Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning and happy Monday!! The sun is shining away here and looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. It was a wonderful weekend, but felt like it flew by so fast. We had fun at our friends' house playing volleyball one night and yesterday we had lunch with my Dad, step Mom, Uncle and Aunt for my Aunt's birthday. Then watched the Green Bay Packers team win their game  (Go Pack Go! - they are my team all the way!). And then went for a lovely pontoon ride. We ended the night with my daughter's final soccer practice  (she has 2 games this week then she's done). My hubby coaches so we wanted to make it a fun final practice so it ended with a parent's game where they played against the kiddos.  We also brought treats to share before everyone went home. Lovely weekend! 


Perfect! It's  upper 60's right now and sunny with a lovely breeze. It's supposed to hit about 73* today. 


I have really decided to work at my fitness and health so I had a protein bar with my coffee and then had a 1/2 glass of V8 green drink (veggie drink).


Watching the trees rustle in the breeze. We have one tree in the yard that has already turned golden and been shedding some of its leaves. There's a squirrel running around with something in its mouth - maybe an acorn  - I can't tell. He's busy at work though!  Looking forward to a walk in the sunshine later today.


Sitting and watching the morning news with my MIL and visiting with her. We started something new for the school year and my Mom and I are switching up our caregiving times for the weeks now. The first week school started it was difficult the days I'd have her early in the AM and trying to get Annie ready for school too. My MIL was better last year and could wait at home until I dropped Annie off at school, and then went and picked her up. Now she's not able to be alone like that so she needs to be picked up much earlier. So my Mom is now taking the mornings and I'm taking afternoons. I have my MIL this morning, though, as my Mom had to drop her off a little bit ago due to an appointment. This system actually works nicer too as it gives my MIL a nice change in scenery. She can't focus on anything too long, so shaking things up during the day seems to make her happier too.


Everything is pretty clean and tidy due to having company over this weekend. I also started to get out some of my Fall stuff  to decorate this past weekend - which makes me so happy!! I do need to throw in the usual laundry.


I'm going to get a head start on dinner so it'll be ready and just a quick heat up when we get home from my daughter's soccer game tonight.  I'll make my MIL some lunch (protein shake for me) and then we'll go for a nice long walk.  I have a PTA meeting to go to at the end of the school day too.


I have finally been going through my pile of books and sorting out my reading plan. I'm finally going to start catching up on them. Yay!


We've finally been catching up on America's Got Talent. My hubby loves Bering Sea Gold and that's been back on. I have some cooking shows taped to watch yet too.


MONDAY: finally making rigatoni with sweet Italian sausage and pasta sauce, salad, garlic dinner rolls as I didn't end up making it last week. 

TUESDAY: stuffed pork chops, pasta side dish and mixed vegetables. 

WEDNESDAY: probably subway as my daughter has a later soccer game 

THURSDAY: turkey melt sandwiches and creamy tomato soup 

FRIDAY: not sure


I finished a Fall craft project I'll share later this week (didn't get to posting it this past weekend), have another Fall project in mind. Also, still some cross stitch and scrapbook catch up.


The next time I get to the grocery store I want to get some zucchini and finally make some zucchini bread! I think I have my Gram's recipe (which I've never made myself) and would love some of that.  I wish she were still here and making it for us like she used to.   I do have some bananas to use up, so if I make banana bread I may post the recipe I use for that this week.


A little file organizer, or even a magazine holder that you could put a few file folders in, is a nice way to keep kiddos' papers and school info in order. I have a folder for each kiddo and I can throw any important school papers in there to keep track. It takes up such little space in my office room - or you could easily keep it on a kitchen counter. I have an extra file for me just for things I want to remember or recipes I clip out of the newspaper or magazines too. 

