Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy Sunday - let it be


I love that song from the Beatles.  It just speaks to me - but especially when Paul McCartney talks about times of trouble and how Mary speaks words of wisdom to him, and those words being 'let it be'. 

I found it interesting that when Paul McCartney was interviewed about that song he actually said he was inspired by his mother (Mary). She died of cancer when he was a teenager but he said she visited him in a dream and told him all would be okay and that he needed to 'let it be'.  However, he also said in the interview that he knew a lot of Catholics would interpret it from the bible when Holy Mother Mary says 'let it be' in a prayer in response to the Angel Gabriel in the Annunciation.  And in the interview Paul went on to say that he thinks each individual should interpret the song how they would like or in whichever way it speaks to them.

I am of the Catholic faith, but I think anything that speaks to a person spiritually, or grounds them on another level is a wonderful thing. Whether it's meditation, your religion, philosophy, nature....if it benefits you in a positive way and gives you the connection you need that's truly great.  Especially in the world today and all of the troubling times.


The reason I bring this all up is that Mother Mary speaks to my heart and is someone I look to in prayer more now since I've been an adult and a mother myself. I have this planter of her on my dresser in our bedroom and I like to decorate it for each season. I look at it in the morning when I get up and get ready and it makes me smile, sets the tone for my day, and reminds me to "let it be"...

And in other news our priest let us know at mass that there's now an "app for that"! I always find it funny when folks joke about an app for everything, but maybe there really is!! There's an app for the Catholic faith called myparish app and it's free and when you have it you put in the zip code of your church and it should pop up and when you click on it  - it will give you mass times, readings, homilies, church bulletin information etc. We live in some pretty technological times!

Happy Sunday and Blessings to All and thank you for letting me share.


  1. Gosh, there really is an app for everything! Who knew! It is amazing how music can speak to different people in different ways and at different times of your life too I find. It often move me greatly. xx

    1. I love how subjective music is too Amy - just like any other "art". Music is what motivates my work outs, my house cleaning, my car rides....I could go on and on. I couldn't imagine a world without it. ;)

      I'm finding the "catholic app" to be pretty cool. Just crazy what we have access to in this day and age. Happy week to you!! xo

  2. That's one of my favorite songs, and of course, being of a 'certain age', am a huge fan of Paul, but I don't think I knew that about his mother. Interesting tidbit.

    As for apps...I'm developing one that will eliminate cellulite and jowls. I'm a genius, and about to become very, very rich ;).

    1. Paul was a little before my time but I'm still a fan.

      And I'll be first in line to purchase that app Sister!! You want a partner? XO