Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday Wonder


Working on family scrapbooks  to play catch up - and I was doing winter and hockey pages of the past...

Then moved on to Spring - isn't this a cute layout?

And it's so fun going through old photos down memory lane. It 's fun to look through a bunch and then pick some of the best ones to be in the book. Look at Ruby as a younger shaggy pup! And both of my "Mom's" on Mother's Day of the past - when my MIL was better. ((insert hearts and pretty flowers here))

And lots of Spring thoughts were going to go on this page -  with planting flowers and mini golf!

I love this photo from an old Easter layout in my scrapbook. Look at Ruby as just a baby puppy and my kiddos look so young!!

And this is pretty much how Ruby looked today while I was scrapping away. I think she's got the life....what do you think?  :P

Happy Wednesday Friends!! xo


  1. It's so fun to look back at those photos! I do miss that type of scrapbooking sometimes. :)

  2. Yes, I DO think Ruby has the life!!!:I want to be her in my next life :). I want to see the new movie 'a dog's purpose'. We know what Ruby's purpose is...just to be cute!

    Now you HAVE to come over and do my pics, but I will say I made some progress. You might even be proud of me; ).


    1. I think that movie looks so sweet too Doreen!!
      And you have no idea how much I wish you were closer!! I would have SUCH FUN helping with your photos and scrapbooks! I miss doing them with my MIL so badly. We had such fun working on projects together. xo

  3. I love scrapbooks. I need to get mine out and get caught up!

  4. Oh Ruby! She has a great life doesn't she!! It is so wonderful that you care for your memories in this way!