Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Gift: Part 2

Last week I shared a post with some layouts from my Mother-in-law's heritage scrapbook she created many years ago.  She made several albums during her "scrapbooking years" and they are such treasures to our family, especially now that she suffers from Alzheimer's disease. You can read the first post here. 

Today I'm going to share some more layouts from her side of the family (this album also has family photos tracing back my FIL's family).  I love the nostalgia to the old photos and the neat ways she decorated each page. I love, also, that so much of the album is done in her handwriting and with her memories. 

I love the old stamp stickers she put all around these photos involving her grandfather.

And I love these photos of her grandma with her American Legion group and her bowling group. Aren't the matching outfits beyond adorable?? Lol

And isn't this "grandmother" sticker just beautiful? So perfect for a heritage album. And the sweet hearts my MIL drew on the bottom...makes my heart full.

The full layout all together.

Love the background paper for these pages with photos of my MIL's grandparents, mom, and her grandma's cousin. Like old wallpaper.

I love how my MIL added her own sweet little captions...

and precious stickers to show the passage of time.

I love how on the full layout of this one my MIL made the paper look connected from one page to the next by the bridge of background paper. Such a cool idea.

This next layout is so neat because on one page is a personal letter by my MIL sharing her memories of her grandma and grandpa and what they meant to her.

And the next page is a letter from President Harry Truman to my MIL's grandma for her service as a registrar.  Pretty cool!!

And I love that she added this on the first page too. ;) 

The full layout.

This is the final page of her family's section of the heritage album. The next section begins my FIL's family background.  

Hope you enjoy these neat old photos - and the love behind them - as much as I do! Happy Tuesday! xo


  1. The scrapbook is beautifully made, full of precious memories. Your MIL was very artistic and gifted it seems. These will always be treasured by your family.

    1. Thanks so much Trish!! It is such a treasure to our family - and extra much due to her circumstances now. I think she did such a beautiful job too. I love looking through it and in the past when she was a bit better - she still enjoyed going through it too.

      Blessings my Friend xoxo

  2. That scrapbook is really a treasure! When I was doing scrapbooks, I hated my handwriting in it, but looking at this, I can see it's special.

    1. Thanks Mari! And you're so right - my handwriting is really horrible (Lol) yet I still write in the books I do. There's such a personal touch to it and I feel like you can almost see even more of the "heart" that goes into each page when you you write it yourself. ;)

      Blessings my Dear! xoxo

  3. Oh this is so moving. A real family heirloom and treasure for many generations to come, for so many reasons! xx

    1. Thanks Amy!! It means so much to our family -and your words mean so much to me. ;)

      Blessings Sweetie! xoxo