Thursday, June 23, 2016

Quick & Tasty Fruit Dip(& a Turtle Surprise!)

Hello my Friends! 

I had a busy day of driving kiddos to their various sports and running some errands. So since it's getting later here I thought I would share a quick and easy recipe. 

I had some of the gals over, recently, that had helped me work on the carnival. I wanted to treat them so we had one of our final meetings here at my house and I put together a little spread of munchies & dessert, and one of the munchie dishes was fruit with this homemade fruit dip and a store bought strawberry one too. It was really tasty and really easy to put together.

As you can see the dip is just a mixture of Greek vanilla yogurt, peanut butter and some honey. Whisk together and voila!

Delicious sweet & salty yet creamy dip! A perfect summer time treat. ;)  I found this recipe on pinterest and you can find it here.  The basic recipe is: 2 containers Greek vanilla yogurt, and about 3 Tbsp each honey and peanut butter. But adjust to how you like the flavors  (I think I might have added a bit more peanut butter).  ;) Then chill for at least an hour for flavors to blend.

In other news I thought would be fun to share - this is what greeted me out my door this morning:

Those of you that follow me on instagram got the scoop already - but basically I had a couple of lovely (& large) snapping turtle mamas laying their eggs in our yard this morning.

On beautiful summer mornings like today, I like to enjoy my coffee out on the deck among the birdsong. Ruby ran off the deck to the side of the house and was barking a I went to investigate and I stumbled upon these lovely ladies working hard. Gotta love life on a bay in the northwoods! xo



  1. Yummy!
    So cool to see those turtles. I wonder how long before the eggs hatch?

    1. It seems every year we have either painted turtles or snappers up here laying eggs Mari. I've never seen any hatch though. Although, most likely it happens at night and we just don't see. ;) xoxo

  2. Oh I really like turtles.