Friday, September 18, 2015

Five on Friday:In the Northwoods this Week

Yay! We've reached the weekend! And because it's Friday, of course I'd like to link with my good friend Amy of Love Made My Home for Five on Friday.

I thought I would share what's been happening around my northwoods home this past week.


Health has bumped up my priority ladder lately. I know the holidays (aka season of indulging) is right around the corner, so I'm trying to get a jump start on my health and weight before it shows up. Also, now that I'm in my 40's I know I'm at the crossroads of choosing what kind of path I want to be on as I continue to age. I choose the path of activity, exercise and health! I've been putting my fitbit in overdrive and joining many challenges that really keep me motivated. I've also been much more conscious of my diet and water consumption and I'm keeping a food/exercise journal now. I'm still going to cook and bake because I love it, but Go Health!!


sneak peek at Fall bunting I've completed and will share tomorrow

One of my favorite decorations: Lenox china Fall tree - in my china cabinet cubby

nice moody evening candle glow among the china

I've continued to decorate the mantle and other areas of my home with Fall decorations. I'm definitely in my happy place when I'm decorating in my favorite season of the year!! 


This cracks me up to share: but my hubby's favorite collection has been growing this week. He collects McCoy pottery cookie jars & a few other kinds too (I think I've shared before), but his favorite is the "Freddy the Gleep" jar from the 1970's. It's the weird bright yellow fellow with the red eyes and mouth. Believe it or not he's pretty rare and valuable. He gives me the creeps - and that's why he lives in a closet of our home. Yes, we have a lovely walk-in storage closet that my hubby has built shelves and dedicated to his collection! He found someone recently, in a different country, that is getting rid of his Freddy collection and so my hubby has been acquiring more. That's fine as long as they stay in the closet! Lol


I like how my MIL embellished the face on this one

My MIL and I have been back to coloring after taking a break for a while. The 2 things that keep her happiest and focused (due to her Alzheimers as many of you know) is being outside and walking or coloring when we're inside. As you can see from the top 2 she did... she often doesn't complete them, but she is able to focus pretty well compared to any other activities. We had fun using pages out of a whimsical book of my daughter's.  We put on some pretty music and I think she finds it soothing and calming.  I know I do!


My daughter had her final soccer game this week and we took our traditional last game team photo - as well as some goofy shots too of course! Have a fun Friday and great weekend!!


  1. Go health you!! Please motivate me, this is what I need to do too. Keeping a food journal they say is a great idea, I'm aiming to do that from Monday. What a lovely way to spend time with your MIL too

    1. A food journal is truly keeping me accountable and helping a lot! I definitely recommend it - so best of luck to you next week my Dear!! We can do this! ;)

  2. Well I can totally understand your enjoyment of your fitbit. I have had mine for 18 days and I love it! It is very addictive isn't it. I also love colouring and can see how it would be great for your MIL. Your autumn decorations are all so beautiful and I would love to look at pretty things like these. The cookie jars though, well, yes. They would be in a closet in this house too! Thank you for joining Five on Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend!!! Sorry to be late visiting, we have been away and just got back today. xx

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying your fitbit so much too Amy! Rock on Girl!! It really keeps me motivated - which is a very good thing. ;)

      Haha - I love knowing that I'm not the only one that feels that way about the ugly gleeps. ;) Made my day. xoxo

  3. Your Autumn decorations are a real delight, simply stunning. I think the cookie jars would be in a closet at my house too. Have a great weekend.

    1. Haha!! Thanks for the sweet comment, and for agreeing with me about those gleep cookie jars!! ;)

  4. The cookie jar collection makes me laugh! The little fellow does look happy, but I don't think I'd want to have that grin in my kitchen either! My mom once had a cookie jar of a beautiful girl with a sly (maybe shy?) smile, but it creeped us out. I notice my sister now has the jar in her cupboard out of sight!

    Colouring books with your MIL sounds like a great activity for her (and you!). I've not seen anyone colouring at my dad's residence, so I might take in some books as a suggestion. They do a lot of jigsaw puzzles that are very large pieces, with pretty pictures ... made for seniors not kids. My dad apparently enjoys these too.

    Great shots of your daughter's soccer team. My daughter loved playing soccer all through high school, but now just does the horseback riding. The silly photo is one they excelled at. One year all the team players did a silly pose for the "official" photo and I was glad the photographer allowed it. There were a lot of salutes, arm pointing, hands on hips ... very sassy and fun ;)

    1. Ha! Love your cookie jar story too Wendy. :)

      Larger puzzles is a great idea and I think I'll try that with my MIL. HOpefully coloring will be therapeutic for you Dad too.

      I love the goofy soccer photo best too! So cool they did that for your daughter's team photo. LOve it!!
      Happy weekend dear Gal! xoxo

  5. I love the Lenox china Fall tree…so cute!! Freddy the Gleep…I have never seen or heard of those before…I think he’s cute…in a creepy way, LOL!! Poor guy…at least he’s got a lot of company being locked away in the storage closet. :)

    Music and doesn't get any better than that!! Well maybe if you add some banana split cookies and some hot chocolate...that would definitely be better ;)

  6. So glad we can keep up with each other on IG but I have been missing your blog.... :(
    Finally had a moment to hop over...had to laugh at your poor hubby's prize collection being stored away in its own cupboard (although I completely understand, as Freddy the Gleep is quite scary-looking! I bet no-one (not even your hubby) goes in there for biscuits at night-time, LOL!!!) that you do so many activities with your admiration of your patience and generosity with your time....Helen xx