Sunday, November 30, 2014

Scrapbooking Whimsy

Happy Sunday!!
Even though it's been a nice long holiday weekend it feels like it has flown by already.  We did a nice bit of shopping yesterday and found some great deals! I also did a bit of online shopping - I guess I was too impatient to wait on "cyber Monday". It sure feels nice to have made a dent in the list though.  I also finished a lot more decorating.  I have a bit more to finish up today and then I think I'll be all set and start taking some photos for you! I hope your holiday weekend has been wonderful so far and you're accomplishing many good things too.
I thought today I was due for a scrapbooking post and wanted to share some of the fun I have with being whimsical with many of my pages. One of my favorite creative "techniques" in scrapbooking is the use of whimsy. Being whimsical in scrapbooking to me is when you see things a little outside the box and put your own true creative eye to work and create a different look than is typical on a scrapbook page. I'll show you what I mean...
Here's one example of what I mean.  For this layout you can I see I used pages that had pink glitter paper and a princess theme from my daughter's birthday.  But on the left hand page I had cut my daughter out of the full picture, so it's like a cut-out of her on the page. I also cut out her cake out as you can see on the bottom right hand side of the page.  Another fun example I found looking through my books was this:
Part of what I think is so fun about this page is the fun & games theme to it.  This was a layout I did from several different fun events, but put it together as a "fun & games" theme all in one.  I just LOVE the chutes & ladders game board sticker with spinner and pieces that are all dimensional up in the corner. They were a fun find and so adorable!! And the scrabble letters that make up the title fit with the theme beautifully too. But the real whimsy I love on the right hand page is this:
I cut out my nephew and put him on the page to look like he's sliding down one of the chutes!  It was actually from a picture of him sliding on the slide at the park. Still makes me giggle every time I see it.
I have had fun with many of my pages this way. Probably way more times in  all of my albums than I could show here! Another example I remember is cutting my daughter out of a picture and she had her arms out-stretched and I put her in a die cut on the page of a pocket- so it looked like she was popping up out of the pocket.  I'm a dork and have such fun with the little things, what can I say? Lol
Here's a final holiday example I have handy because 'tis the season!
There are a few fun examples I want to point out here.  On the left hand page I had cut my daughter out again but I put her in a blue oval I had cut out as it makes her stand out, and to bring in more of the blue in the title- which I like running down the center of the page instead of just top or bottom as something more unique.  I also loved the snowman paper I used on the right hand page, but it was 2-sided and I wanted to see some of both.  I didn't want to cut out the snowman part of the paper too much so instead I folded it over, almost like a blanket, so you can see the striped side of the paper too.  I then cut out the photo of my daughter with Rudolph and put it behind the fold to look like they're popping out and saying hi.
Again it's the little things I find so fun about scrapbooking! Happy Holiday season and let the fun begin!!

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  1. You are obviously an expert scrapbooker! Your pages are all very lovely and will be great to look back on and think of all the happy times. xx