Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fairy Bread Roll-ups

More prayers going out into this world. I don't understand why there's such craziness and it isn't stopping. What is it going to take to make some significant changes in our laws, or mental health programs - or any other areas where we're dropping the ball?? Action needs to happen!! In the meantime I hope we can all continue praying and working to be peaceful warriors in some way to help contribute to the change that needs to happen in our world. 

Anyway, I don't chose to get too political on my blog and that's all I'll say about that. But thinking about things like that today I wanted to share something fun and I think our world could use more of that too. I think I may have mentioned my daughter's fairy friend "Rose" who visits her once in a while. Rose is a fairy from Annie's garden outside her bedroom window...and she has corresponded with Annie several times in the past - sharing notes back and forth. She has also left Annie tiny trinkets and gifts before. It's a pretty big deal over here, and quite special. Not to mention magical of course! 

Well about 2 weeks ago Annie and I had seen something about fairy bread. A treat often made for birthday parties and such in some parts of the world. Not as traditional here in the U.S. (at least that I've never been aware of). Annie decided she really wanted to make some fairy bread- for her fairy friend Rose. So we set to work and made some. It's a fun treat to make as well as yummy and as magical as you'd like it to be.

All that is required to make this treat is some kind of soft slices of bread. Frosting of some kind and any sprinkles you'd like.

Remove the crusts and roll the bread flat.

Frost the bread with frosting of choice and decorate with sprinkles. We had fall sprinkles still around (as this was a few weeks ago).

Then roll into a little log shape. You can keep it in a roll or cut into slices as we chose to do.

Then if you want leave write a note to a fairy of your choice and leave her a sweet note. Or just eat as a yummy treat for yourself. Annie wrote to Rose and explained what the roll-up was and thanked her for visiting Annie in the past and leaving Annie gifts. Goes straight to this Mom's heart.

Annie then left it on her dresser for Rose - right beside several of her other fairy treasures.  I know that Annie is getting to an age where our magical time may be very limited, so I hold these moments together as so precious and appreciate every second. And Rose did write back to Annie and thanked her for the delicious treat and told her that the garden fairies were leaving for the winter (to go some where warmer). But that she'd be leaving some goodies with Santa to get to Annie from Rose. 

Let's hear it for more magic, innocence, love and peace being put out into the world! Blessings. xoxo


  1. Oh, what a sweet post and you are right - it is just what is needed! We do need more of the innocence of children, the magic of imagination, and sweet joy just for the sake of it!
    I love this recipe for fairy bread. Even though my daughters are grown women now, I am sure they would love to be served this! When they were small I used to make butter and sugar 'sandwiches' when we had no treats in the house and I would pack a 'picnic' for them. (Usually eaten under a blanket tent in the living room!) Thank you for keeping the magic alive, my sweet friend. Hugs xo Karen

    1. Sounds like you & your Girls need to have a sweet fairy tea with the fixin's sometime in the future & go down memory lane. ;)
      Let's keep the magic going no matter what age. Xoxo Blessings dear Karen.

  2. A child's innocence is the true magic in this world. Blessings to you and your family

    1. Thanks Lesley - and amen to that!! Blessings. XO

  3. Absolutely the most precious moments indeed!! Melts my heart! xx