Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday Wonder


Happy Wednesday! Sorry I've been so late in the day posting this week, but it's been busy around here. The landscape crew has finally been able to get to us and so we're well underway!  Yay!

I just wanted to take the time to thank you, my dear blogland friends, for the kind words related to my caregiving of my MIL. It's appreciated more than I could ever say in words - but please know that I felt all the kindness, prayers, and support directed my way. It isn't an easy job, and some days I end with tears, but I truly feel blessed that I'm able to give to and help a loved one this way.  

We've been continuing with the unseasonably warm and lovely weather, so my MIL and Ruby and I continue on our beautiful walks!

The tree that was only getting orange at the tip is now becoming orange all over! Fall is really starting to put on her pretty party clothes.

I will say that the hardest part about caregiving for someone you love is the long slow goodbye. There are moments I'll feel like I'm with my old friend...and then there are many more moments I feel like I'm looking through glass at a perfect stranger. My MIL was one of my very best friends and we shared so much together. Now it feels like the the things we can share together keep shrinking and shrinking.  I know there is no way around though - no shortcut through the pain and sadness. So I try to treasure the special moments we do share as much as possible, so I can still have them to look back upon some day too.

I had this photo of a road by my house on my instagram the other day (see link in column at the right) - and I had this posted with it:

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

I think it's so true and it's a good way to approach life...especially the more challenging parts. Thanks again and blessings to all. xo


  1. What a wonderful quote!
    Love that tree!
    Have a wonderful evening!

    1. Thanks Laura! Prettiest time of year around here for sure. ;) xo

  2. Hugs and all good thoughts to you and your MIL and the rest of your families too. xxxxxx

    1. Thanks so much Amy! It means A LOT!! xoxo

  3. “Fall is really starting to put on her pretty party clothes.” Love this!! No changing leaves here yet. That last picture is beautiful and the quote fits perfectly. I love the pics you take of your MIL and Ruby, there is just something about them that makes them so special…must be the unconditional love that radiates from them :)

    Even though it’s hard and sad sometimes, just think you still have these moments to share, to capture them in a photographs because…For every photograph taken, there is one less moment forgotten. Hugs to you my dear friend!! xx

    Keep taking those beautiful pics and blow up your instagram with them…someday when I grow up and have a smart phone, I’ll be sure to follow you ;)

    1. Aw - thanks sweet Carrie Girl! Your words go right to my heart. I will keep "firing away" with the camera. I would love to be Besties on insta one day! ;)

      Blessings to you dear Friend. xoxo

  4. Oh Carrie, I just left a comment on another post, saying that I admire your patience and the generosity you show with your time and I'm reading this post, now, with tears in my eyes. I feel your pain but, like you say, there's no easy way with something like this. Your approach seems to be the only one that can make any sense: enjoy the time you have with your MIL whilst you still have it and pray that she will be as well as possible for as long as possible and that the pain (physical/emotional/psychological) is as short as possible for her. Brave you. I'm thinking of you and am in utter admiration of you. Helen xx [P.S. I must have been channelling you as I wrote my post that'll go up tomorrow as the last line of that also mentions there being no shortcuts...(obviously in a much less upsetting context)]