Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Liebster Award

     wpid-wp-1429333764248  I have been nominated by the lovely and talented Carrie Ann from the blog Anniehow for a Liebster award. If you haven't read her blog you should definitely check it out! She is a very talented writer that has been participating in Blog Battle challenges where they give folks one word for inspiration and then they write a short story using that word. My favorite she's written so far is this one called A Day in the Loop. 

I'm a little delayed in responding due to a busy schedule this week and a tooth infection that's giving me continued grief! By the way, to those of you wondering and sending your support (thank you!) - the tooth implant has to come out. Good grief has this process been a pain. But that's a story for another time.  On to the Liebster. I thank Carrie Ann for this honor - obviously more of a fun award and I'm so grateful that she enjoys my blog! Now I'm allowed to nominate other blogs which I love reading (Carrie Ann has stolen a few already) and let them know I enjoy them. There's no pressure to accept the award either way. I then answer some questions Carrie Ann gave me and I come up with new ones for my nominees. Here are the official rules off of Carrie Ann's post:

• Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too.
• Nominate 7-10 (supposed to be 10) other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they have  been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person who nominated you.
• Answer the ten questions asked to you by the person who nominated you
• Make ten questions of your own for your nominees.
• Lastly, COPY these rules in the post.

Here are my questions:

1. When you were a child, what did you want to grow up to be?  Have you fulfilled that dream?
First, I wanted to be a forest ranger. Then I wanted to be a doctor. I sort of fulfilled the first as I feel like I have a wildlife preserve in my backyard and I deal with lots of plants and critters regularly. As far as the doctor thing: I started to work on a degree in nursing but then changed to medical social work. So I guess I 1/2 fulfilled both dreams. ;)
2. Who was your favorite teacher and why?
I was so blessed with many wonderful teachers. But one of my favorites was my anatomy and physiology professor in college (Dr. Cizadlo). He looked like a biker dude, but he was so brilliant at taking very complex ideas and material and breaking them down into simpler terms that made the material relate to every day processes. I could have listened to him for hours! 
3. Do you have any musical talents, and what are they?
I can play a few tunes on piano. I can also whistle and make a creepy wind/moan sound at the same time so it sounds like something out of a haunted movie. My daughter loves that one! 
4. What decade, that you have lived through, is your favorite and why?
I loved the 80's! I was in my teens through a lot of it and it was such a fun time to grow up. Lots of great music, some fun fashions (horrible hair - Lol!), but I think of it as such a carefree time. Also, high school was fun and where I met my now hubby.
5. When was the last time you really laughed and what was it that made you laugh?
My dog Ruby, she was running really hard down the hill for a ball I threw for her and ended up doing somersaults down the hill. She has a lot of personality and makes me laugh a lot.
6. Do you like or dislike surprises?  Why or why not?
Depends on the surprise. I love to surprise others. I love a surprise like if a long lost friend popped in unexpectedly or called. I would dislike a big surprise party where all the attention was on me. And I hate it when one of my kids hides and then jumps out and yells to scare me. NOT a good surprise.
7. What is your favorite holiday and why?
Fall is my favorite season, but Christmas is truly my favorite holiday. I listen to Christmas music all day as soon as Halloween is over and I love the baking and thinking of gifts for loved ones. The decorating is so fun too and twinkly lights in the snow are the best! Not to mention how beautiful and sacred the church season feels during that time and preparing for my savior's birth.
8. What is your proudest accomplishment?
My Children.
9. Shuffle the songs on your iPod or Phone, which song comes up? Or what is your favorite song and why?
Ok - totally not making this up, but on shuffle the first thing that came up was a Christmas song by Michael W. Smith. Lol So i hit the forward arrow to see what would come up not Christmas music and it was AC/DC Back in Black as we're all on the cloud as a family and my son had that one in there.  ::sigh:: How's that for an eclectic mix?
10. If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have and why?
I would love to fly!! But of course you probably guessed that knowing that we're all about the fairies over here. ;) 

Here are my nominees, and again you're free to accept or reject the nomination, but just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog! Several of you were already nominated by Carrie Ann. I would nominate her too, but I'll give her a break this time. I love your blog Anniehow!

Love Made my Home
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Afternoon Coffee and Evening Tea
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Beatrice Euphemie
Liberty or Death
Spoonful of Joy
September Violets

Here are my questions for you:

1. What are some of your favorite hobbies?

2. Why did you begin blogging? How long do you think you'll continue?

3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live and why?

4.Do you have pets? How many?

