Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning!
 I'm linking up with Sandra from Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for her Happy Homemaker Monday. I hope you're cozying up with a nice cup of tea or coffee and getting ready to brave this crazy holiday week too!

The weather outside is...
Not too cold today - in the 30's, but it's snowing and not sure how much we're going to get.  One source says 1-3 inches and another says 3-7. Either way I guess it's nice to see everything turn pretty white again. It had mostly melted this past weekend with beautiful mild temps...but was turning ugly brown again. I like the peaceful white.
On the breakfast plate this morning...
I have a thing for bagels, so 1/2 of a french toast bagel with light butter and a cup of coffee.  I need to get back to oatmeal though and do less of this carb thing! Lol 
As I look outside my window...
Gray skies, light snow falling - really pretty and holiday looking
Right now I am...
I did have the news on, but just put on my Pandora and it's still set on a holiday station.  I can't get enough of my Christmas music this time of year.  I especially love the Mormon tabernacle choir station, Nat King Cole station, Christmas classics station and Amy Grant holiday station
As I look around the house...
I have some holiday stuff scattered around I need to address.  We started some holiday decorating now since Thanksgiving is so late this year.  I also need to throw in my laundry, clean up the kitchen and finish my grocery list in front of me. 
On today's to do list...
Helping out the in-laws again. A usual Monday routine had been to spend the whole day with my mother-in-law hanging out with her (& watching over her), but with my father-in-law still home recovering from his knee she's able to be with him. He can't drive yet, so now the Monday routine is I pick her up to get her out for a while and we run and get them some groceries and their meds for the week.  I will do some of my Thanksgiving shopping as well.
Currently reading...
Still been gobbling up all of my holiday magazines that have been rolling in.  Also, marking things to order for Christmas out of some catalogs.

On the t.v.

Still catching up on some shows from this weekend. As a family we like Shark Tank and Amazing Race.  I also have to catch up on the Good Wife I didn't watch last night. I LOVE that show so much!! 
On the menu this week...
I'm planning to make slow cooker scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner tomorrow night for us and the in-laws along with green beans and apple cinnamon muffins.  We have an indoor soccer game tonight so probably something easy today.  On Wednesday will keep it light (probably soup and sandwiches) as we get ready for all the chow Thursday! I will start prepping dishes and doing baking on Wednesday too. 
What I'm creating at the moment...
Working on my list of food gifts for the holidays.  My Mom and I always make several different things together on a fun girlie day.  I use them as gifts to give neighbors, friends, piano teacher, other teachers etc and my Mom uses as her main gifts to friends and some family as she is on a tighter budget.  We have such fun listening to carols, baking and gabbing away.  Looking forward to whichever day we mark as our gift baking day this year!
Favorite photo from camera this week...
Prayer, inspirational quote or devotional
Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ
Ephesians 5:20
(fitting for this Thanksgiving week I think - so thankful for blessings!) Also, praying for fast healing for my father-in-law and for an Aunt having some health issues. 


  1. I really like that photo!
    The snow melted here too, and it's now snowing and blowing again. I'm hoping the roads stay ok!
    I love Christmas music now too.

  2. The snow has melted here as well. West of us had over 7 feet of snow this past week (Buffalo NY area). So now a foot of snow is nothing to me. {wink}

    I have never had a French toast bagel! That sounds SO good. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. The snow turned out to be minor Mari so I'll just sing - Joy to the World! Lol

    Jen - yowzers that is A LOT of snow! I have no right to complain now! I highly recommend the French toast bagel - just Lenders brand in grocery store. ;)

  4. I hope that you are having a great week. xx

  5. That slow cooker potatoes and ham sounds really good!!!!!!

    Chilly weather for y'all. After no rain here for months, it decided to come during harvest season! We needed the rain but it has ruined what crop we had and all the farmers here will be late harvesting...oh well! We are still blessed!
    Have a good Thanksgiving...found you by way of Sandra!

    1. Oh that's so sad! Why does Mother Nature screw that stuff up sometimes! I pray that all will still work out with the harvesting. God bless all the farmers of this country!! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too. ;)