Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wednesday Wonder


out my office window looking at driveway

Out Annie's garden window

We recently had a crazy Autumn thunder storm. Yes, I said thunder! And lots of wind.  Thankfully there are still lots of trees with color yet...but a LOT of leaves were blown all over and many areas around our house now look littered with them. (I love it!)   XO


  1. Hi Carrie, Love the look of Autumn at your place. Is that water I see in the last photo? Do you live on a river or lake?

  2. It sure looks pretty there in the North Woods, Carrie! I always love it when the breeze blows and the leaves come falling down. I love the woodland scents and the swishing noise when walking through them. Love your views out your windows. Looks like a good day for something warm to drink and a cozy sweater. Sending hugs xo Karen

  3. The same thing happened today over by us. Lots of wind (no thunder, but may come Friday). It looks so lovely, but I'm not loving that the trees are losing their leaves already.

    If I had a view like yours out my office, I'd never get any work done!


  4. Now we have the rain AND thunder AND lightning AND severe storm warnings. I fear our leaves are going to go from green to brown with this crazy weather.

    Love your view of the water. I think being by water makes a person calm. Maybe because I'm a Pisces? Nothing thrills me more than walking on a deserted beach and listening to the waves of the ocean lapping the shore - or sea or lake, not necessarily an ocean.

  5. We had a thunderstorm this weekend - crazy! I really like that first photo.

  6. I too noticed that with the drenching rain we had on Monday night, along with the wind, we lost a lot of maple leaves. Now it's the oaks taking their turn being the star of the show. I love it too. Have a wonderful evening. Think of me when you light that candle tonight. Why? Just because I know you love candles. :-))

  7. Oh just look at those golden leaves drifting across your driveway. How beautiful! I see you are having pumpkin time, and in fact this year we have big orange pumpkins at our local supermarket - not something seen in Australia in the past. We had storms too this week - is it the full moon?