Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Weigh in Wednesday + Fab-ruary Day 11(& give-away!)

Sorry I am posting so late today dear Friends! 

 I was a busy Gal all day with my Mom-in-law and the appointments she had today. Plus errands I needed to run for a big event at my daughter's school tomorrow. I'm on the PTA there and involved on several committees. I feel blessed to be a SAHM and have the time to be involved in both my kiddos' school lives and activities.

To weigh-in this week I wanted to share that I've been pretty good (not as much as I'd like yet though) with my exercising. I actually have to dash again soon to play wallyball (a sport where you play volleyball in racquetball court and can bank the ball off the walls) with a group of gals that I organize. It's so much fun, yet a tremendous 2 hour workout!! I have been wearing my fitbit more, drinking my water like a good girl and being more active. I'm still not working out total as many days a week as I'd like, but I'm getting there. This ties in a bit with my linking with Helen at I Will Bloom for Fab-ruary Day 11.


My answer to when I feel most alive would have to be when I'm being physically active.  I LOVE how I feel after I've expended all that energy at wallyball. Or when I've done a good hard workout on my treadmill. But most of all when I'm outdoors. I love taking walks, running around with my kiddos and our dog Ruby outside. That is definitely when I feel most alive! The beauty of the outdoors just energizes me and how just breathing the very air out there is different than when I'm stuck indoors. God makes some pretty darn beautiful stuff out there and it speaks to my soul.

this is from several years ago after playing outside in the snow together

I also wanted to share a couple of other things with you. I'm also weighing in to share that I've been taking more time for my crafts and scrapbooking too. It's amazing when you turn of the t.v. a little more how many other things get done! Lol One craft I'm starting to toy with is a journal that I would love to do as a give-away to one of you dear folks. I'm still quite new to this blogging world but you all make it such a joy for me and so easy to want to visit this space every day. Here's a little peek:

I've been collecting lots of fun bits over the past several weeks....some new bits and some old bits I already have around - that I would like to use to embellish this brand new journal.  It's a romantic month so I'm using romantic pretty papers, linen tags, twine, flowers etc.... I know a lot of us use our blogging space as a type of journal, but I figure that's why even a hands on journal might be a fun thing to give away as we're obviously a journaling kind of people. It would be a lovely place to write thoughts, blog post ideas, sketch pictures, paste memories. Possibilities are endless (I just love a good journal!) I will be working on it over the course of the next week or so and then give you a real look at it and post the give-away plan and date and where you enter to win. What do you think?


I also wanted to leave you with an early Valentine from my pretty Ruby. She had her "haircut" recently and they always doll her up after. My Mom-in-law was with my that day and Ruby was giving her lots of kisses!! Lol 

On that note I must go - but I'll try to get around to as many of you as I can later tonight and say hello. xo



  1. Love your lines, "The beauty of the outdoors just energizes me and how just breathing the very air out there is different than when I'm stuck indoors. God makes some pretty darn beautiful stuff out there and it speaks to my soul" so similar to my thinking! LOVE the idea of your giveaway! Wonderful! Can't wait to see it!

    1. Aw thanks Helen. I love that we relate on so many levels too. You're truly a gal after my own heart. God bless my friend. Xo

  2. Yes, the outdoors DOES energize, doesn't it! I am not a very athletic or active person; but love the outdoors, especially when we go someplace like the zoo or a nature trail we love to go to...

    Love the journal idea; can't wait to see the finished product! I actually have several mini albums that I have put together in a class (or two) that I use to put things in like pics of ME or quotes, etc. I LOVE scrapbooking - and lately have been doing TONS of cards (hoping to "sell" them for donations for a fundraising event I'll be attending in May). I have also done other things like shadow-box kind of crafts - which are really "outside the box" for anything I've done scrapbooking-related!

    Thanks for sharing! I'm trying to catch up on some reading...and am also behind on posting for Fab-uary!

    1. Thanks Barbara - I think we are kindred spirits on many levels: with the outdoors, our love of family, our love of the Lord, but especially our love of all things paper and scrapbooking!! Lol

      It's so easy to get behind, we're human and life gets in the way of our fun crafting. It's so nice that it's always there to greet us again when we're ready though.

      God bless xo

  3. You are such a lovely person Carrie, it shines through in all that you write about! I hope that you keep enjoying your plans for exercise and so on, it sounds as though you are doing really well and having a lot of fun at the same time too! xx

    1. Aw - are too kind and so sweet And I say the exact same back to you my lovely Friend!!

      Have a wonderful weekend and God bless xoxo