Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hello Dear Friends! 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! We had volleyball action this time. Annie's tourney was a little out-of-town so it was a 5:30AM wake up call here yesterday morning. ((yawn)) It was fun to watch her in action, though, and I got to watch the sunrise and it was a stunner yesterday! 

Also, we were productive around here with house chores. I started getting more of my Spring decorations out and hope to finish today. My Hubby worked more on our laundry room and hopefully we can finish it up (for the most part) by next weekend. We also had some nice relaxation time, watched some movies and just had an all around nice family weekend. Now on to this week!


It's the 1st day of Spring! Yay! However, in the northwoods today it's going to be mild (around 40 degrees), but it's gray and blah out there.  Looks like some chances of rain (or rain/snow mix) this week too with temps primarily in the 30's or 40's. Might get a bit of sunshine a few days too. Here's hoping! ;) 


Lemon Isagenix bar and cup of coffee.


Listening to classical music while I work on this and watch all the animal action outside my tv room windows.


It's gray and I'm tired of looking at my patchy - part snow, part grass/muddy ground out there. Spring around here is always muddy and messy! However, I'm loving that it does look like Spring with all the animals being so lively. I'm currently watching lots of chickadees take turns on the birdfeeder, as well as a bunny munching grass out in the yard.  A squirrel has come a few times to steal a few seeds the chickadees drop on the deck.  A pesky big black crow has come a few times to pick on the bunny and I've chased him off. I sure don't care for those birds. Ggrrr. But good morning critters one and all! You help it feel like Spring!  


Definitely some chores need to be accomplished. The usuals - dishes, another load of laundry, tidying up some clutter from the weekend and finish putting out the decorations so I can put those bins away. 

ON TODAY'S (& this week's) TO DO LIST:

Spring decorating. Appt about my daughter getting her braces on - yikes! Volleyball practice. Time with my MIL. Visit and meal for my FIL. Errands. Work on several projects I'm in the middle of in my crafting world. My Kiddos don't have school the end of the week due to conferences - so I'll look forward to having some fun time with them. They're also off for Spring break next week - so it'll be busier next week too! 


I'm currently reading a book about different personality styles for changing eating habits and getting healthy. Got side tracked with this and hope to start the Cursed Child after I'm done with it. 


Cooking shows. Timeless yet to catch up on. Grey's Anatomy to catch up on. And I'm excited that Dancing with the Stars starts back tonight! 


MONDAY: breakfast for dinner

TUESDAY: soup and sandwiches

WEDNESDAY: Blue Apron delivery - breaded catfish with black garlic mayo and jasmine rice 

THURSDAY: green garlic pesto pasta with butter lettuce salad and creamy lemon dressing (I love pesto so much - excited for this one!)  B.A. meal

FRIDAY: fontina and beet grilled cheese with a mixed citrus salad (B.A. meal)  

**I've been enjoying our Blue Apron meals and I will share more info about them this week ;) 


Scrapbook catch up - other paper crafts, laundry room project still in progress too.


More new Blue Apron recipes - I will share info this week!


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Mommy likey - Lol! 

Beautiful sunrise (in a blur out the window on our way to volleyball)

My Girl in action! Got some overhand serves in this time - yay! And in bottom right shows her on the floor after diving for one...she loves that part! My little jock. Lol!

Some of this started happening around my home and I plan to do more today. Welcome to you Ms. Spring!!

This morning called for a Spring green candle with my coffee

Lots of critter action out my window this morning also sings of Spring!

Image result for Spring image inspiration
I hope my northwoods will be laughing with them soon! Happy week ahead to you dear Friends!! xo

I'm sharing this with Sandra of Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. Happy Spring!!!
    Your decorations look lovely, my dear friend!
    Have an awesome week with that lovely family!

  2. Love your decorations! The quote is cute!! Can't wait to hear your take on the blue apron! Have a great week!

  3. Love your quote this week! Funny the animals around here are also very busy. The birds were giving my poor cat quite the scolding earlier, I had to go rescue her! Happy Spring! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. laughing at the water aka wine dispenser photo. your spring décor is lovely. I hope you get the weather you are longing for soon. Happy first day of Spring!

  5. Always fun to eavesdrop on your week, Dear One. Love the signs of spring you're using to decorate.

    Can't wait to hear about your Blue Apon experience.

