Saturday, December 10, 2016

Scraptastic Saturday: Vintage Pin Craft Decoration

Happy Saturday Friends!  

I'm so excited to share these craft projects I worked on last week. I made one of these as a gift for my Mom and already gave it to her so she could put it out now. Then I made a northwoods one for some local relatives to fit their home style, and I liked how it turned out so much I made a similar one for other local relatives as it fits their home too! ;)  

First of all, as many of you may know I love lots of vintage things. I collect vintage pottery and I have a vintage Lefton Christmas collection. I also have some vintage jewelry and other decorations. Well, I recently found a neat collection of vintage Christmas pins and decided that I wanted to use them to create some Christmas gifts. I actually have a few more I'm working on but I wanted to share some that I completed.

This is the one I made for my Mom. I used some cardstock, vintage sheet music, a strip of doily lace and a vintage sleigh ride pin. I used a white 4x6 frame and took out the glass. It can sit up and be displayed then. And if my Mom wants to she can remove the pin and wear it and then pin it back on the picture when she's done. I'll show more how I put these together with the next 2 I'll share.

 I actually created these with some really fun items I found at Target's dollar spot!  And these frames are a little larger as they are 5x7 size. I had 2 vintage Christmas wreath pins and so I thought they'd be perfect to top them off and they're both removable with a little lace doily behind them and can then be pinned back on. Two gifts in one! I'll show you how I made them:

So as you can see I removed the glass and added a cardstock backing. The backing of the frame was bumpy but i knew it'd be covered up and hid with the big deer head stickers I found. I then found this cute old fashioned ticking looking ribbon that reminded me of a cabin or something. This was also at the Target dollar spot! And I glued it on the side.

I then stuck on the deer head and used some sticker letters - also from Target and matched them - and glued them on as well so they would stick. I added a cute lace doily as I wanted to be able to stick the wreath pin somewhere. 

For each of these I then pinned on the wreath and they were ready to go and to be displayed as a pretty decoration. And a bonus vintage pin for wearing besides! Festive and fun. ;)   I also found a neat plaid pine tree garland in the same spot at Target that exactly matches and I'm going to give with these gifts to match. 

I had so much fun creating these gifts! I'm linking with Andrea of Scrapality for Scraptastic Saturday.

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  1. You are so creative! These are very cute.

  2. These cards are so beautiful! I will have to remember these for next year. I have a small drawer full of old Christmas brooches.

  3. Oh Carrie, you KNOW I'm loving those cute moose! Or is it mooses? lol Ok, so I have a couple of questions..are the moose stickers? The plaid looks like fabric so I'm just wondering. Also, if the plaid is fabric, you could just put the pin on it directly without the doily, so I'm thinking maybe it's not. It does look like it has dimension though.

    Anywho, very cute project and perfect for a woodsy kind of home. Hey! I have a woodsy kinda home! Hint, hint...

    1. They're actually deer Doreen (like a stag) Lol Remind me not to go deer hunting with you. ;) They are just a large sticker and kind of dimensional and material like - and I did partly use them to hold the brooch on, but needed the doily too.

      Maybe I'll send you some northwoods animal flash cards for Christmas so you'll know your deer from a moose. Ha!!