Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bunnies, eggs, tulips - must be Spring

Good afternoon Friends! 

Easter is approaching so rapidly isn't it? I dug out a few more decorations I had forgotten and I thought I'd share them with you. And after running to the market today I found that some tulips had just jumped right into my cart. So I thought I'd share all the Spring fun going on over here this afternoon - so you can catch the "fever" too..if you haven't already. ;) 

First of all I found this sweet little basket of eggs I'd put away in the cabinet. I picked them up in Poland on my trip to Europe many years ago. They're all different designs that were hand painted in Poland.

Then I found my pretty ceramic bunny I picked up last year - and thought he should be front and center on my table.

Isn't he sweet sitting watch over my dining room?

And then I felt myself dragging - so I had an extra cup of coffee this morning...and what goes better with that then a good Spring magazine? So I gobbled up some more of my Country Living while I sipped.

Annie is home on Spring break, but she was over playing at a friend's house this morning. So I made a mad dash to the store to grab some groceries and, as I said - these lovely tulips decided they wanted to come home with me. So now they sit and look pretty with Mr. Bunny.

I even grabbed enough to make an extra bouquet for the kitchen.

I even picked up some pretty bundles of pussy willow branches all colored up for Spring and Easter in soft pastel colors!

Do you feel Spring fever? 

And on a side note I finished a few more pages in the baby boy gift scrapbook I'm working on. I took pics of the pages at different times - so due to different lighting the colors look different in some photos than others. But you'll get the idea.  ;)  Here's a peek:

 Both of these page backgrounds are a light periwinkle blue/lavender (more like the left page)

When the layouts are together they're actually the same colors (like the above pages are both a gray background - but the one on the left looks blue). I'm having such fun working on it and I have some really special pages planned ahead that I will share in the future.  

Hope that whatever you're up to that you're having a great day! xo


  1. I do have Spring Fever! I think I need to get some tulips too. I thought of you today when I heard the weather report. The snow we were expecting is going north, and I wondered if you would get some.

  2. Cute bunny! I have tulips too, pink ones mixed in with some daffs. What a sweet new baby scrapbook, will you take some photos or leave it for the new parents to put them in? xx

  3. Don't you just hate it when flowers jump in your cart?! ;)

    My iffy internet isn't displaying your photos Carrie. On our way home so that won't be a problem much longer.

    Happy Easter!!

  4. You have some really beautiful decorations and a real talent for interior décor! The new scrapbook is great, a treasure for parents and baby! xx

  5. I always love when you give us a peek at your beautiful home, Carrie! Love your decorations - the painted eggs are so special, and your bunny is very sweet. There's something about tulips and pussy willows that just make you smile and brighten up the whole room. Your scrapbook pages are so nice - such a treasure! Hope you are getting a little sunshine - here it is very gloomy and wet, but I am keeping busy :) Hugs xo Karen