  6. Your picture of the week is gorgeous! And the idea for wine in the water dispenser? That's gold! :)


  7. Hooray for Spring! It hit 59 here and was lovely. Hope the braces apt went ok for Annie!

  8. I completely forgot DWTS was starting and we went out to dinner and missed most of it. We got home just as the blond woman (don't know her name) had finished. I think she's a housewives star. Anyway, DH told me it was Charo and I took a good look at her and said 'wow, she looks great', and of course he started cracking up lol. Can't believe I fell for it!

    That beet and fontina sandwich sounds interesting. I like both those things but never tried them together. Curious how you like it.

    Here's hoping that muddy yard gets green soon!

    1. OH goodness Doreen - I LOL'd after reading this!! Charo looked pretty good, but not THAT good! Hee hee

      You'll be able to catch up well next week with it. You didn't miss that much and no one gets kicked off yet. Yay! xo

  9. Hi Carrie, always love catching up with you on your Mondays! Your sweet daughter is getting so tall already! Love that she is a jock, too. I was a bona-fide Tom-boy and so was my oldest daughter. (The youngest was and still is total girly-girl). Even though you have to get up so early, it's always nice to see a gorgeous sun-rise. Loving your spring decorating so far - so sweet. My daughter and hubby get pre-planned meals sent to their door, too, and they love it. It's not Blue Apron, but something very similar. With a new baby and both working full time it is a great time-saver. I sure wish they had something like that when I had little ones. So nice to see the little critters outside frolicking around. I've had a little bunny in my yard, too, this spring. He probably won't be sticking around once it gets warmer and my dogs get off their lazy butts and go out again. Lol! Hope your in-laws are doing o.k. Must be so hard for your FIL these days. You are a very sweet daughter in law for taking such good care of them. Hope you have some warm sunshine this week. Sending hugs and blessings, sweet friend. xo Karen

    1. Thanks Karen! I love hearing about your "Tom-boy" too. Annie is definitely a good mix of sports lover and some girlie stuff too. Love that!

      I've been loving all the signs of Spring around here - but unfortunately they're now calling for more snow potential tomorrow. Ugh!! I know regardless it won't be long now.

      The in-law's are hanging in there. They're both doing better now that my MIL has been in the facility. It's easier on my FIL and my MIL is so much healthier and better with more stimulation than just being home with my FIL. But I know he's more lonely, which is hard...but he visits her daily and we get him a meal or out for fun when he's willing.

      Blessings. xoxo

  10. That's a lot of activity outside your window! We've been enjoying wildlife too and listening to some familiar, returning sounds - like the sandhill cranes and red-winged blackbirds.

    You have a lot of Blue Apron meals to enjoy this week! They all sound so delicious. Are you making them from the website?

    Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thanks Ann! Blue Apron actually sends us full instructional cards to go with the food that's delivered. They've been fairly easy to follow so far. I'll be sharing full info about how it all works later in the week.
      Blessings. xo

  11. That pesto pasta sounds delicious! Do you have a recipe to share? ;-) I did a review of the green Chef meals and was quite impressed. It is nice having pre prepared items for cooking. I'm getting ready for my surgery on Monday and planning meals for my husband and kids to make it easier on him. A lot of prepping just for a mom to have surgery, lol. It is very hard for me to be still and not going 100 miles a minute but I need to slow down to heal so hoping that goes well. Love all your photos, enjoy seeing them on instagram as well. Yesterday was 86 degrees here and today 55 degrees. I think that is why everyone is getting sick. Wish the weather could just make up its mind, lol. Hope you are having a wonderful day!!


    1. Hey Jill! I do have a recipe for that pasta and I will share it with the Blue Apron info I'll post (either tomorrow or Friday).

      I know - it's what we Mom's do, isn't it? Worry about our Crew...even when we should probably be concentrating on ourselves. Lol Prayers being sent already for you to be good and healthy before your surgery and that all will go well with the procedure. Hope your weather "gets it together" too. Lol

      Blessings dear Gal! xoxo

  12. So sorry I'm getting here so late this week. Got here with just enough time before tomorrow's post LOL. WHEW it's a week I'll be glad to have over.

    Sounds like you had a busy week too. Happy Spring or as we used to call it, mud season! LOL I never truly felt as if sprung had sprung until mid May.

    I LOVE your spring decorating and I REALLY LOVE your water dispenser idea!