Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Decorating Walls with Family Photos

One of the ways I love to fill up wall space in my house is through family pictures.  I have a few "gallery" style areas, but I especially love canvas prints! They're so nice because they don't require a glass frame, or any frame at all if you choose.  They come all ready to hang. And they also have a neat textural element to their appearance than just a smooth photo. All of my photos are developed through www.shutterfly.com  I just love shutterfly  and have used them for years for all things photography! They have lots of variety of options for layouts, colors, and themes for canvas prints.


This is a wall you may remember from our media room.  This room is a semi basement room so it has a different layout in that it has a slanted walls - so one side is lower and the wall and ceiling on the other side (this side) is vaulted. So I wanted to fill up the space with some shelves...but then that led my thoughts to another opportunity to put up more family pics. Must be the scrap booker in me that I love having family pictures around me.  So for this room I picked up some ledge or museum mount shelving that can hold picture frames well and just hung up one tri-photo frame.  I did all of these photos in back and white.


On the end of the media room is this treadmill/exercise nook and I have another family collage there - but this one is canvas with a frame around it (no glass).

It has a colorful layout and has photos in color.


Heading down to the media room is this landing with stairs and I chose to put another canvas pic there. This one is in black and white and has a frame around it.


I think sometimes the more simple the design - the more striking the overall look.


This wall is in the hallway leading to the media room. I chose to do a photo gallery of pics from a recent trip to Canada and Niagara Falls.  I framed them all with the same matting and framework and did most of the photos in sepia tone as that hallway is all done in golden tones (will show it in full in future post). But I did leave 2 photos in color as they had nice pops of red, which I love and make me think of a color associated with Canada.  Here's one of my favorites from this gallery:


Just hanging out with a Mountie - isn't that what you do in Canada? Lol   Don't you love the red?


Here's a final one to share.  This is in the hallway heading to the kiddos' bedrooms. This is canvas and does not have a frame - just coloring around the edges.  I did it in sepia tones except a couple in color.  I really should get an updated one as this is from years ago and my kiddos are so much older than in these photos.

But sometimes it's hard to part with photos you find so precious.



  1. Ah, we have plenty of family photos around too. Our latest one was taken on Christmas Day in our house with us gathered at the bottom of the staircase, all of us wearing our Christmas jumpers! I hope you're keeping warm over there Carrie, it must be freezing! xx

    1. I do have lots of other artwork on the walls, but I just love the family photos best of all. I bet the one of all of you in your sweaters is adorable! ;)

      It has been bitterly cold. I have not been enjoying that - but I'm a woman of the north so I'm built to handle it. Lol Thanks for your warm regards Alison! xo

  2. Such lovely pictures! It is great that you print and display your pictures, they all look great! xx

    1. Thanks so much Amy! I have so much fun with the creative process picking out the photos and figuring out the layouts. xo