Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Blogmas Day 21: Favorite Family Tradition


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I'm joining in with my Friend Sandra from the blog Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for the Blogmas of Christmas this season. You can check her out here and come play along! Here's day 21:

Day 21- Holiday Family Traditions

We have many wonderful family traditions that we have continued throughout the years....from certain things we cook or bake, to certain decorations we put out, from what time we go to Mass, to even what community holiday events we like to enjoy.  But the most fun tradition I think we all look forward to is the "Door Prize" game we play on Christmas day. I did a post about it when I first started blogging and joined Sandra that year (2014) when she did blogmas. So I'm sharing it again now:

Today's blogma is about a favorite Christmas tradition.  I was thinking on it and we actually have a lot of wonderful Christmas traditions from always going to Christmas Eve mass and driving around and looking at Christmas lights always baking with my Mom before the holidays and making fun food gifts.  But the one tradition I thought would be really fun to share today is called the "door prize Christmas". 
In my husband's family his great Aunts started a game long ago where they would bring a door prize to the family Christmas gathering.  This would usually involved each of them bringing either something nice or funny for the host/hostess. Well the great Aunts are no longer with us, but this tradition continued and over time it's completely grown into its own animal all together! Lol
Now the Door Prize Game (as it's still called) involves all the guests/families coming to the gathering Christmas day and each bringing anywhere from 5 to some have brought up to 20 or more gifts (all shapes and sizes and usually the goofier the better)! After Christmas dinner all the gifts are piled up in the middle of the room.  They usually take up the whole floor! Then everyone is handed a playing card and that is their "number".  Everyone takes turns drawing out of the matching pile of numbers to pick someone.  If your number is picked you can either take a gift from the middle or choose to steal one that's already been opened by someone. If someone steals your gift then you get to take a new one from the middle. The game is continues like this until all gifts are opened and what you're left with you get! Lol The biggest rule is that you have to take your gifts home at the end, no matter how goofy or awful. No leaving them for the host/hostess to deal with it! ;)
Through the years we've had some pretty crazy stuff. From giant paper mache animals, to one year I won a 5 pound bag of rubber bands!! You just never know what will be in there. Usually there are a couple good a gift certificate to somewhere or $10 taped to the goofy gift. These always get stolen back and forth many times in the hope that you'll be the one to end up with something good to bring home. Some years I have laughed so hard at something someone received I was in tears!! 
It's a lot of fun and passes the time so fast. Even the kiddos in the family really get into it. Then when the game is done everyone can spend some time trading for a bit so you might still get to go home with something you might want. Then we set up a big dessert buffet and sit and visit and laugh, especially over the really goofy items that year.

Here's a few pics I found in my scrapbook from one year of the Door Prize Game. My husband's uncle won a weird giant pig. And for some reason it was the year of the goofy hat in the game. The game is usually 3 hours or so long and SO much fun!
Maybe you want to start a new tradition in your family? I highly recommend it for a lot of Christmas laughs along with your togetherness.


  1. That Door Prize Game really does sound like a blast, Carrie! I wonder if I could get my family to go along with it. I hope so. Just a few more days now. Have a merry Christmas, my friend. I've so enjoyed our friendship over the past year. One of these days I'm gonna surprise you and show up with a plate of cookies! xo

  2. Just went through all your recent posts ... and your blog is absolutely filled with Christmas spirit!! Enjoy the rest of your holiday season <3 xoxo

  3. Ahh...that's Dirty Santa. Or White Elephant. Or Yankee Swap. I can't figure out which is which with those games! We used to do that when I worked in an office. One year, everyone kept passing around this one gift that no one wanted. At the end of it, one of the employees was crying. Turned out it was the gift she'd brought and she couldn't afford anything more. I always cautioned people everywhere I worked to be sensitive when playing that game. It definitely works better with family than in an office!

  4. We play this when we are with my husband's sister's family. They are the GOOFIEST people and we have so much fun. I honestly think the hardest I have ever laughed is playing this game. My SIL and I purposely bring "GOOD" gifts to get everyone stealing. One year she brought a thermal cooler with a WHOLE prime rib in it.

    I hope you are having a great Christmas week. Have a wonderful Christmas my friend.

  5. Lol I played this a few years ago at a Christmas dinner with some friends and I believe we called it dirty Santa like Stephanie mentioned. Lots of fun!

    Btw, when I was looking at Stephanie's name I thought her last name was 'fart'. Maybe it's time for new glasses?! lol


  6. Did I say that yesterday I told Mr. C. all about this game and we think we'd like to establish this tradition in our family too. It does sound like a blast! xoxo