Saturday, December 17, 2016

Scraptastic Saturday: Miniature Christmas Magic

Good morning and happy Saturday Friends! 

It's snowy here in my northwoods today. We got a couple of inches overnight and now the sun is trying to come out a bit. But don't let it fool you! With the windchill here today it feels like about 20 below zero! Hope you're staying nice and cozy. ;)  

I wanted to share a "little" miniature fun with you today. Why is it that miniature anything just equals magic? Especially with kiddos. It just seems to easily spark imagination.  Pretending you were shrunk to miniature size and jumping in that doll house, or fairy garden, or other magical place. It's a love that my Annie and I share. Well I found some fun Christmas miniatures and surprised her with a new decoration in my dining room cupboard the other day. 

I found some neat miniature items on Etsy, but you can find adorable fairyland kinds of miniatures in so many places these days. Craft stores, garden centers, and gift stores. I took the wagon and carefully set the little potted tree in the back, and then carefully stacked the presents in front of it. I then topped it with this sweet little fairy Santa hat and then poured some fake snow over all. And added a few fun snowballs too!

I had some cotton (fake snow) batting and placed that in my teacup and draped it over the sides. I did add a little piece of cardboard on the top of the teacup first - for stability for the wagon.

And placed that sweet magical teacup in my dining room hutch among my other teacups and dishes. 

And then found some miniature lights to top of the tree - because what's a Christmas tree without lights? 

And sometimes I catch Annie just gazing at it. I think she imagines she's pulling that wagon on a snowy cloud with a fairy by her side. Do you feel the magic? 

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  1. LOVE that wagon! It is so cute and vintage looking.

  2. You're so right about miniatures being magical Carrie, but you already know I'm a sucker for anything small. Well, almost anything ;).

    Love the cute little wagon! Wish I was small enough to ride in it, but that's not gonna happen in this lifetime lol.


  3. That's such a cute display, especially sitting on top of the teacup! I hope you left it on the shelf without telling Annie it was there and she discovered it on her own ;) Enjoy your weekend!

  4. It's so cute! I love the little wagon!

  5. What a sweet little miniature, beautifully put together. It is so much fun decorating our homes for Christmas!

  6. I do love just about anything miniature...reminds me of everything at Martha's Miniaturpolis and the layouts I see at railroad shows. Very nice job on the wagon.