Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fab-ruary Day 3: Things I'm Excited About


Today I'm linking with my friend Helen from I Will Bloom for Fab-ruary Day 3 about things I'm excited about. Sorry I missed Day 2 yesterday but ended up having a crazy busy day!!

When I start thinking about things I'm excited about a flood of things comes to mind, so I must try to get it organized in my brain and pick some top items. So here goes:

Solid Wood Raised Square Foot Garden Planter
image from plow and hearth website

I'm definitely excited about the outlook for Spring! Our WI groundhog said that it will be an early one for us and I SOOOO hope he's right! I've never had a true garden due to the wildlife being so prevalent in our neck of the woods here. I have some flowering bushes and I plant pots of flowers but that's it.  I've had troubles with deer eating my lilies (come right up against our deck) and they'll walk right into my daughters little fairy garden and eat the pansies or other flowers.  I think I may order a garden planting table like above for this year, however, and give gardening a go this time. I've seen these also with a screen cover for the top (which I would need).  I think it'd be wonderful to dig in the dirt with my daughter and plant some seeds and watch some little veggies grow for us! Yep, definitely excited about that idea!

Hand-Blown Glass Solar Flower Stakes
image from plow and hearth

Related to this idea something else I'm excited about is doing some landscaping around the house (along with finishing up the renovation inside). And also sprucing up my daughter's fairy garden. We have some little shrubs we've planted prior, but some have not made it through the years, or look pretty rough. I think I'm going to hire someone to consult with that knows what will grow well in which areas and tidy it all up. Maybe add some nice decorative solar lighting too. Come on Spring!!


Some future events I'm excited about include a trip to Las Vegas and a Celtic Thunder concert.  I'll be doing a trip to Vegas in the future with my hubby which is always nice for some grown-up one on one time.  And then my Mom and I have tickets for Celtic Thunder coming to our area soon.  We've seen the Celtic Women before and they were so good, so thought we'd try the boys this time. Lol!

Some items worth mentioning that I'm excited about too include:

*a movie date night with my hubby hopefully soon. We want to see American Sniper as it looks good and we've heard good things about it. I have a brother in the military so may hit close to home, but I'd still like to see it.

*Continuing the movie theme my daughter and I would also love to see the Paddington movie. And I finally got a Spiderwick DVD Helen! Yay!! So my daughter and I have that to look forward to watching as well.  Hopefully I can get her into the books eventually as well.

*Due to some complications we didn't have our girlfriend belated Christmas time together so we are rescheduling. I'm so looking forward to this time with my dear Gals - many of whom I have been friends with since grade school, and they were all in my wedding. We make the effort to make sure it happens every year and I treasure every minute when we do get together and catch up!

*Also looking forward to all of the good books I've been stock piling to read and enjoy!!

And before I ramble on and on I think I'll stop there with those items being front on the list of things I'm excited about.  I can't wait to read every body's lists today! Thanks for hosting Helen!!




  1. Ooh love your post! Great to see you excited about so many things! You'll love Paddington! And Spiderwick! (There is one part that's a little scary, towards the end; maybe you might want to watch it first to check?)...enjoy your 'girls' meeting. How nice!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Spiderwick. I'll check it out. God bless Hon. Xo

  3. We want to see American Sniper too, and Paddington... Celtic Thunder will be so fun! I hope you get and early Spring and it spreads to Michigan too. :)

    1. I definitely hope Spring graces us all with her presence SOON!! xo

  4. Lots of great things coming up for you! You will love Paddington, we did! Excited to hear and see more about your gardening plans as the year unfolds. xx

    1. I've heard good things about the movie and it looks visually so adorable! Hope to fit it in soon. Dreaming on gardening almost every day. Sigh. Will definitely keep you all posted Amy! ;)

  5. I'm interested to know about the groundhog! I'm going to sound really ignorant here!! Do you have a local groundhog?? I hope he was right, in any case :-) We've had a week of snow on the ground which has now turned into lethal ice, I want it to get gone already as I'm ready for spring!!

    1. Oh you poor Dear! Ice is just THE WORST!! Give me snow over that any day! There's a national groundhog in Pennsylvania named Punxsutawney Phil and he predicted more winter. However, the ground hog for our state of Wisconsin predicted an early Spring for our area - Yay!! I just pray he's right (it's all just a silly tradition really). Lol