Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Get to know your blogland neighbor

Ok Folks - wondering if you'll humor me on something today. I remember doing these little questionnaires in the past (either on facebook or through emails from friends) where questions were asked about yourself and you answered them and then passed them on to your friends for them to answer. It was a way to get to know one another better. 

Well I thought it might be fun to do something like that through blogland. I know Amy from love made my home was very brave in a post in the recent past and shared a photo of herself and some information about herself...and I've been thinking about something like this ever since. So if you'll humor me I will start things off with a more current photo of myself and a little list of fun questions and my answers that may help you get to know me a bit better. If you'd like to play along,  then please copy my questions and post them on your blog with your answers and info about yourself.  Or feel free to just answer only the questions you want to, or even put some of your answers and info in my comments section. I just love my blogland buddies and would love to get to know you all a little better in a fun and even goofy way.  So here goes:

Okay, this photo is sort of hilarious to me. I had taken it in the more recent past to update my facebook profile picture. But it is probably the most recent photo I have at the moment. I think it's funny as I look like I'm posing like a person on a bad soap opera show or something? "No doctor, I can't be having his baby!"  Lol!!

On to some questions:

1.What part of the world do you live? As many of you know already I hail from northern Wisconsin close to Lake Superior. Yes, I'll proudly say I'm a cheesehead. 

2.How long have you been blogging? Since around the end of last November so only about 3 to 3&1/2 months.

3.To visualize even better what you look like - what color is your hair, your eyes... and how tall are you?  I have brown hair naturally but I like blond high lights (blend better with my gray!). I have hazel/dark green eyes. I'm 5 feet 3 inches (a shrimp). Lol

4.What is your favorite color?  I love the color red and always drawn to warm colors. I love neutrals for my home and wardrobe (earth tones - browns, tans, cream etc)

5.What is your favorite kind of music? I like listening to some of the current pop music on the radio that is more folk-like (ex. Ed Sheeran), but I find myself listening to pandora a lot and it's often on christian music or celtic music (Celtic Women)- something like that. But I truly love music in general so I like a little of it all: rock, pop, country, classical 

6.What is your favorite food or kind of food? I love Thanksgiving dinner kind of comfort food for sure....but I think my favorite kind of food is Italian. If I had to pick a final meal it would be some kind of pasta and a wonderful glass of wine. (2nd place would be Mexican & 3rd would be Asian)

7.What is your favorite drink? I have to start my day with a cup of coffee each AM. But if talking alcohol I'd have to say wine (I love moscato, pinot grigio, reisling). But it's almost neck and neck with a good margarita!!

8.What is your favorite place you've ever traveled? And where would you like to go that you haven't yet? I was blessed to travel through parts of Europe and I really loved Italy!! I really related with the people (even though I'm not Italian at all - Lol) and of course see #6 again about favorite food.  I also loved Poland! (part of my heritage). As far as going somewhere new: I'd really love to go to the United Kingdom (I especially want to get to England and Wales -also part of my heritage). I also think it would be really cool to go to New Zealand.  It looks so beautiful to me.

9.Which famous person dead or alive would you like to meet and why? I know I should say someone historical or something but just fun answers come to my mind and the person I'd love to meet that's deceased is Katharine Hepburn as I just love her movies and loved her. I loved her strength, outspokeness and I think she was ahead of her time in many ways. I've read a lot about her life and background and she was truly fascinating to me. An alive person I'd like to meet is Ree Drummond - Pioneer Woman. Just love and admire her and she just seems like she'd be a lot of fun! 

10.What new or unique hobby would you like to try? I would love to be a ghost hunter. Lol No,for real I would. I'm fascinated about the afterlife and I love watching shows where they try to help folks understand and deal with potential spirits in their house using actual scientific equipment. I have also had some personal experiences in my life. I'll just say that I don't think I'd be afraid, I'd be so curious and intrigued about what I might find. 

*Bonus #11.I was only going to have 10 questions,but I'm curious to see what folks will answer to this one: What is something unusual about you that people may not know?
For me it's the fact that I see numbers and letters (even words) as masculine or feminine and I always have since I can ever remember. I've learned through the years that this is kind of unusual and I'm the only in my family and friends that I'm aware sees them this way.  To share an example- to me most odd numbers are "male" and most even numbers are "female", but it goes a step further in that I see each specifically too. So a number like 6 or 8 I see as like a "tomboy" or tough female number. And I see the number 7 as effeminate for a masculine number. Ok, I'm just weird. And now you know that about me. 

Your turn!!


  1. Hia! Am sort of back online.....(thank you for all your support xxx)....loved this post! What a great, great idea! [I may answer some of the questions myself]

    1. So happy to have you back dearest Helen! Can't wait to check it out!! xoxo

  2. So great to read some more about you! I imagined that you were really tall, so it is funny to read that you are shorter than I imagined! How funny that we get these odd ideas about people hey. A wonderful post!! xx

    1. Ha! I love that you thought that Amy! I have been called many things, but one has never been "tall"!!! Lol I know what you mean by how we picture folks in our head and that's why I threw height in there. ;)

  3. What a fun post!
    I love your description of yourself because there's so much you don't know just from looking at a photo - like your height!
    And I would LOVE to meet Katharine Hepburn too!
    Glad to know you a little better!

