Thursday, December 15, 2016

Blogmas Day Fifteen: Christmas Party Food Ideas


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I'm joining in with my Friend Sandra from the blog Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for the Blogmas of Christmas this season. You can check her out here and come play along! Here's day 15:

Day 15- Party Food Ideas

Hey there Friends! 

We have our usual traditional ham dinner menu we do on Christmas day. But we also do a bit of entertaining (game nights etc) with family and friends the weeks before and after Christmas. I often will make a fun appetizer or 2 for these gatherings. I get some good ideas often from pinterest. So today I thought I would share some fun appetizers from my pinterest board that look like they'd be good for entertaining. 

 Holiday Cheese Wreath ~ this easy and festive Christmas party appetizer is made by arranging cubes of cheese in a ring, accenting with cherry tomatoes and a garland of rosemary, and finishing off with a bell pepper bow! |

I love ideas like this that make wreaths or trees, or something festive when you make the appetizer. You can find this pin here.

Slow Cooker Hot Crab Dip Recipe from Taste of Home -- shared by Terri Perrier of Simonton, Texas:

And a warm creamy dip is always welcome when it's a frosty night outside! This is for hot crab dip and you can find this pin here.

These Glazed Bacon Crackers are easy to make and incredibly delicious!:

And little nibbles like this are so addicting! You can find this pin here.

chinese dip:

And this one is so unique - sweet and sour dip that you scoop up with wontons. I haven't tried this one yet.  You can find this pin here.

Cheesecake dip: 1 block cream cheese, 1 tub marshmallow cream and 2 tubs cool whip mixed together then top with 2 cans cherry pie filling....Serve with graham cracker sticks...EASY AND DELICIOUS :):

And even this sweet cherry cheesecake dip sounds tasty! You can find this pin here.  Tis the season of yummy!! ;) 


  1. Hope you're having a great week.

    YUMMY! Everything sounds really good! Could you please pass some of the crab dip?

    What did we do before Pinterest? I love my virtual bulletin boards!

  2. Enjoying your blogmas, Dear One. Don't know how you get everything accomplished. Don't get too tired or the Cold Bug will come calling.

    Loved the photos of you and Annie. Stay warm. Christmas hugs, P

  3. Yum! You are making me hungry!

  4. How are you managing to do all this and blog every day Carrie?! Are you pooped? Lol

    It's freezing here, but I wouldn't mind some crab dip to warm me up :).


  5. Oh My, Everything looks delicious!