Monday, April 10, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Monday Friends! 

Sorry I'm getting to this post a bit late - but I've been busy catching up around my home, as we were gone most of the weekend. My Girl had a double duty sports weekend. A hockey tournament and a volleyball tourney at the same time. We ran back and forth for both and spent many hours in a rink - or even more hours in a gym ALL weekend! It's nutty I know...but when your daughter is a tomboy and loves it all SO much, what's a mom to do? While she's young (& believe it or not these schedules are more reasonable than when she gets older) - it's the time to let her do multiple sports. When she's older it will not be realistic and she'll hopefully know by then what she really wants to pursue. ;) 

I also miss you my Friends! I will come visiting this week as much as possible. Thank you for visiting me and leaving such lovely comments! I love them so much. I read them from my phone even when I'm stuck at sports and such. Lol 

Not much else to report beyond just lots of sports this past weekend. And Friday was my kiddos' last day of Spring break and Annie and I had a fun outing with my Mom. We also stopped to visit my MIL and spent some time with her...which was really nice.  Now Easter week is already here! I can hardly believe it and I need to get moving on getting things ready. Hope you're ready to face the week ahead Friends - because here we go!.....


Today is pretty yucky. Cloudy and cold - only in the upper 30's. Maybe rain later? But tomorrow and the rest of the week look much nicer - 50's and sun! Then Saturday it may get even warmer but also may be thunderstorms. Then Easter Sunday (for right now) they're predicting 50's and sunshine! Here's hoping!!


small bowl of raisin bran and coffee


Listening to classical music. Starting my grocery list and looking at my calendar for the busy week ahead!



Gray and yucky. However, our backyard grass has gotten greener! And there are robins out there right now (& one pesky crow!). Also, our bay is almost completely open - yay!! Only a little bit of ice here and there. Spring is here!


Got laundry going, dusting and some vacuuming. I have some dishes soaking and need to load rest in dishwasher. Didn't change sheets yet and need to get that done. Just wasn't around much to give my home love this weekend and I was too tired when we got home at night. :P

ON TODAY'S (& this week's) TO DO LIST:

Busy week ahead! I need to go let my Mom's dog out and spend some time with her as my Mumsy has busy activities she'll be out and about for later. Other things going on this week: getting my hair done, getting my son fitted for tux for prom in near future, get Easter groceries, take my Aunt out to lunch for her birthday, color Easter eggs with Annie, do more cleaning for Easter Sunday, kiddo sports for the week etc ....


Still trying to decide what I'm going to read next. 


I have several shows to catch up on - Call the Midwife, Grey's Anatomy, cooking shows, Spring Baking Championship (don't know the winner yet so don't tell me- Lol!), and some movies taped.


MONDAY: didn't get to the Blue Apron spinach and mozzarella pizza - making it tonight with a salad

TUESDAY: also I froze my ground beef as we did different plan last Fri - so making chili and cornbread tonight (& bring to FIL) and also bake up some chocolate chip bars

WEDNESDAY: No Blue Apron this week - skipped it since it's Easter week. Easy night...wrap sandwiches, chips and fruit salad

THURSDAY: Annie night. Breakfast for dinner: scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, cherry butter braid baked and then glazed (from our freezer)

FRIDAY:Good Friday - fish for me and not sure about my Crew yet.

**Easter Sunday menu is our traditional one: glazed ham, cheesy potato bake with crunchy topping, strawberry spinach salad with my homemade sugared pecans and poppyseed dressing, corn, deviled egg platter, sliced cheese and crudite, dinner rolls, water, lemonade, iced tea and coffee. Desserts - lemon bars, mini dessert fruit pizzas, assorted Easter chocolates


Final things in kiddos' school year albums and final sorting in their bins. Next up - I ordered a legacy box and going to take my Dad's old family slides to make into CD's for my Brother and myself. Also, having a family reunion this summer and it would have been my Grandpa's 100th birthday (my Dad's father) - so they're making that the theme of our celebration. I have my Grandpa's wonderful old scrapbooks he made for my Grandma during the war (I used to pour over them all of the time as a young kiddo - so when my Gram passed the family wanted me to have them). They have the old black pages in them and he wrote captions for lots of the pics. The books are falling apart so I'm going to save the photos and cut out the captions and make a new archival quality heritage scrapbook and then bring the finished result to the reunion. ;)  

**Also, still working on albums and few final items for my planned Etsy store soon! 




I love this because I love listening to music when I'm putting on my make up and doing my hair to get ready. ;) 

Annie got a loving kiss from her Grandma when we visited her in her facility. She didn't know Annie, but she thought she was "awfully cute".  Alzheimer's is such an unfair disease! 

We spent a lot of time here this weekend. My volleyball Girl in action!

Annie's team took 3rd in their hockey tourney! 

Big lake Superior so calm and pretty as we head back over the bridge (look to left side of photo: we cross over between MN and WI  for sports and many other things regularly). You can see the big grain elevators off in the distance too. We have big great lakes ships that come in and load up there. 

Look at that open water on the bay!!! Felix the Frog likes the view. ;) 

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I'm sharing this with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. Oh I love that playlist idea for getting ready in the morning! Knowing me, however, I'd still find a way to go back a few songs and dawdle! lol Have a wonderful week!

  2. Oh, my goodness! Take a deep breath. How do you manage all this? You have definitely earned your Wonder Woman title. Your Easter dinner menus sounds wonderful. Be sure we have photos to admire it all.

    Love following all your activites; and your kiddos, and your Ruby. Tell your hubby we need to know what he's up to. Maybe some photos at the Easter gathering.

    Love to my sweet blogger buddy, P

  3. Your Easter menu sounds yummy! Have a great week!

  4. As always I hope you have a good week. I made chilli today, one for tomorrow and another for later in the week with two more in the freezer, must be chilli week!

  5. You are such a GREAT mom. So glad you can help the kids be ALL they want to be.

    I LOVE that picture of Annie and your MIL - so sweet! Sounds like a busy week following your sports busy weekend.

    Your Easter menu sounds wonderful! We decided to eat out this year with just the 2 of us after the 11AM service and I'm actually looking forward to it.

    Have a great week and very Happy Easter.

  6. An Easy store???
    Now that is exciting!
    nd set a few extra places for Easter dinner, would you?
    Because that menu sounds AMAZING!
    Enjoy The Baking Championship!
    So sad its over...
    Now we wait until HAlloween!
    Have a wonderful week, my friend. : )

  7. Such a busy, dedicated Mom! Love the hockey photos and congrats to your girl and her team for 3rd place! I know those bleacher benches can be awfully hard to sit on.......Your Easter menu sounds wonderful and love the photos of the big lake and your bay. The scrapbook of your Grandfather will be such a treasure. Love the photo of Annie and her Grandmother :) Enjoy your week, sweet friend. Hugs xo Karen

  8. Sounds like you have been super busy with all the activities, but I know you're kids appreciate it :-) Awesome can't wait to see more about your Etsy store. I love reading about the old scrapbook... oh how I would have treasured that too! Precious memories I'm all about them. Hope you are having a wonderful week and thank you for all your kind words and well wishes.


  9. You had a busy week (I'm finally getting caught up with reading posts from last week)! That's so good that you are giving your daughter the opportunity of being in multiple sports. What good memories she will have to look back upon!

    Your Easter dinner sounds delicious. So many good choices.

    Sorry to hear about Annie's grandma having Alzheimer's Disease. My Dad had Alzheimer's (as did his father and brother). It is a very difficult disease on both the person and family.