from my instagram


A Caregiver's Prayer

Heavenly Father, help me better understand
and believe I can do what you ask me to do.
 Forgive me for the times, even now,
when I question your judgment.
 As I go about the many daily tasks of caregiving,
give me energy.
 As I watch my loved one oh-so-slowly walk
across the room, give me strength.
 As I answer his/her repeated question
just one more time, give me patience.
 As I look for solutions to whatever
is the most recent concern, give me wisdom.
 As I reminisce with him/her about the
“good old days,” give me a moment of laughter.
 As I get to know my loved one in a new way,
seeing both his/her strength and frailty, give me joy.
 As I sit beside my loved one’s bed waiting
for his/her pain medication to take effect,
give me comfort.
 Lighten my burden, answer my prayer,
and give me the strength to do what
so often seems impossible.
 Give me a quiet place to rest when I need it
and a quieting of my anxieties when I’m there.
Change my attitude from a tired,
frustrated and angry caregiver
to the loving and compassionate
one I want to be.
 Remain my constant companion as I face
the challenges of caregiving
and when my job is through
and it’s time for me to let go,
help me remember
he/she is leaving my loving arms
to enter your eternal embrace. Amen.

I'm linking with Sandra from Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday. 


  1. Hey girl!
    Caregiving is so exhausting, but so very rewarding. Kudos to you for being so selfless!!!! Your Fall decorations are so awesome.
    Have a great week!

    1. Aw - thanks so much Joanna. Your words go right to my heart. I don't even think of it as being selfless, as my in-law's have always been there for me through the years. I'm just returning the favor...and being family as it's what we do for each other.

      Blessings on your week too my Dear! xo

  2. Caregiving is so hard, you're a great daughter in law :) Love the fall decorations and your menu sounds yummy.:)

    1. Thank you so much Sandra - that means so much!! xoxo

  3. I'm thinking about fall decoratting too. We don't go in for it much over here, and I wish we did. Both of our recent holidays (well the last 3 years) to Florida the craft stores were full of amazing autumn colours. I went out today to try and find some autumn foliage to make a wreath, and couildn't find any - boo hoo. Maybe I will have to wait for a few more real leaves to appear on the ground here !
    Have a great week,

    1. I'm surprised you had trouble Jill. It seems as soon as August is over the stores go beyond crazy with goodies for the next season and holiday. Well, happy hunting in the future - either store or Mother Nature! Lol I think it's truly the prettiest season to decorate, so I hope you do get to do some. ;)

  4. Such beautiful poem! Love your fall decorations too; you have such a wonderful creative gift. My hat goes off to you in regards to your caregiving ~ it's not an easy job. Have a wonderful week!

    My HHM post

    1. Thanks so much Renee!! I feel blessed to be able to help my family this way.

      And if you can't tell - Fall is my absolute favorite and I can't wait to get out even more decorations!! I'll be sharing lots in the weeks ahead. ;)

  5. You must be a truly special person to take care of your mil like that. I hope your hubby knows what a treasure he has in you!

    I made a delish zucchini pie last night. I was going to make bread with it, but I didn't have time to bake, plus this was better and not as fattening. :).

    Enjoy the rest of your week sweet lady!


    1. Thanks so much Doreen! I'm blessed to be able to help and return the favor of all the years they've been there for me. We've been close for many years. ;)

      Zucchini pie sounds delish!! I'll have to remember to think outside of the box like that... as I wouldn't think of zucchini for a pie. I saw on The Chew they did a lightened dish of zucchini tossed together with olive oil and oregano (pizza kind of flavors) then topped with fresh tomato slices (all the good things at end of summer gardens) and sprinkled with parmesan and baked and then topped it with fresh basil and called it a tomato parm bake and it looked really good!

      Happy week to you too! xo

    2. PS:And I do feel so appreciated by my hubby and my brother and sis-in-law, as well as my MIL and FIL, for all I do to help them. That definitely makes it all worth it right there. ;)

  6. I admire you greatly for the way you have arranged your mother-in-law's care. I know how much work there is to even get someone to the bathroom when their mind is no longer sharp. When my dad first started to falter, I really, really wanted to bring him home with me. My family was against it, and I allowed them to sway my judgment. Now Dad would not manage living in our home, and I've accepted that. I just wish I could have allowed him a couple more years of happiness in our home when he most wanted it. So much emotion on top of the physical care that twists you up inside. I feel like I want to give you a big hug for doing this for your mother-in-law. I'm sure she is grateful even if she can't express it.

