Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Belated Five on Friday:A Fun Trip

I hope this is a better late than never post. 

 I didn't have enough time to prepare a 5 on Friday post ahead of time last week before our trip. And even if I had I didn't bring my computer and it would have been difficult for me to link it.  However, I saw on Amy's blog (Love Made My Home) that she extended her 5 on Friday all the way to Thursday of this week, as she's doing a giveaway too! I meant to get this post done yesterday, but it was a caregiver day - so I just didn't get time. So I thought I'd go for it today and it would be a fun way to show more photos of our recent trip and why it was such fun! 


Great Food:

Like this breakfast we ate in a cafe near a college area one morning.  I had read about so we gave it a try. So yummy!!  What did we do before Trip Advisor for great hotel and dining ideas??

Fun Hotels:

Like this really cool place we stayed at in Milwaukee that had been a former brewery. They had renovated into a really cool hotel that still had the big copper brewing drums and you could even see up into them from as domes in the lobby. The whole aesthetic there was sort of steampunk meets industrial. Our suite was so nice with a full kitchen and living room and even beer suds on the french doors leading into the big bedroom. Very cool! 



We went to several fun museums. A favorite was one that had turn of the century "old streets of Milwaukee" and showed old shops and homes where you could peek in the windows. I especially loved the ones that showed homes from all different nationalities with their dress, kitchens and dishes. The one above was the "Polska Chata" or Polish House. 

Other Sights:

My Kiddos loved Sky Zone which was a large trampoline facility. They could enjoy a basketball, dodgeball, and volleyball court all on trampolines. Also a giant jumping area where even the walls were trampolines. Yes, they could literally jump off the walls! Annie got some rosy cheeks at that one. ;)  We also had our breath taken away at a gorgeous Basilica built over a hundred years ago by Polish immigrants. (there's obviously a big Polish population in Milwaukee - which is some of my obviously my kiddos' too). We enjoyed the beautiful lakeshore and teal green waters of Lake Michigan. And ended out trip visiting family in Green Bay and enjoying a Green Bay Gamblers hockey game. 

Bonus Ear Piercing:

My daughter even worked up the courage to get her ears pierced while we were shopping in a mall on the trip! So I think this trip, and family time, was extra memorable for her!! 

I'm very belated, but I'm still linking with Amy of Love Made My Home for Five on Friday.


  1. That breakfast looks so, so, good. Mouth watering, now. Ha!

  2. What a lovely happy cheery post with so many good things! I hope that Annie loves having her ears pierced, a whole new world of girly things for her!! The hotel is amazing, at first I thought it was actually still a brewery/distillery that was working!! Probably just as well that it wasn't still actually making the beer, very interesting to stay there. The food, sport and everything else wonderful too! Thank you so much for joining the anniversary of Five On Friday, I am so glad that you got to take part!! xx

    1. Thanks so much Amy! Glad I was able to join late too. ;) It was an amazing trip for just a quick one. xo

  3. What a great Five of Friday. The old streets of Milwalkee museum looks fabulous, I so enjoy museums that's bring history to life. Looks like you had a fabulous trip.

  4. Love the hotel and the huge copper beer drums! Isn't it great when someone has a vision and they can incorporate all these interesting pieces into the new hotel. The beer door is so cool! You saw SO much fun stuff!! Kids bouncing off the walls?! Wow, I'll bet they didn't want to leave! I love seeing these old streets in museums ... I want to live in those cozy old-fashioned homes. The cold waters of Lake Michigan are quite sobering though ... brrr! How exciting that your daughter got her ears pierced! A rite of passage :) That takes guts! I'll bet she can't wait to get new earrings now. Glad you had such a fun trip Carrie.

    1. Thanks so much Wendy!! It was wonderful and we tried to incorporate something for all of us. Lol Basilica for me. Sky zone for kiddos. And hockey for hubby. It always flies by too fast. I think the ear piercing was a definite highlight for Annie too! xoxo

  5. It loos like a great time - good food and even an ear piercing!

  6. Wow, what a great trip! You packed a lot in :-) That hotel looks really interesting, I love the copper drums. I didn't know about the Polish community in Milwaukee, that basilica is stunning. Glad you got to join in Five on Friday this week :-) xxx