast!  

In this month of all things romance - flowers, hearts, jewelry.... I thought I would share the latest "scrapbook necklace" I've made. I took a mixture of scrapbook materials and jewelry materials and created a one of a kind piece! It's another part of my scrapbooking hobby addiction I guess. ;) 

 I have always loved vintage or vintage inspired jewelry. I think I'm just a hopeless romantic at heart. 

photo courtesy of pinterest

I have especially always loved clothing and jewelry from the Victorian period all the way through the 1930's to 40's. I loved the show Downton Abbey as much for the costumes and jewelry as the story lines!

Here I took some vintage looking floral paper and cut out an oval the correct size to fit on my jewelry base. I adhered it withe some jewelry glue.  I then found a brad I had that fit the jewelry look I was going for. I broke off the backing of the brad, as I didn't want the pearl bulging out -and glued that on as well. 

I didn't have a chain dainty or small enough so I just added a pretty ribbon for now. 

I usually like to make a homemade card to match the necklace I made, but I didn't get to that yet for this one. I'm working on plans for my Etsy store that I hope to open by the Spring. It will include items like this, as well as other paper crafting things. Semi-paper crafted jewelry, some as sets with matching cards for gift giving. As well as, special ready made scrapbook albums and small mixed media canvases. An example being an album  where you could keep heirloom recipes to treasure or give as gifts. I'll be sharing more over time.

I think this one looks particularly pretty on a soft pink roses sweater I like to wear. 

Here are a few photos of other necklaces I have made in the past. Next up, I'm working on a bracelet and some earrings. I will probably dabble in some more modern pieces over time as well. 

Another area bringing romance to my northwoods lately have been the beautiful skies over the bay:

Here a gorgeous sunset.

And early this morning this beautiful sky when I let Ruby outside. 

I hope this lovely February has been bringing you romance and many beautiful things that make you happy!  

**all vintage floral pictures from pinterest 

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  1. Hello, Carrie, I simply love your beautiful necklaces! So pretty and romantic! I love vintage fashions, too, and love the styles of the 30's and 40's. My Pinterest board is full of them! You are so creative and talented, my friend. Love the vintage images and your beautiful sunset. Sending hugs xo Karen

  2. I love your pretty necklaces you made! Thanks for sharing them at C&C with J&J! :)

  3. You have made your own heirloom piece Carrie ;) It's nice to be able to create something special like this.
    How sweet that your son took his girlfriend out for a romantic Valentine's dinner. My poor daughter travelled on the bus to
    have dinner with her boyfriend (about an hour's trip I think) only to have tacos with him and his parents at their house! Didn't seem very romantic to me. Enjoy your week!

  4. I love that! Like you I love that vintage look and you captured it so well!

  5. Oh yes, gorgeous dawn and sunsets you are having Carrie. You necklaces are so beautiful, and really appeal to me. Can't wait for that Etsy store to open. I love cherries, and a cherry dessert on Valentine's day sounds just about perfect. xo

  6. My goodness, you have been busy. Such loveliness in your jewelry and that gorgeous morning sky! That's truly a masterpiece of a photo. Just the right touch of pink.

    And I do nothing but eat. Out to lunch again tomorrow. Oh, well. Remember what my Auntie said: Do graciously that which you must do anyway.

    Love to you, Sweet Carrie.

  7. How beautiful your necklaces are. I haven't seen them made like that before. Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!