Friday, April 7, 2017

Fun Week

Hello Dear Friends! 

I know I'm very late with this post today, but I thought I'd still try to sneak it in. It's been a wonderfully busy - and fun - week in my northwoods. My Kiddos are on Spring break as I mentioned before. We've all had some fun outdoor time...playing sports in our driveway and playing frisbee with Ruby in our backyard. Even my teenager played along nicely with his sister some of the time, and we all played some fun games together. But my Annie and I have spent a lot of time together. Crafting, playing games, watching shows, shopping etc. So I thought I'd share a few quick photos of some of my week for my 5 things today.  I will try to come around sometime this weekend and catch up visits with many of you lovely Friends! My daughter is in a hockey AND a volleyball tourney this weekend. So we will be doing extra running around! (pray for me!) Lol


Annie had some buddies sleepover and we had a big day out at the mall and went to Bridgeman's for lunch....and of course ice cream!


She is definitely my Girl. On the chillier days we put it in a lot of time crafting away! PS: Spot the Ruby in this photo. ;) 


I recently picked up some old keys at an antique store. I cleaned them up and started using my modge podge and jewelry glue to embellish them a bit. I've made 3 different ones so far (I'll share more in another post). I plan to make a few more yet and then I'll share all about them. I added cording to them in order to re-purpose them to have a second life  as necklaces. 

I, also, recently picked up a new sketch pad, and I was trying my hand at some sketching of different kinds of tulips. Next up I'm going to try coloring them with my watercolor pencils.  


We watched the bay begin to open up and even show open water in some areas! I think there's a chance all the ice could flow out by Easter time and we'd have full water again for the season. Yay Spring!!  Even Ruby was enjoying nature's show. ;) 


My Mom and I often go visit my MIL (whom has Alzheimer's and lives in a facility) during the week. But it was a special treat to have Annie along to get extra time with her Grandma too. 

I'm sharing this Tricky and Carly of the blog FAST (Family Attempting to Survive the Times) for Five on Friday.


  1. You DID have a busy and fun week. And Ruby, you little photo bomber. I see that you got a haircut and you look gorgeous.

    So happy to see your sketches. I think you have a real talent. I, on the other hand, can only cut paper and stamp a picture on it, and glue it to a card - that's what I've been doing for three days so my Easter cards won't be late.

    Looks as if spring is really on the horizon. Wishing you sunshine all week. Hugs, P

  2. What a special picture of your MIL and Annie.

  3. Oh Carrie,
    So happy see you sweet girl with your lovely Mother-in-Law!
    I think about here often, as my dear daddy traveled that same path.Love sharing your week with you.
    We have spring break coming up!
    Have a cozy weekend in your beautiful world. : )

  4. You have such a great life Carrie! A beautiful family, lovely home, and the sweetest pup ever!

    Your sketches are fabulous too. Is there no end to your talents??!

  5. So lovely that all of you were able to visit your MIL. Your sketches are very pretty and I love the idea of giving the old keys new life.
    I sometimes find them on my walks, so perhaps I will try a remake on some of them. Ruby sure is a cutie.

  6. Your Ruby is so sweet! Th photo of your daughter and friends brings back memories of of my daughter, now 29!, and her besties! What a great idea for the keys. Looking forward to seeing more on the. MIL and Annie, priceless!

  7. You have a beautiful family. My grandfather had Alzheimer's before he passed so I know all too well the struggles of being by a loved ones side whilst they battle with dementia.
    Thanks for joining in with us for Five on Friday and please excuse my lateness in getting round to comment this week!

  8. Thanks for sharing your week and your sweet story and picture of grandma and Anne.