Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Holiday Spirit

Hello and Happy Tuesday Friends!  

It's been a busy day around here - finally getting my other tree decorated and getting the house decorations out, cleaning, and working on other holiday things.  

The several inches of snow we were supposed to get (at one point they said maybe even 6-10 inches) never really hit us.  Our big lake buffered our city and kept our weather more temperate so it didn't get cold enough to snow and instead just rained.  Outside our city, though, several areas around us received many inches of snow and some almost a foot!! However, this morning it did snow big pretty flakes for a while and we accumulated maybe 1/2 an inch. I was working on my tree at the time and got a few pretty shots. They're saying maybe over night we'll get a couple of inches. We'll see I guess. Enjoying the cozy for now:

Pretty flakes outside my window.

Winter wonderland!

The glow a few nights ago, when we put up the tree but hadn't decorated yet. 

My tree is all done now and I'll share photos probably for 5 on Friday later this week. I just wanted to also give one last reminder for my cozy giveaway that ends by midnight tonight my central time zone here in the States. So if you'd like to enter please do so soon!!! I'm so excited to give some goodies to a lucky winner tomorrow, and again just want to thank all of my lovely blogland family for being such a blessing to me! I love being part of this wonderful community. Remember though, you don't need to have a blog to win. Just leave me a comment on the giveaway post. 

Here are some adorable cooking/baking stickers I picked up to go with the binder album part of the giveaway that will be perfect to make it a keepsake cookbook. I also have gel scrapbook pens and adhesive. So fun! I'm late getting around today, but I'll be coming to visit later and say hello.  

Good luck to All and check back to see if you're a winner tomorrow! 


  1. How beautiful the snow looks, and you will enjoy a White Christmas - the very special kind!

    1. Thanks so much Trish! I received your card today & just love it!! I'll be sending mailing yours tomorrow. So fun and filled with holiday spirit!

      Our snow has mostly melted already, but hopefully we'll get more for Christmas! ;)

      God bless dear Gal. XO

  2. Girl!! Look at your blog!! It looks fantastic, I love this new layout!! I also love your snow pics too. It’s funny how we can either get hit with lots of “lake affect” snow, or the lake keeps it away from us, mother nature is awesome like that :)

    1. Thanks Sweetie! I never really know what I'm doing, but I play around until I figure out a new look. Lol

      That's exactly it here - lake effect snow or none at all! Ha!
      Blessings my Girl! Xoxo

  3. I hope that you have been staying warm in the snow! xx

  4. We had some mild weather & it melted most of it already! Hoping we'll get more for Christmas though.
    So unusual for us to see bits of green grass this time of year. Lol ;)
    Blessings Amy! XO