Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fall Fairy Garden Pot

Hello and happy weekend to you my Friends! 

I'm still nursing this miserable cold and it's been a rough one. I went to the walk-in and thankfully I don't have strep throat. I guess it's just one of those "2 weeks to kick it" kind of things. I think I've finally turned a corner, though, and have a bit more energy and my throat feels fine now. Just a full on chest cold presently -and I'm nursing it with lots of hot tea, chicken soup, and rest. (I'm also lysoling everything in my home and trying to kill all the germs once and for all!!).  

Anyway, on to something fun! I was peaking on in my old summer fairy pot and I found that a new visitor had moved in! She's really quite sweet and seems to be making herself right at home. 

I had been playing in that pot - and cleaning out some of the old summer things the week before. My fairy trees and plants had grown big and overgrown - but I liked that wild forest look. It reminds me of where I live in my northwoods. So I just threw in some bright faux Fall leaves, and some real ones from my birch tree. I also added the cute little jack-o-lantern banner wrapped in fairy leaves. And I threw in some twinkly lights for night time of course. However, when I was looking at it yesterday - I noticed someone else must also be enjoying my new additions, as she decided to plant her pumpkin patch there and move in.

See the faux and real leaves I added - and my twinkly lights?

But as I looked closer - I could see almost twinkly magic all its own sparkling around the middle of the pot.

Sure enough, a closer look revealed a sweet Autumn fairy - sitting on her hay bale among a harvest of Fall pumpkins. She even put up an adorable Fall Harvest sign.  Maybe she's planning to sell the fruits of her labor and is setting up shop?

I saw that she even brought a sweet fairy solar moon to light her way once the sun sets.

I tried to stay hidden, but I leaned in for a closer look and could see that she was talking to someone. I tried to zoom in closer to figure out who she was talking to in there? 

 And I saw this sweet little guy on a leaf - keeping the sweet Autumn fairy company. They seemed to be having a great heart to heart talk.

I didn't want to interrupt them - so I left them there to chat.

Even once her froggy friend left...I didn't want to scare my new sweet Friend. So I left her there with her sweet pumpkins and daydreams.  

Wishing you a magical weekend Friends! I'm linking with Andrea of Scrapality for Scraptastic Saturday. And with Sherry for Home Sweet Home.

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  1. I wish I could come over with some of my world renowned chicken soup; ). Maybe that cute little fairy knows how to cook some?


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  3. I just had to come over and say I loved all the pictures and reading your words, just perfect for Fall / Autumn.

    Do hope you feel better soon.

    All the best Jan

  4. I wish she had kissed that little frog; maybe you'd also have a fairy prince if she had.

  5. I wish she had kissed that little frog; maybe you'd also have a fairy prince if she had.