    1. Thanks Laura. I just love things like this as I feel such a part of our sweet blogland community - and it's fun to get to know one another a bit better. xo

  4. Hi Carrie,
    Well, where do I begin? First off, you are one gorgeous lady and I truly believe you could be a star of a soap opera (and we know which one you would choose! Lol!) I love that you are 5'3"- me, too! (Dark hair, blue eyes) I am with you on the wine, too - I always choose Moscato or Reisling - I like my wines sweet! Pasta has to be my favorite food and no way - I love Katherine Hepburn! She has always been my very favorite actress! I have two of her biographies and always loved her movies.' Bringing up Baby' is a favorite. I totally believe in ghosts and when I was a little girl, I always saw the number yellow floating in front of my eyes and it was yellow. I ended up with 4 children, so maybe it was a premonition! So fun to get to know you better - such a fun post! Hugs xo Karen

    1. Oh Karen - I always knew you were a long lost sister!! Lol

      We probably read the same 2 Kate biographies. ;) And no matter how many times I see Bringing up Baby I laugh my head off every time.

      I think your yellow number was some sort of premonition or super pre-mom intuition. And I love that you get the ghost thing too.

      Wish you were closer and we could talk ghosts and Kate over some wine and pasta!! Lol

  5. That was fun! I did something similar after Amy did her post, but you have some different questions, so I'll answer them. :)
    First - you are beautiful! (And because we get to know each other when blogging, I know that beauty is inside and out)
    1 - I'm your neighbor across the lake in Michigan.
    2 - I've been blogging since May, 2007.
    3 - I'm one inch taller than you at 5'4" but I can tell I'm quite a few pounds heavier. :)
    4 - I love earth tones for my house, and dress in a lot of blue and black.
    5 - I usually listen to Christian music, but like you I like a lot of variety. I like pop (Michael Buble), blues, Celtic...
    6 - food? I like Italian too, and chocolate...
    7 - I don't like coffee, I mostly drink ice water, but if we're talking alcohol, I too like wine.
    8 - I haven't traveled outside the country, but we took a trip to Maine quite a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I would love to visit Ireland.
    9 - I'd love to meet Ree Drummond too. As for a historical person - maybe Abraham Lincoln.
    10 - I love photography and would really enjoy a class where I learned to use my DSLR better.
    11 - you are so weird! (I mean that in the most loving way possible) :)
    to me numbers have always been numbers although if I think hard I can see the odd/even thing.
    That was fun!

    1. Thanks Mari! I remember that post - but thanks for playing a bit more. ;)

      I LOVE Michael Buble too - hope to see him in concert one day! I think we should make that trip overseas happen some day for sure! Do you have Irish heritage?

      I SO need to get better acquainted with my camera as well, I just haven't taken the time to do it. I use auto mode too much, though I think I kind of have the aperture setting figured out. If you look on youtube you can find some good info or tutorials too.

      I love that you accept my weirdness. Lol!!

  6. Very much enjoyed learning more about you Carrie--so much fun! Love your photo--looks great to me! I really like Mari's format in responding to your answers and answering as well, so I'll follow her good example. ;)

    1. You're not that far away--I live in Northeast/North-central Iowa. Go Packers!
    2. Since September 2011.
    3. 5'6"...and I'm nearly the shortest in my family.
    4. Blue. I love how people with dark hair can wear red so beautifully, but unfortunately, I can't.
    5. Celtic music is awesome! I also enjoy gospel, bluegrass, hymns, classical...all in all a wide selection.
    6. Mmmm...Thanksgiving sounds fabulous. Can I go with that as well?
    7. Water, morning, noon, and night. (I do try to add a little variety once in a while though)
    11...very interesting! Sounds like something my sister would think of...

    1. Thanks Bethany! And yes - Go Packers!! That a Girl!! ;)

      You are such a Doll - and ps: I'd give anything to have red hair! I always wanted to be Anne Shirley with red hair and freckles. My hubby has both - but our kiddos ended up dark like me. Maybe I'll have red haired grand kiddos one day.

      I also envy your height!! I always wished I were tall. The grass is always greener....sigh

      You are such a good girl with all that water! I strive to get better about it...but I could't go without my coffee in the AM.

      Thanks for playing along. xoxo

  7. Great post, Carrie! It was lovely to get to know more about you. Number 11 was interesting, how unusual!! As a teenager I had a thing about odd and even numbers. I'll copy Mari and Bethany and answer some in the same way.

    I live in Derbyshire in England. In a town called Buxton famous for its mineral water, we are situated bang in the middle of the Peal District National Park.

    I started blogging last June on a whim! I love the fact I've met some wonderful people online through blogging. I haven't actually met any other bloggers in person yet, that would be fun.

    I have long brown hair, the grey is starting to come through now, I might play about it with soon! I have hazel - green eyes and I am 5 foot 6 tall.

