Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Blogmas Day Six: Pot Simmer Recipes

It's late and I'm tired - but I still wanted to play along for today!   I had a busy day followed by going out with my Aunt, my Mom, my Girlfriend and her daughter and my Annie for an early dinner and then the most wonderful Christmas concert! Our local college's music department puts on a beautiful Christmas concert each year in the bigger Cathedral church in our area (which also happens to be the church I belong to). It was a performance by the acapella choir, chamber choir, woodwinds, strings and brass instruments. As well as a guest soprano soloist. To use the acoustics of the beautiful Cathedral and sing songs - like my favorite O Holy Night, it gave me goosebumps and filled my soul completely. There's just something about live music like that....well anyway. Let's just say I'm tired but so happy and filled with Christmas spirit and so I want to share some of it with you tonight dear Friends. So here goes - a quick version:


Day 1 - The Christmas Tag 
Day 2 - Christmas Movies on the Must Watch List
Day 3 - Christmas Wishlist
Day 4 - Christmas Playlist
Day 5 - Pictures and Memories of Christmas Past
Day 6 - Pot Simmer Recipes
Day 7 - Cookies to be Baked (can be a recipe you make every year, or some you want to try)
Day 8 - Favorite Family Christmas Recipe
Day 9 - How do you decorate?
Day 10 - Real Tree or Artificial Tree
Day 11 - Stocking Stuffer Ideas
Day 12 - Quiet Christmas or Family Filled Loud Party Christmas?
Day 13 - Christmas Cards (do you send them, show us your favorites this year, or tells your favorite cards to send whether vintage, or bright and colorful)
Day 14 - Advent Calendar
Day 15 - Christmas Party Food Ideas
Day 16 - Winter Tag
Day 17 - Christmas Wishes
Day 18 - Homemade or Store Bought (What are you giving this year)
Day 19 - Recap of Christmas 2015 in pictures
Day 20 -  Christmas Decorations Reveal (show us your tree, your home decor, your mantle, anything you want)
Day 21 - Holiday Family Traditions
Day 22 - Preparing for the big day (show us your wrapping skills, are you making lists, getting the house ready for guests?)
Day 23 - Post whatever you wish
Day 24 - Christmas Eve (Are you opening presents tonight, is this your big celebration, what are you doing)
Day 25 - Christmas Day 

I'm joining in with my Friend Sandra from the blog Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for the Blogmas of Christmas this season. You can check her out here and come play along! Here's day 6:

Day 6 - Pot Simmer Recipes

Pot simmer recipes makes me think of slow cooker recipes so a few holiday time favorites for me are yummy hot beverages:

This also happens to be a recipe by the Aunt I was out with tonight. ;) Another way I sometimes do wassail is simmer it in a slow cooker with apple cider, a little orange juice, a little bit of brown sugar, and then I stud some orange and lemon slices with cloves and float them on top. You could add a little brandy and you have one nice hot toddy!

I cannot tell you enough how incredibly yummy this is - extremely decadent, but delicious!! Perfect for after an afternoon of skiing or sledding (however, minus the mint Bailey's irish cream for the kids of course).  

And then of course just some yummy wintery dishes like:

Slow Cooker Ham and Scalloped Potatoes

You can find the full recipe and way I make it here.   This is comfort food at its best. So perfect when it's cold outside.

And I also love any simmering pot of soup this time of year!  Here's an easy one that's always a yummy favorite:


You can find the full recipe for this soup at the end of the post found here.  Enjoy the cozy Friends! xo


  1. OH YUMMY!! I love all these wonderful winter/holiday recipes!

    So glad you had some fun with the girls night out and concert too.

    HUGS my friend - have a GREAT rest of the week.

  2. Yum! The post I just put up has a drink that is very similar. Now I have to check out that soup!