Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday Wonder: Flowers & Fairies


I thought I would share some of my flower pots around the house right now. Here are some of the flowers in the front of my house. I need to get a new welcome mat by that door - the other one was too yucky and I threw it out.  As you can see we have a formal front door, but this is the main door we really use going in and out of our house.  Also, I had just watered everything and that's why you see water marks all over the ground. Lol

Hello little fairy friends, please don't let me disturb your fun!

My herb pot is taking over! That's a big tomato plant in the back. I also have cilantro, lemon balm and pineapple sage in here. 

And these are some of the flowers in the back of the house. We kept this old patio table we don't use anymore - and I love it as a place for planting pots and just keeping some on here. Some of the pots here include my lavender and my strawberry plant.

Happy summer blessings to you! xoxo I'll be sharing this at The Charm of Home for Home Sweet Home.


  1. Very beautiful flowers! I am sure the ones by the doors are especially welcoming to you and to visitors!

  2. Lovely flowers Carrie, and your cilantro is doing great. I find that's a difficult herb to grow, especially from seed.

    Cute fairy garden! I'm getting ready to put mine together, maybe this weekend. The grands are coming up and I'm hoping we will find the time to do it together.


  3. So many lovely pots of flowers, Carrie! Everything looks so lush and healthy and beautifully welcoming! Nice to have the fairies making a home, too. Hugs xo Karen

  4. Your flowers are looking lovely, your herbs healthy and I really love the fairy gardens!

  5. You have so many pots, and they all look great! I love the fairy gardens!

  6. All your flowers and flower pots are so pretty! I think those flowers in front of your house are the same as the ones I have in a pot on our porch (my Mother's Day present). They are great flowers since they are surviving me forgetting to water them enough.

  7. Wow, your flowers look great, such vivid colours! I want to know, does pineapple sage taste of pineapple? Or sage? Or both! My herbs are going wild, especially the mint, we've had so much rain! xx

  8. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!