Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello my Friends! Ready to begin a new week? 

I'm not sure either, but here goes! Lol  It was a good weekend over here. I'm still not 100% - but I'm almost there.  I had a belated Christmas gathering with my girlfriends at my house on Saturday. We've been doing it every year for close to 30 years!! I treasure that time with them, and I'm so glad I felt better so it could happen.  

Again, thank you for your kind words and support! I think that along with some physical issues, the stress of caregiving has been affecting things. My MIL has been worse over past few weeks and it gets very difficult and draining some days. We have looked into a memory care adult day service facility that may be taking her 1 day a week now - which will help.

Plus, the Packers won, and the Vikings lost this just sayin' - all is truly getting right in my world!! ;)


It was -10 when I took my daughter to school, but with windchill probably closer to -20.  It was really cold this past weekend too. Looks like mid week it'll warm up a little, but then be in single to minus digits by next weekend too. Bbrrr! I know I live in the north, yet as I age I get wimpier and start dreaming on Spring and warmth by about this time. ::Sigh:: - I still have MANY months to go before that happens. 


Peach yogurt with granola and some banana.  1/2 cup of coffee (trying to cut down my caffeine)


Many of my windows have little bits of frosty as it's so cold!! Still snow on the ground, but hard and crusty now with the severe cold. 


Resting with Ruby as I write this and watch some of the news. 


Still pretty clean from the gathering I had this past weekend. My hubby was so helpful and helped me get the groceries and clean up, so the party could still happen. That was my final Christmas gathering - as you can tell it goes on for weeks around here! Lol  I threw in my laundry already, and just have a few dishes to load in the dishwasher.


I need to go pick up my MIL pretty soon and take her for a pedi appointment. She has several pretty hard thick nails, that make it difficult for me to clip - so going to start bringing her regularly as they have the proper tools. Then need to run an errand and then come home and rest a bit at the end of the day before I bring her home. 

*I really rested up this weekend, so I'm overdue to come around and visit many of you my friends, and I will get time tonight and will come say hello.  I truly feel like I'm finally going to be back on track this week!


Didn't read much over the past weekend. Some magazines and the local newspaper each day. 


I watched the Golden Globes and they were fun! I still need to watch Downton Abbey and I have some cooking shows taped. Oh and didn't watch The Good Wife yet either. So glad it's back on!


MONDAY: breakfast burritos with eggs,onion, red pepper, turkey sausage, cheese & avocado

TUESDAY: chili and pumpkin cornbread 

WEDNESDAY: leftovers

THURSDAY: tomato soup and grilled cheese with apple

FRIDAY:homemade taco pizza


Hoping to get back to scrapbooking this week. I've been so missing it!


Nothing really new - but the pumpkin cornbread is a mix I'm going to try.


We do a lot of "breakfast for dinner" and a fun way to get the kiddos involved is to use a muffin tin and fill it with different fruits they can pick for toppings for yogurt or pancakes. Or you can fill it with different veggies to pick for eggs/omelets - or when we have salad night the kids like to pick their own veggies.


Since I felt better I cooked for the in-law's this weekend and finally made BBQ dinner with the orange pecan coleslaw recipe I shared last week - it was really tasty! a brand new week! Hope it's a good one!


I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. Glad you are feeling a little better. You know I agree with you on the cold :). I heard the Good Wife was a great show I found it on Amazon Prime and so far watched 1 episode I have a lot to catch up on. Looks like a great week ahead!


    1. Thanks sweet Jill! ;)

      I envy you getting to binge watch on the GW!! I just love that show so much - and the early years were just excellent! Enjoy!

      Blessings on your week. xoxo

  2. First off, hope you're getting lots and lots of rest and relaxation time.
    I cannot believe how cold it is there! I guess I can't complain about our temperatures!
    I'm so glad you shared that coleslaw recipe - it looks amazing!
    Continue to feel better and have a great week!