5. What are your favorite foods? Do you do the cooking?

6. What is the best lesson you've ever learned?

7. If you could do any profession what would it be?

8. Would you rather travel to the past or go forward to the future and why?

9. Do you prefer snail mail or email to send letters to friends or family?

10. You're shipwrecked on an island what one thing would you have to have with you?

I look forward to reading the responses of those who participate! I love my blogland friends and all that you share each day. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. 


  1. I just loved reading all your answers, thanks for joining in the fun (somehow I knew you would ☺). But I truly enjoy reading your blog, and have so enjoyed getting to know you with each post, and comment.

    Forest ranger?!?!? I did not see that coming, LOL. Have you seen the Yogi Bear Movie, you would definitely enjoy it.

    The 80’s?!?!? Girl, just stop…I LOVE the 80’s. I’m so sure, like the music and fashion were like totally tubular to the max!! (in my best valley girl accent).

    Christmas music to AC/DC Back in Black…so fun!! ;-) pssst…197 days until Christmas!!

    1. I'm in giggles over here!!
      I did see the yogi bear movie (watched with my kiddos on a movie channel). ;)
      I LOVED your like totally awesome 80's was choice!
      And don't you worry - I've got the Christmas countdown on.

  2. That was fun! Thanks for passing it on to me. I usually don't do awards (had a bad experience with someone getting upset because they weren't nominated...) This is different though, so I think I'll do it! :)

    1. Thanks Mari!
      That's what I thought too. From the little bit I've seen about "awards" I don't think they'd be my thing either. But this looked more fun and maybe a fun way for new blog followers to get to know me (visiting from Anniehow's blog who nominated me).

      I would LOVE to see your answers!! xoxo

  3. Congratulations, Carrie, I loved reading all of your answers and getting to know you a little better. You just seem so sweet and happy and someone that you could have a good time with, but also that you could depend on. I know....I got all that out of your answers! Lol! Seriously, though, I'm sure it is true.
    Thank you for your nomination, also! I love that you did that! I also, had to make a decision about awards and now I am an award-free blog :( I love your questions, though! <3 xo Karen

    1. Oh goodness - you're too adorable Karen!

      Trust me, I'm human and not always a ray of sunshine (ask my kiddos - Lol!). But I would say I'm definitely more of an optimistic kind of person and I KNOW we'd have fun as we have a lot of similar interests. I could see us going for a walk in the woods to come back and check on the flowers and garden, sip iced tea on the deck and work on a crafting project. ;) We're also all about family and I think that's what we both read strong and clear from each other.

      I totally understand what you mean about the award thing and I think this is the only kind of award I would probably participate in. I just wanted you to know my love for your blog.

      Happy day dear Friend! xo

  4. Congrats! Love your answers, getting to know more about you! I can just imagine your dog rolling somersaults down the hill!

    1. Thanks Helen!! I would have nominated you but Carrie Ann already got ya!

      Ruby is hilarious. I'll try to get it on video one of these days.

      Blessings Dear Lady!! xo

  5. Hi Carrie, thanks so much for nominating me, I'll be back when I've thought of some good answers to those questions! Loved reading your answers, I can see you in a Rangers hat :-) xx

    1. Sounds great Alison!! I'd love to read your answers!!

  6. I am sorry to hear about your tooth, at least you have an answer I guess so you can work out where to go from here. I hope that things will improve. Congratulations on your award, it was lovely to read your answers and to find out a bit more about you too. Thank you for the nomination as well! I will have a go at your questions in a few days time! xx

    1. Thanks Amy! I'm just happy to know what to do one way or another with this darn tooth. The drama will stop soon. Lol

      I can't wait to read your answers! ;)

  7. Loved this!!!!
    Thank you sooo much!!!!
    Can't wait to get to mine next week! : )

    1. Thanks Billie Jo!
      Can't wait to read yours too!! xoxo

  8. Thank you for the nomination, Carrie! It is neat how you were able to fulfill both of your childhood dreams in part. I admire those who work in the medical's not something I think I could do very well. Now should I fulfill my childhood dream?! hmmm...I wonder how a donut shop would go over in these parts (and how much weight I'd gain if I gave it a try...).

    Sounds like you did have a great professor. It is interesting how sometimes the people we'd least expect can be the best teachers.

    I would like to hear your scary haunted house sound effects--I've watched a few too many scary shows because every series I watch has a Halloween episode or two. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys must have had a couple/three Halloweens every year ...shudder... But by now I'm almost immune to the scary music, creaky old houses and lightning storms where the phone goes dead. Ahhh!

    80s hairstyles are neat to see pictures of--as are 60s, 70s, and 90s dos! I wonder if we'll think looking back on photos from this decade 30 years from now...

    Flying sounds like an awesome superpower to choose!