Saturday, May 16, 2015

Scraptastic Saturday:French Inspired Summer Decoration

Happy weekend!!

I took down my Spring decorations the other day and I decided to change out this Spring decoration with a new Summer inspired one. 

I used the same frame, though, as I like how the mirrored shine sets off decorations so nicely. I took some card stock and used some vintage French looking stickers that I had for embellishment.

I love the old French postmark, along with the French flowers & butterfly. Then I added some crochet tags I had along with a summer green ribbon on the bottom.

I decided to put it on my front entrance table, where guests come in that use the more formal front door.

This is what it used to look like in my front foyer. I had an old rug that had been there quite a while. I thought it was time for a change and got a new one that I like better.

As you can see it's more colorful and extends the whole length of the foyer, which I like better too.

Here's a view from our living room looking at the whole front foyer and front door.

And a view from walking in the front door. A nice tiny makeover that I think looks much better and welcomes Summer beautifully! 

I'm linking with Andrea from Scrapality for Scraptastic Saturday.  You can also click on the link in the column to the right.


  1. It looks very nice. I really like the rug!

    1. Thanks Mari! Hope you're having a much dryer weekend than we are. Lol

  2. Your home looks so light and bright Carrie. It's good to change things up sometimes isn't it, even if nobody else in the house notices! Actually that's not fair, my big girl Miss M is quite eagle eyed and spots little changes :-) xx

    1. Aw - thanks Alison. :)
      That's one of my fave things about our home - all the windows and light.
      And I think your Miss M and my Annie are cut from the same cloth as Annie is the exact same way about spotting everything! Lol xoxo