Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Eve

Greetings and Happy Easter Eve from the northwoods Friends! Thought I'd pop in (even though it's late evening) and share some images from our day and getting ready for Easter tomorrow. 

The house has been all cleaned up and is decorated with lots of Spring things and bunnies galore everywhere! 

Goodies have been baked and food has been prepped for tomorrow. My favorite tablecloth was steamed by my sweet Hubby ( I love the embroidery and it's so Spring-like). I might have taste tested the lemon bars - for safety sake of course ;) Tomorrow the table will be all set and we'll gather with relatives and dig in! (I'll share more on Monday).

The Easter bunny always visits us Easter Eve -  as Easter day is set aside for worship and family gathering and eating yummy goodies.  As you can see, it's not just all about bunnies. I like to make sure my Kiddos understand the true meaning of Easter in our home. 

And all kinds of other treats and toys, like these,  were left for our Kiddos to find. Annie's favorite this year was Starburst ice cream flavors jelly beans! The orange ones taste like dreamsicles. 

Since this is the first year Annie "knows" about the Easter bunny - I thought it would be fun to shake things up with a scavenger hunt for them to find their big gift. So I printed off several clues (6 different places for them to find). I found these clues on the internet! And then the final clue led them to an envelope with one clue for each kiddo to find their main gift, each in a different specific location.

Annie's main gift - a sweet handmade French box filled with little treasures and a Barnes & Noble gift card. Plus a sweet extra soft bunny. 

And Aaron's contained money (a driving teenager is always looking for extra $!). And an authentic hockey puck that was on the practice ice in a game between his favorite team (the Senators) and his buddy's favorite team (the Sharks). He collects special and signed pucks and has a nice case in his room. 

Annie and I might have had a little fun playing around with some of her selfie goodies after the hunt.  :P  We even got Ruby in on the action!

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Easter day filled with the ones you love most! xoxo


  1. You went all out Carrie! I must say Annie and Ruby are such good sports ;).
    The tablecloth is so pretty, I don't blame you for living it! Definitely springy :). And your hubs steamed it?! What a keeper!!


  2. Everything looks so cute! I'm sure you had a very nice day!