    I like colours with warm tones both in my wardrobe and in my home.

    Lots of different music, pop, classical, Irish music and love cheesy 1970s disco!

    Have to have coffee in the morning and a nice cup of tea in the afternoon. Alcohol wise I am partial to a gin and tonic.

    I would love to be able to sing! I mean properly. I only sing in the car when I'm on my own, so no one can hear! xx

    1. OH thanks so much for playing along Alison! Where you live just sounds beautiful. I love all of the names for places in England - beyond charming!

      I don't know why but I pictured you a little shorter like me - isn't that funny? Sounds like we have similar coloring and have similar tastes in what colors we like for our home.

      I LOVE that you love disco!! I would never guess that - just love it!! Lol

      I think gin and tonic is cool and tastes to me like how I imagine pine needles taste. :0)

      Keep belting out those tunes Lady - wherever you want. Good for the soul! xoxo

  8. Love this idea! I too HAVE to have my coffee every am. And Italy was probably my favorite place to travel as well :)
    Btw, I lived in Wisconsin when I was 2-5 years old :)

    1. Thanks Heather! Where did you go in Italy? I was in Rome and Florence. I love the arno - so beautiful!! Such great food in Rome!!

      Love that you were a fellow WI Gal. xo

  9. This was so much fun!! First of all, that picture is beautiful!! But I did laugh at your soap opera reference (it does look like that), you are so silly!! :) Always make me smile.

    1. I live in Indiana off of Lake Michigan, can so relate to the Midwestern weather.

    2. I have been blogging almost 7 years. Started on my 40th birthday. I always wanted to write, so I thought blogging would be a great start. I have to say, that I have done more blogging in the last 6 months, than I have for the full 7 years. Didn’t really know about the link-ups when I first started, or that there is a whole community out here of wonderful people!!

    3. I am 5’ 7” and have red hair, (not natural, and totally covering my gray), blue eyes. I once had a person adamantly argue that I had colored contacts, because he never saw a blue-eyed red head before…seriously? My brother is the natural red head, with blue eyes, and we have no Irish blood.

    4. My favorite colors are green (especially emerald and army green) and teal/turquoise. I wear a lot of teal/aqua colors, and blues, I also like earth tones.

    5. Favorite music. I like such a wide range, love the 80’s, especially the alternative from the 80’s (Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Smiths, 10,000 Maniacs), like a lot of pop…P!nk, Katy Perry, Jlo, and listen to a lot of the artists my kids listen too…Zedd, Ariana Granda, One Repblic, Bastille. Ellie Goulding, Coldplay. Also love dance music!! So yeah…I like a lot of stuff. :)

    6. Favorite Food. This is always hard for me, my favorite of course is junk food, but I probably like mostly comfort food, like Beef Stew, a good steak and potatoes, or a good sandwich really. But if I had to choose an ethnic food, it would be Italian. I was a really picky eater when I was little.

    7. Favorite drink. Coffee, Milk (even though I am lactose intolerant), Green Tea and Dr. Pepper.

    8. Favorite place I have traveled. I haven’t done much traveling, but one memorable vacation was with my parents to visit my sister in Arizona, I was 18 fresh out of high school, and got a killer tan that summer, LOL. Plus I hadn’t seen my sister in about 4 years, her husband was in the air force, and my niece/God-Daughter was born, a very nice visit.

    9. Famous person I’d like to meet would probably be Reese Witherspoon, and Johnny Depp, but I don’t think I could actually hold an intelligent conversation with him. ;-) (sigh)

    10. Unique hobby I would like to try is loom weaving. I will do this one of these days!!

    11. Something unusual that people may not know about me. That is so funny that you associate numbers with genders, I associate some numbers with colors. It is actually a thing, they call it Synesthesia, and there are different forms of it. I can also whistle really loud with my fingers, very useful at games, concerts, or High School Graduations…or hailing a cab, LOL. I also am not a round/circle person, I like things that are square and have edges on them.

    1. I don't know how I missed this Carrie- but so glad you played along too! I love getting to know more about you!!
      I didn't realize you had been blogging so long - love knowing that. I also pictured you as shorter than you are (isn't that funny?) - but I sure envy your height!!
      I think all of us midwest Gals have a love for comfort food. And I find it HILARIOUS that you love milk but are lactose intolerant. I only know a few folks with that, but they all hate milk.
      I love your Johnny Depp comment - and I'd be the same way if I met him!! ;)
      LOVE the idea of the loom weaving. If you get into that be sure to share lots!!
      I'm finding several of you blogger folks associate numbers with colors - and I love that so much. Makes me feel more normal about my weird number/letter thing. I also envy your loud whistle! I see others do that and always wished I had that skill. It could definitely come in handy.

  10. Hi. Nice to meet you. I hopped over from Helen's blog and I thought your idea was a good one; being one of those who always answered those questionnaires too! EVERY.TIME. That said I took your questions and blogged my answers.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog!
    Andrea aka HopeAnnFaith - here's my post if you're so inclined to read.

    1. Thanks again for stopping by- I loved getting to know you...and your blog! xo