Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Inspiration

Hello Friends!

It's been busy in my northwoods this week. And I'm still not 100% from my diverticulitis issue - but definitely much better. Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts!! They mean so much to me. ;) 

Along with busy appointments and errands I've been continuing to Spring clean in my home. I spent 4 hours cleaning out my closet yesterday! It had been a LONG time since I'd fully done that -it's a good sized walk in closet by the way. Not fun, but a great job done! But I've full on got Spring in my mind so I thought I'd share a quick 5 today and look back on some pretty Spring flowers and things from my home or yard. I think it's fun to get some inspiration for the new Spring coming ahead, don't you? 


Lilacs are one of my absolute favorites! And they just say Spring to me. It'll be a while yet before they bloom. My in-laws have a giant lilac "tree" - bigger than a shrub or bush for sure! These blooms were from their trees - one has white flowers and the other lavender. Does anything smell sweeter than lilacs in the Spring? 


Of course Easter time is in the Spring. We definitely focus on the spiritual aspects of Easter, but this time of year also brings other traditions. Coloring Easter eggs. I always have some tulips in my house somewhere. And we do different desserts every year - except fruit pizza. We always have some kind of fun and bright fruit pizza (or above multiple pizza cookies) as one of our desserts. Mmmmmm...


When Spring is truly here in my northwoods - all of the leaves grow in all over our backyard and we become our own little island on the bay again. We don't see neighbors across the way and things are green and bright and beautiful! And Ruby loves it as the mud and muck around here stops and we can get out for more walks. ;) 


It always makes me think of my Spring birthday Girl! Annie's birthday comes around the time the lilacs are blooming. ;) 


And of course Spring brings light bright flavors - like lemon! I love all things lemon in the Spring. Breads, muffins, cakes, and my favorite MIL's recipe for lemon bars! And can't forget that first digging in the dirt. Cleaning up the yard, planting flowers, and planting my container gardens! I can't wait! I can almost hear the bees buzzing and smell the dirt and green grass. Anyone else ready for Spring to get here?  

I'm sharing this with Tricky and Carly of the blog FAST for Five on Friday.


  1. Those cookies look delicious! And pretty flowers. <3

  2. Lovely photos. I'm looking forward to Spring. I can't wait. In fact, I'm getting rather impatient now as it seems to have arrived in so many places.

    Happy Five on Friday

  3. Glad you are doing a bit better and hope you get to 100% very soon! Love all the spring things you shared. I'm certainly ready for it to hurry up and get here as well.

  4. I just LOVE lilacs...I imagine most people do. Yes, lemon for spring. I actually made some lemon bars yesterday. Sweet photo of your daughter.

  5. Lilacs are my favorite flower and they will not grow here. Oh they'll grow, they just won't flower.

  6. What a lovely spring time post. And, do I ever love lilacs. I could almost smell them right through my computer screen.

  7. I love lilacs, and tulips... and Spring!

  8. Spring is coming! I love lilacs and I can't grow them where I live -- so sad. Happy to hear you are doing better. I love all things lemon too. Your spring girl is lovely. Have a great weekend.

  9. Hello, Darling Girl - Finally catching up. Glad you like lemon, because I just decided on A Celebration of Citrus for my second April theme lunch (replacing Easter).

    Love the photos of your darlings, Annie and Ruby. Such pretty girls.

    I'm 100% back now and praying that you are also. We just don't have time to be sick, do we?

    Much love and many hugs, P

  10. Wow your backyard looks truly beautiful and so green!
    Thank you for joining in with Five on Friday :)