    1. Thanks so much Wendy...and thanks for sharing. It always touches my heart to share with you wonderful friends whom have been through similar circumstances, and I know really understand what I'm going through.

      I think it's extra hard when we're in this "sandwiched generation" with our immediate families need us so much...and we're trying to help our ailing parents. But I feel blessed to be able to help. And my hubby's family often express and share their gratitude (even my MIL at times) and that makes it worth it right there. ;)

      I feel that hug dear Wendy - and I'm so grateful for it - and I give ya a big one right back!! xoxo

  7. Hi Carrie, What a nice post. I too admire the way you and your mom have arranged your lives around the needs of your mother in law. The Caregivers Prayer brought tears to my eyes. Taking care of dependants seems so much easier and more natural when we're caring for babies, rather than an adult. But God is using you in this place and what an example this is for your children. I will say a prayer for you for patience and strength to follow Jesus' example.May God bless you and give you joy.

    Laughed when I read about your protein bar with coffee. It's been my breakfast for 12 years. I love it! I switch between Clif Builders chocolate mint and Pure Protein double chocolate. I have no trouble getting carbs in my diet, so the protein bar and then Fage 0% Plain Greek Yogurt with a little sugar free jam and a little Stevia give me a nice mid morning or mid afternoon protein snack.

    Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. Looks like nice weather again. Let's hold off winter as long as possible. Lol

    1. Oh - thanks so much Judy! Your beautiful words and prayers brought tears to my eyes. ;) I often pray for exactly that - patience and strength - in going through this your prayers are appreciated more than I could ever say! I think you've hit it right on the head with it being easier with young ones than adults. There's such a different bit of dignity involved with caring for an adult that way that can be so hard and heart breaking at times.

      I love that's what you do for breakfast too! Well now I know I'm on the right track as you look so young and seem so fit and healthy! I've never seen the chocolate mint - I'll keep my eyes open for that one!

      Thanks so much Judy. Hope you're enjoying these beautiful sunny summer feeling days yet. I agree....let's have a wonderfully warm and LONG Fall and winter can wait a good long while. xoxo

  8. Oh wow, so many wonderful meals planned! I'm getting hungry...again!

    1. Ha! Thanks Bethany!! That's the hard part of continuing to work on my health and fitness is that between my family and my in-law's I feel my life revolves around food and menus! Lol xo

  9. Great post and I loved that prayer! Have a wonderful day!!


    1. Thanks so much Jill!

      Happy week to you!! xoxo

  10. What a beautiful prayer! Thanks for sharing! And so appropriate for you! I so admire the way your family takes care of each other. Even the way your own mom is involved. When my mom passed away, my husband's mom totally stepped in to support not just me but my dad and sisters as well. Now she always makes sure to invite them to family events and holidays and it means the world to me!
    Rigatoni are one of my all-time favorite pastas!
    Don't you love the feeling of your house being clean and tidy after company!? The best!
    Have a great week & enjoy the gorgeous weather!

    1. Thanks Laura!

      I feel so blessed to be able to help my in-law's this way...but I have no idea what I would do without my Mom! She's my rock in so many ways, besides even helping with my MIL. That's so cool about your MIL too. ;)

      I so love rigatoni too! Perfect pasta to grab all the sauce, but much easier to eat than spaghetti. Lol

      And I do love having everything tidy after company. One of the reasons its worth having family or visitors come (besides seeing them of course - Lol).
      Happy week to you! xoxo

  11. Sorry I'm so late this week, it's been getting away from me!

    Being a caregiver is a rewarding, but also a tough job. I applaud you.

    I also love that camera picture.

    1. Aw - thanks Tamy! Hope you're having a great weekend. xoxo