Friday, July 29, 2016

Five on Friday:Christmas in July

Happy Friday Friends! 

For my five today I thought I'd share some of the recent fun (on the 25th of course) we had celebrating Christmas in July.... for one day only! 


On the 25th my Mom and one of my daughter's friends came over and we got the Christmas music going and played it all day long! Nothing like Christmas music to put you in a great mood. ;)  And it's extra fun when it feels almost "naughty" as it was 85* F outside. Our fun began with my daughter doing a fashion show of some of her new school clothes (I'm just posting a few) and new headbands that she had made.


I didn't get a photo of the after, but during that morning I also got a big bone-in skin-on turkey breast slow cooking away in the crock pot. It's a yummy and easy recipe where you cook up some onion and celery in butter and toss it with easy boxed stuffing and dried cranberry and water or broth and let the turkey slow cook over it all day. I rub an herbed butter all over the top of the turkey skin and place some under the skin. All the yummy drippings go down onto that stuffing. Kind of an easy version of a holiday meal! You can find the recipe here.  We had a wonderful dinner that night of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and cranberry sauce. Loved it!! And leftover turkey melt sandwiches the next day of course.



We worked on some fun holiday crafts together that we can keep for when the true season comes around. It was fun to think holiday thoughts while we sang Christmas carols and worked on these. 


Of course it wouldn't be Christmas without some baking. Thankfully we have air conditioning, so we fired up the oven and did some easy Christmas cut-outs. If you look closely you can see we did still celebrate a bit of summer too with a butterfly cookie cutter and a flower cookie cutter - to go along with the star, snowman and tree. 

And what are Christmas cookies without cream cheese frosting and sprinkles?

And I even indulged in baking some holiday bars that are favorites of my Mom and me. They use almond paste and almond extract and have that subtle  Christamsy cherry flavor. I usually only make them at Christmastime - so it was SO fun to taste them in July!  Here's the recipe out of a favorite Taste of Home Fall and holiday baking magazine I picked up many years ago:


And what good would any "Christmas" post be without some beautiful photos of the season. These are all off of my instagram from this past holiday season:

We had SO much fun and this is definitely a tradition I intend to keep. I'm linking with Amy of Love Made My Home for Five on Friday.


  1. Fun post. I love the idea of Christmas in July! I always feel like, if I haven't started making my Christmas gifts by July, I'm too late! Did it help cool you off?!! Have a lovely week.

  2. What a cute idea, Carrie! I'll bet it kept those sweet girls busy on a hot July day, too! Love the new school clothes - cute as can be. I can tell someone loves the color blue :) The house must have smelled wonderful with the turkey and trimmings and cookie baking. So fun to see the beautiful snowy photos and decorations. That snow looks so nice and coooooool! And how adorable is that little fur-baby? Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend. Hugs and blessings xo Karen

  3. Love it!!!!
    I'm so glad you all enjoyed it, Carrie!
    And I love that you included some photos of your beautiful tree from last year.
    Have a cozy weekend with your darling girl!!!!

  4. u have such a beautiful life...........!!! so happy for you!!!:)))

  5. Cookies and turkey and music...oh my! You really went all out, and that's not easy to do in July when it's so hot outside :). I love the picture of your Christmas tree. It belongs on a card.

    You DO have a beautiful life...because you're a beautiful person!


  6. Your Christmas photos with all the snow are so pretty, but I really don't think I'm ready for Christmas in July.

  7. Oh wow! Christmas in July! Ha! You really did it--Christmas carols, cookies, and a holiday dinner! Sounds like fun. Nice outfits by your daughter. She has a good sense of style.

    We were just out working in the garden the other day when we heard a bird singing the first four notes to the song "O Christmas Tree" over and over again. We wondered if he was practicing...but since the song O Iowa has the same tune, maybe he was just patriotically singing about our state instead of about Christmas in July!

  8. What great fun, I especially love the Christmas crafts idea, you'll be all ready come December! That turkey looks yummy. I love my slow cooker too, aren't they great? Enjoy your Sunday, Carrie :-) xxx

  9. Ok I loved everything but the winter snow pictures!! And I LOVE this idea! I'm going to steal it next year! Visiting from Amy's Love made my Home.

    Cindy Bee

  10. A great way to celebrate Christmas in July!! It looks as though you had a lot of fun indeed. The cookies look delicious!! Thank you too for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great August and I look forward to seeing you again in September! xx

  11. The almond bars look delicious, and your doggy is so cute with the red and green ribbons. No girl here to make cookies with…