Saturday, May 2, 2015

Scraptastic Saturday:Teacher Appreciation Card

We're coming up on Teacher Appreciation week, and at my daughter's elementary school it's always a pretty big deal. My son went there when he was younger as well, and I've been on the PTA there for many years & involved on several committees. Each year the PTA puts together something special for the teachers. We have some little treat planned for them each day of the one day they have a fun breakfast awaiting them, another day a little gift, and another day lunch and so on. I feel so blessed that both of my kiddos have always had wonderful teachers!! I admire and respect the work of a teacher so much and I'm more than happy to help show them some appreciation.

I've also, personally, made a card for Annie's teacher. I would have had Annie help more, but at the time I was actually working on this card for something else, and it kind of evolved into the teacher appreciation card for this year. I've left areas for Annie to add her own touches though!

On the outside of the card I wanted to use lots of blue and gold touches as that's Annie's school colors. I had these adorable Mary Engelbreit stickers and so I used those. I cut out a blue circle and cut down a scrapbook card stock sheet that looked like notebook paper to this small size so it would fit on the front of the card. I embellished by drawing some circles for the "rings". I personalized it with Annie's teacher's name on the front. I then glued on a little yellow rick rack ribbon. I personalized further by adding the telescope as Annie's teacher is really big into science and nature (I love that!). 

Annie will write her own personal note to Ms. Shane and then she can even add some of her own artwork embellishment to the top of the inside of the card too.


And of course a cute homemade card always needs a fun envelope! So to the front of the envelope I added some red card stock that I cut out with scallop scissors to kind of mimic the rick rack from the card. And added some more wonderful Mary Engelbreit stickers too!

And an adorable globe sticker for the back of the envelope too.

Annie loves making a lot of her own things also - so I thought she could paint a big rock (out of a collection of them she saved recently from a field trip her class went on) for her teacher. I know her teacher lives in the country and has a big garden so Annie could personalize it for her to add to her garden as a little gift. I know her teacher will think it's wonderful and appreciate something made from the heart even more than bought at the store. 

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  1. I'm sure Annie's teacher will appreciate it. I am always touched when someone takes the time to make a card. It's very cute!

    1. Thanks Mari! I know she'll like it because all the love and sentiment in it will be straight from Annie. I agree and think it's wonderful when someone puts that extra effort in for something special. ;)