    1. Thanks Sweetie!! Missing time with you and will be popping over soon to visit. ;) Promise I'm feeling much better, and still taking it really easy.

      It has been downright frigid here, but later in the week looks a little better. And yes...YAY for my Packers!! Woo hoo!! Lol

      Blessings on your week my Dear. xoxo

  3. I love breakfast for dinner! So kind of you to take the MIL for a pedi :)


    1. Thanks Colletta! It went really well too and my MIL loved it! I was a little nervous - but it was great. ;)

      Breakfast at dinner is better than the AM in my opinion. Lol
      Blessings and thanks for visiting dear Gal! xoxo

  4. Hi Carrie, Happy New Year! Sorry I've been absent over Christmas, just life! Also sorry you haven't been well, and to hear your MIL's not been that great either. It's a busy time never mind I'll health too. Glad you are feeling a bit better,

    1. Thanks so much Jill! I totally get it - and just so fun to hear from you. I hope your New Year has started out far less rocky than mine. ;)

      I will come around and visit soon. Feeling like I'm finally getting back on track.

      Blessings on your week! xoxo

  5. Glad you had a good time with your friends this weekend! It sounds like great fun. I hope that you keep getting better and that all will be well. xx

    1. I'm feeling SO much better than I was Amy - thank you so much!! The past weekend really helped lift my spirits too. Feeling back on track and will be able to come around and visit more regularly now.

      Blessings on your week Sweetie! xoxo

  6. Hello sweet friend! It's chilly up there ain't it? Come on down to naples...I'll leave the light on fer ya' ;). See that? I'm even getting a southern accent lol.

    I'm sure caregiving is rough, so I'm happy to hear you'll be getting a break at least a little bit.


    1. OOOoooohh - don't tempt me!!! The older I get the more I desperately want to be a snow bird. It's definitely going to be part of our future - my hubby will have no say otherwise! Lol
      Some warm sunshine sounds like absolute heaven right now!!

      So keep that light burning - ya never know. Lol

      Feeling back on track and it's GOOD! ;)
      Happy week to you southern folks - all jealousy aside. xoxo

  7. Hello sweet friend! It's chilly up there ain't it? Come on down to naples...I'll leave the light on fer ya' ;). See that? I'm even getting a southern accent lol.

    I'm sure caregiving is rough, so I'm happy to hear you'll be getting a break at least a little bit.


  8. So glad you are feeling better, my friend...
    And I know about caring for someone with memory issues...
    My mother cared for my Dad as long as she could.
    It is a labor of love....and it is physically and mentally difficult as well.
    She always said that one of the hardest things was wanting to care for him, but not being able to ...
    Have a wonderful week, and stay warm and cozy!!!!

    1. You hit it right on the head Billie Jo!! God bless your Mom, as what I do feels hard enough. I can't even imagine if it were my spouse.

      Your kind words and prayers mean so much my sweet Friend!! So blessed to have ya. xoxo

  9. Glad you are feeling a bit better and focusing a bit more on taking care of you--that's important! Maybe a long overdue Packers/Chiefs Superbowl coming our way? Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks so much my dear Jean! Wouldn't that superbowl be a fun one?? ;)

      Blessings on your week. xoxo

  10. So glad you felt good enough to do your Christmas get together - what a great tradition to stay in touch with friends.

    It has turned cold here too, but no where near your cold - I remember those days of 2 seasons (winter and not winter) that it was so cold that a few more degrees didn't make a difference - as long as it wasn't wind in the face cold. I hope you're adding some spring color to your life to help offset the cold.

    Ever case of care giving is different. We've been doing it since 2005 for first my grandmother, then hubby's parents and then my aunt. I have to admit there are days I prefer the hassle we're going through with this house to care giving. I did a post several years ago that may be of interest to you - probably nothing you don't already know, but might make you feel better that you're not alone.

    Have a wonderful week my friend and feel better yet!

