Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Monday my blogland Buddies! 

I'm finally, after about a week and a 1/2, getting a pep back in my step!! I'm still coughing quite a bit and have chest congestion...but I'm FINALLY feeling more like myself. What a nasty bug this has been! But now my poor boy has it and my girl told me she had a sore throat this AM. Ugh!! I'm lysoling the berjesus out of everything and trying to kill all the germs - but I guess we're not out of the woods yet. :( 

Enough moaning and groaning about all of that. Just know I'm sending you all very healthy thoughts. This weekend I still did a lot of rest time, but felt better to do a bit more cleaning than I had during the week and I made a big pot of chicken soup and even some apple crisp! My sweet boy said my soup is the only thing that's helped him feel better so far. ;) The leaves aren't quite as vibrant this year - but they sure are a-changing now! I think over this next week it's going to be about peak color in my area. Looking forward to a more productive week ahead, and hopefully the energy to get out and enjoy the beauty before it fades.  

I'm late with my post today as I needed to help my Mom bring her car in to get fixed this then she wanted to buy me breakfast. We hung out at her place for quite a bit of the morning and I got to play and snuggle with her puppy (who's getting so big now!). 


Beautiful sunny and lovely day! The best day of the week according to our weather people. Supposed to hit mid to upper 60's and sunny all day. Tomorrow chance of rain and temps mostly back to the 50's for the week.


Mom bought me a lovely breakfast bagel and caramel mocha coffee and it hit the spot!


It's sunny and pretty. Light winds keep swirling some leaves that are in my driveway, as I look out my office window. I took out my flowers that are in my bay window in here and put up my big jack-o-lantern in the window instead. It plugs in so there's a fun glow in this window at night. And I have 2 smaller ones in my kitchen window too. ;) 


I'm listening to some calm Joshua Bell violin music and was just talking to my boy about taking his medicine and what he'd like me to make him for some lunch. He's home sick from school and I think we'll both be resting a bit this afternoon (after I finish a few more chores around here).


Overall tidy from cleaning this weekend. My hubby has been wonderful and pitching in extra on cleaning house duties over the past week! He's been doting on me a lot too and has taken several separate trips to the store to get things I've needed - including a little humidifier for our bedroom as our old one broke.  Just love that guy.


Well some more cleaning and lysoling and wiping down everywhere today. I'm going to open more windows and let the house air out on this nice day. I didn't get to the bathrooms this weekend- so I'm going to give them extra cleaning love today.  I have several things on my list for this week that I didn't get to last week due to this darn cold. I had to reschedule the fun bday lunch with my friend - so we'll be doing that this week instead. Plus, I'll be mailing out packages I didn't get to and I'll need to get groceries too. Some kiddo appointments to do and religious ed class to get them to later in the week. I'm hoping to pick up some mums and pumpkins this week i can finish decorating the front of the house. It's nice to get back out and enjoy this favorite season!


I've mainly been catching up on my magazines over the past week.


I spent so much time vegging and watching t.v. last week - I'm sick of it right now! Lol


MONDAY: leftovers

TUESDAY: probably breakfast for dinner as needing to get groceries 

WEDNESDAY: chicken gnocchi soup

THURSDAY: use the leftover chicken not used in the soup on whole wheat BBQ chicken pizza

FRIDAY: homemade mac & cheese, salad 

**hoping to go for Fall drive and out for a fun dinner this weekend as it'll be my birthday on Saturday - and I'm also planning on baking a chocolate eclair cake in honor of it too. ;) 


I did finally complete my sweet fairy garden pot and posted about it over the weekend. Hope you checked it out - if not you can find it here. And I even felt motivated enough to change my blog layout background for October too. ;) 


Planning to bake a chocolate eclair cake recipe I've been wanting to try.



We've been blessed with a beautiful Fall so far here on our bay. Some gorgeous days - slow changing color - and beautiful nights gazing at the moon (in a warm sweater of course!). 

And ending the night on a sweet note with my apple crisp and vanilla bean ice cream (so yummy and a recipe I adapted from my Grandma's). You can find my recipe here and read about that time I was published in a Mary Engelbreit cookbook for it! 

Image result for inspiration about blessings

Wishing you a wonderful week my Friends! I'm linking with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. I think I'm changing my menu up and having breakfast for dinner tonight! I'm glad you're feeling better but sorry to hear that your son isn't feeling well. I hope you can stop by:


  2. Glad you are feeling better, hope the rest of your family is on the mend soon as well. Beautiful fall pictures, our trees are slowly starting to change around here although the neighbor's oak tree is dropping acorns on our deck like crazy (makes me jump each time, can't imagine how a tiny acorn hitting the deck can be so loud!). Hope you have a wonderful week and a great birthday on Saturday!

  3. I absolutely LOVE your inspiration this week.

    Sure hope your whole clan can get well soon. Fall colds are some of the worst as you acclimate to the new season.

    That apple crisp looks so delicious I want to just eat it right off the screen!

    Have a great week my sweet friend and stay healthy.

  4. Ugghh! My hubby had that crazy cold and it hung on for about a week! Glad you are improving.
    I forgot about your previous fame! Apple Crisp sounds very good right now.

  5. Glad you are feeling better and hope everyone else will be soon. There is nothing worse than ongoing illness.
    Autumn sure looks lovely at your house!

  6. So happy you're feeling a little better. Your poor Baby Boy. Pour on the chicken soup and kisses.

    I'm so happy you talked about your apple crisp because I don't like streusel and yours sounds more like cobbler. I'm going to try it. Also loved your inspirational quote. Will pass it on in my blog, giving you credit.

    Autumn is my favorite season - love your pumpkin border.

  7. Good morning! I am trying to catch up on my favorite blogs. I was so early to the late HHM that I forgot to link mine yesterday I also only saw one other persons. Well I'm sure that just confused you...sorry to do that to you especially with you getting over a cold. I sat here laughing at your line about "lysoling the berjesus out of everything" I wonder why no one has yet to invent a Lysol bag for us mommas? Can you see us now wearing a fashionable cross body bag just for Lysol lol
    I am glad to hear you are feeling better, but your poor boy sounds not so good. I saw your soup lady...YUM! Hats off to great hubby's who take care of us and the home when we our sick. speaking of your home looks SO cozy. Have a great week, I hope your babies feel better soon.

  8. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that your little ones don't get too sick Carrie. There's nothing worse :(.

    So what's this?? You got published? Shut up! I'm going to check out that link now. So does this mean I can say I knew you when?

    (Sounds like you're experiencing the same autumn we are).

  9. Glad you are feeling better. That's way too long to be sick! Hope the rest of your family recovers quickly.

    The chicken soup sounds fabulous, and the apple crisp sure does look good. No wonder I always feel hungry when I visit your blog--you're a published chef!

    Interesting tip on electronics being cheaper in October. Certain family members were just trying to talk me into getting a new laptop today.

  10. Tea and toast
    And Carrie's post.
    A very nice read on my break. I hope you and your family shake that nasty bug. This is no time of year to feel sick! 😞 When we left for town morning it was 43 degrees. A jacket over my sweater!! I think we're not quite at peak color here. Your Apple crisp and Ice cream look wonderful!!!