    1. Ha! So true up here!! Winter and not Winter. Lol!

      I will definitely have to check that post out! I wouldn't wish an Alzheimer's family member on anyone. It's just such a sad and horrible, and emotionally draining situation.

      Hope your week ahead is wonderful too dear Tamy!! xoxo

  11. Glad you are feeling better! You do so much, friend, you need to take care of you for a bit. LOVE the cardinals. Take it easy and have a great week!

    1. Thanks so much Joanna!! You're so sweet and your words mean so much!! I promise I'm doing much better and have been much better about setting things up to take better care of myself too. ;)

      Hope you have a very blessed week ahead! xoxo

  12. How nice to have your friends get together every year. Even though it’s a lot of work, it is so fun to host friends for the holidays, glad you were able to enjoy it!!

    I don’t have to go out in the cold unless it’s necessary, and I still hate it, LOL, I’m sitting here with 2 hoodies on. We’ve got snow today though!!

    I feel the same as you, I feel like I can get back on track this week, last week was a bit of a blur.

    I didn’t know the Good Wife is back on….I’ll have to catch up!! Tomato soup and grilled cheese always sounds good, but I have never made it, I guess I need to try it, lol. Have a great week hon!! xx

    1. Thanks my Carrie-girl!! I'm with you - trying to avoid going outside as much as possible! It's SO cold here today (Tues) and was closer to -20 with windchill. Bbrr!!!

      I can't believe you've never had tomato soup and grilled cheese!?! One of the little comforts of life and just go together like pb&j! I love to grill my sandwich with some thinly sliced apple on top of the cheese too. And then I cut the sandwich in half and dunk it in my soup as I eat it. I love just good old Campbells tomato soup made with one can of milk not water (so it's creamy tomato soup). Pure heaven!

      Blessings on your week my Dear!! Your friendship means SO much to me!! xoxo

  13. Glad you're feeling better, sorry you weren't well. I feel like I miss so much lately, really need to keep up with the blog reading.

    Thankfully we don't have snow here, hoping yours goes away soon.

    1. Thanks so much Sandra - I've been behind too! I always love time with you my Dear. Thanks for stopping by, and now that I'm feeling better hope to come visit more too.

      Have a blessed week ahead. xoxo

  14. Breakfast for dinner is big here! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks so much Kara!! Seems to be a good trend by many of my friends. Lol Just hits the spot better in the evening to me. ;)

      Hope you have a very blessed week ahead. xoxo

  15. What a great post!! You have so much on your plate, I don't know how you do it all. Your menu looks great. I love tomato soup and grilled cheese. Is the apple separate? And your breakfast burrito sounds delicious. I got a bunch of avocados cheap, so I peeled them, cut them into chunks, and froze them. Your recipe would be great for this. I also got a kick out of how cheered you are by the packers winning. Btw, my predictive text didn't even capitalize packers!! Glad to hear you're feeling better. xo

  16. Thanks Judy!

    I will just say I do it all with help. And lots of prayer. ;)

    When I make grilled cheese I often like to put thinly sliced apple on the cheese in the sandwich and then grill it up. Sometimes I'll even sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon on the apple too. With a good cheddar it is a wonderfully tasty sandwich and so good dunked in the creamy tomato soup!

    The breakfast burritos were SO good!! The avocado were a perfect creamy touch on top too. I cooked up the veggies first, then beat some eggs with a little bit of 1/2 & 1/2 and scrambled them in with the veggies along with a little bit of cheese. I put the mixture in the center of the warm tortilla and topped with avocado...and get this - some mini tater tots on top (that was my son's added touch) but so good. Like having a bit of hashbrown within the burrito. Then I rolled them up and grilled them back up in the pan to brown the tortilla a bit - get a little golden color and some crunch texture on the outside. They were delish!!

    I take my Packers very seriously! Lol Actually, I just get extra excited as my hubby is such a big Vikings fan and likes to give me a hard time - so I enjoy when we do well. ;)

    Blessings my Dear. xoxo